Date: 18th August 2011 at 11:38am
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Barcelona have now gotten their man. It was one of the longest drawn out transfers saga in the history of them but now Cesc Fabregas has left Arsenal and returned to his boyhood club Barcelona.

The pressure was just too much for Fabregas to take in the end as he tried to keep quiet about wanting to move to Barcelona so it was the Barcelona players who came out and said they want Cesc to join them.

Before the Champions League final, Puyol and Pique had a photo taken with them pointing to a picture with Fabregas in it but now they can have a picture taken with Fabregas next to them as seen on the picture Fabregas has posted on Twitter of him celebrating the Spanish Super Cup win over Real Madrid.


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  1. True gunner says:

    Happy that Cesc is content. He deserves it. Hope he gets regular playing time. But it would be tough with thiago breathing down his neck

  2. habeeb says:

    congrats cesc, we are waiting for our own too at emirate by GOD grace

  3. Fhemmy says:

    Messi is invisible player but fabrigas is a special player in times of pass he did it in world cup final and now is has done it again..

  4. henry says:

    all the best fabri, we love u

  5. Joe Teng says:

    We missed your present in Arsenal but we will get thru with Arsene Wenger. But he really need to buy talents! We wishes you all the best and hope you remember Arsenal as your home as well! Good luck to you and Arsenal!

  6. sulai says:

    Good for him, and hope to see you again at emirate one day.

  7. Nandu says:

    What happened to his knee?
    Is it coz of the stupid challenge from Marcelo? Did he get any ban?
    Well done Cesc!! you deserve this and many more!! 🙂

  8. shir says:

    kip dat ball rolling in barca-adieuuuuuuuu fab

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