Date: 26th May 2011 at 5:35pm
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The pranks continue on Cesc Fabregas. If Fabregas being forced to wear a Barcelona shirt by Pique and Puyol after Spain won the World Cup was not bad enough, the Barcelona duo were at it again at the Arsenal training ground.

Barcelona are using our training ground to prepare for the Champions League final and Puyol and Pique took a picture from the wall of Fabregas (ironically with Spanish team mate Torres in it) and they took the picture below and posted it on Twitter.

These two really want Cesc to join that at Barcelona dont they?


0 responses to “[Picture] Puyol and Pique steal Fabregas”

  1. carpetmuncher says:

    Disrespectful fucking cunts fuck the fuck off and go fuck your fucking mothers you motherfuckers.

  2. mogooner says:

    this is the final straw really ! i hate this cunts and wish them the worst … how fucking disrespectful… i hope they get thrown out of the ground … if pep g can’t control his people we should really fuck them cunts ! i highly suggest to call arsenal football club and complain about it … the more the better switchboard number is 020 7619 5003 they then will give u an email adress and i suggest u write one. the more complaints come in the more serious they’ll take it … FUCK YOU BARCA !

  3. MelbGoonEr says:

    Get over it and stop sounding like a stupid gooner…us gooners got more to worry about this transfer window than this stupid foto with these two clowns..

  4. para says:

    This is the way of football, and they are only expressing their wishes.
    Its the same as nani telling nasri to come to manU.

  5. Marc says:

    Let Cesc go. I for one am fed up with this bollocks. Just let him go and we can move on.

  6. Why cesc only they want arsenal’s troble

  7. shiz says:

    Hah let that no 4 go,hes been a nuisance really,but dnt sell oasri

  8. james martin says:

    please notify me of all in and outgoings, at arsenalfc doc thanks.

  9. kevin says:

    It is time we get rid of cesc and he can got rot on the barca bench. There is too much focus on him for no reason. We will be better off without him. As for Puyol and Pique let them have fun as long as they beat manure on saturday

  10. eve says:

    dont be taken in by these cretins, they are only trying to wind arsenal fans up, dont let them get to you, anyway it might be torres that they love and want at barca not cesc.

  11. Shaibu Moro says:

    If only they’ll destroy the manures, no problem

  12. adesoji says:

    what a fuk.what all dis nonsense we allow u to use the training ground, u din’t stay where d coach tell u,u are just roaming about posting with fabregas pics.pls gadolar warn ur player to stop behaving like a kid especialy puyor.

  13. Toopy AFC says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it to much…..Maybe Puyol should consider contacting the coast guard to report an oil spillage and get advice on removing some of that fucking oil slick on his mop of greasey fucking trampy 80’s hairdo the dirty scummy cunt…

  14. mamun says:

    hahaah look at all of the arsenal fans getting pissed off i mean honestly its a joke get over it

  15. Bobby 10o's says:

    As much as I do detest the Mancs, I detest Barca so much more, I really hate them. I hope they get their arrogant ass’ handed to them.

  16. A.Gooner says:

    Disgraceful behaviour.

    After all we’ve had to put up with from them and their tapping up approches. Yet still we very generously lend them use of our training facilities when they got scared of a little bit of dust in the air and this is how they repay us?

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