Date: 18th August 2011 at 11:20am
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Seeing Cesc Fabregas last night (Wednesday) coming on for Barcelona made me cringe! It was so weird seeing him in a Barcelona shirt but I guess this day was going to come sooner or later. What hurt even more was how Fabregas seemed to just come into the side and play for 10 minutes as if he had been at that club for years. I guess that just goes to show the quality of players around him at Barcelona and the quality he himself possesses.

Cesc went 6 years without a trophy at Arsenal and after 10 minutes playing for Barcelona, he has already won the Spanish Super Cup!

In the past, players who have left Arsenal for ‘greener-pastures’ such as Adebayor, Henry, Flamini and Hleb have failed dismally at their new clubs. I would hope Cesc goes on to fail at Barcelona after he left us hanging but it does not look like it. A midfield of Xavi, Iniesta and Fabregas is a scary prospect for any opposition. What I would give to have Barcelona in the Champions League again this season!


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  1. Hedris says:

    Am hapi 4 him.he was just happy yesterday.he is so calm,smiling.i hp dat one day, we re going to win a trophy

  2. taiwo jamiu says:

    he will surly succeed with the likes of player around him.but my prayer for him is that he should play week in week out.

  3. True gunner says:

    Don’t wish for Cesc to fail. Wish for Arsenal to find players who can bring “value” . We need good signings. Cesc is past. We need to look forward.

  4. Apollo Ndege says:

    I wish him well in Baca

  5. Daniyar says:

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  6. vertor says:

    He should b ashmd of himself,4 six yrs(even as captain) he couldn’t achieve trophies 4 his side and he is nw celebratin d efforts odas who hav wrkd hard dose yrs and are reapin deir rewards. Dats wat ppl witout vision do runnin away 4rm challenges dey can simply ovacom 2 where odas havin similar challenges hav ovacom jst 2 feel amng.

  7. Adedoyin says:

    Well as 4 me i wish him best of luck, more than what happen in yesterday game, he was jus so happy, cecs NO 4

  8. Wonde says:

    No 4 Good luck…always love u. I am happy bcos I am the supporter of Barca after Arsenal.

  9. Arsenal1Again says:

    Wow … he has proven there is life after Arsenal. Groan.

    Let’s start with this rubbish when it is true. As things stand, he has won more at Arsenal than what he has at Barcelona.

    Barcelona are a team on the brink of bankruptcy. If Barcelona don’t win the title this coming season and since most of the players have no sell on profits because of their age, it’s possible, very possible, that Cesc will never win anything at Barcelona.

    Sure, Arsenal are at the moment dead in the water financially, but 5 years from now expect Man Utd and Barcelona to be just memories. Their massive debts will not be allowed to to grow unchecked.

  10. Okey Onwuagha says:

    From their ambitions we shall know them. The display we saw last night was far beyond 4th place finish ambition. Wait till Nasri lifts the Premier League title at the end of the season. As long as Arsene remains in Arsenal, Arsenal will never grow more than his 4th place finish ambition. Congratulations Cescs.

  11. Peter says:

    Wenger should brong in quality players to build the young ones.

  12. para says:

    “He should b ashamed of himself”

    I have no respect fot Fabregas. He did not perform to his best whilst at AFC, he gifted his fav team a goal and was non existant on the field for AFC when we played Barca, and he caused so much unrest at AFC during the last 3 years that i cannot understand why AFC supporters love him so much. Ok he is a good player but he did not push AFC to achieve what they were capable of, because his head was elsewhere, and he should have gone 3 seasons ago.

  13. DW says:

    Cesc can actually bring a lot to the barca game, watching the game . The ten minutes that he featured he has a longer range passing than anyone in Barca and is very use to the ruff & tough tactics, he will make it at Barca its a shame for us.

  14. critic says:

    he is a great player who will be well protected in spain. His awesomeness will blind people.

  15. Akhine says:

    @ Vertor: It’s you and Arsene Wenger that should be ashamed of yourselves. The reason is not far-fetched, the young promising lad, Cesc realized that you and your AW have little interest in success. He therefore, has to run for his dear life. Imagine you, what the talented dude could not achieve in six years in Arsenal (due to our team stinginess) took Him only 15 mins to get it in Barcelona. Is that not already a big shame….? Please, let’s call a spade, a spade, both my team – Arsenal and the fans only good in living in a fool paradise not good in winning trophies. Plain fact!!!

  16. chukx says:

    gr8 article not comment i wish wenger could read it it wud b gr8 i wish wenger wud change arsenal wud win d quadruple i think he’s got a reali big ego. He so much wants to prove others wrong he doesnt do d rite thing as 4 cesc wish him luck

  17. Omodaji godwin says:

    The whole world knew Fab was gona succeed, wit d lyks of players around him. Barca av great players, dey cn turn water in2 wine b4 u kw it. Honestly, i missed him, bt i wish him gud luck. Life must go on, dat’s y we should b concern on hw 2 4tify d team. We need players…wenger should bring in players wit qualities, nt some teenagers who cn hardly make a dfference.

  18. Cesc is smart he know that the trophy yesterday means very little to him!

    the super cup is played over two legs of which he played just a few minutes. also the super cup is based on the performance of a team he as not part of last year!

    i wish him the best he must be so happy to be home and playing for a team that looks set to dominate again this year on many fronts. Real will be a better team than last year so will be harder for Barca to take so many trophy’s as in previous seasons.

    i have many no. 4 shirts and will keep them all. the stats show that he is that good… the most assists in the PL for the last two years hope he gets the game time he deserves at Barca.

  19. Rettro says:

    Congratulations Cesc!

  20. Adeniyiyaqub90@kre says:

    I wish fabregas best of luck at barcelona!fab just go to barca for trophy,and i believe before fabregas will spent up to three years in barca he would won all titles he wanted to won.!best of luck for fabregas.we fans we appreciate ur contribute to arsenal,we will never forget u’have a joyful season at barcelona.

  21. zdzis says:

    Nice to see him fit in so smugly, a pity it’s no longer in the Arsenal shirt. I don’t think he should be ashamed of himself, unless he thinks too highly of himself. The cup that his team won yesterday is a product of hard work of anyone but Cesc, who gifted Barca only 10 minutes of solid football. That he managed to get himself in the exchange that led to the final goal is impressive, though, and a good portent for Guardiola.
    I don’t know why we should see Wenger’s youth policy as a failure when it’s only beginning to yield. It’s like you take over a country during an economic crisis and the moment you decide to raise taxes for the future benefit of the economy (and the society), everyone disowns you as a traitor or cheat. The fact is, Arsenal has ammassed a huge number of great young talent for almost any position on the field, and it’s quite right that these players would prove to be more loyal to the club than those Wenger brought in at a later stage in their careers. They may have been born elsewhere, but their crucial years will have been spent at Arsenal. Looking at the developments on the transfer market, I get the feeling that we shouldn’t expect Arsenal to come up with trophies just yet, unless we’re lucky. The current team is great, but there are those gaps that I’m afraid Wenger can’t fill at the moment. Arsenal will suffer some painful defeats, but they are also bound to win some heavy battles, and I believe they are in a better position than they were a year ago. The team may not have gotten older, but the young talent, even without the experience some believe to be crucial, makes it stronger.
    I wish Cesc a nice stay in Catalunya, but I also wish him to miss both the team and the success it will soon become.

  22. olat says:

    I want to ask u a major question is that a major cup,let wait and see?Hleb won champions cup likewise Henry but where are they?How do you manager yourself from a controller to be control.Anyway goodluck.

  23. hector says:

    …this story is like saying he won a trophy at Arsenal by winning the Emirates cup. Just the media blowing things out of proportion.

  24. vertor says:

    I’v nthin 2 b ashmd of neither AW,it will eva remain on record dat as a captain cecs failed 2 raise d epl and cl trophy 4 six,dats enough 2 ova shadow wateva achievmnt @ barca. Bsides he might neva captain anoda team in his lif time again.he wastd d opportunity right? But dats d truth.

  25. pops says:

    Fabregas could neva have done winning trophies alone at arsenal, remember its team work. With quality players around him certainly the ultimate result would be countless trophies but that was neva the case at arsenal. I don’t blame the lad for his departure neither do I blame Nasri, I would rather blame Wenger for being far less sensitve to the teams requirements. A team has to be strengthened in all areas and not just the midfield. The only way to keep quality players in a team is to have other quality players around them to allow offset the pressure on them. Fans should be expectant of a teams performance and not individual efforts weekin weekout. The pressure should be on the team and most importantly on the Team Manager to quality to the side such as Arsenal. Ask me if I would have left, yes I would have left too cause as a player I know what the team needs and the Manager chose not to respond to it. Wenger should even be ashamed of What he has denied the young lads for so long. How can you play Fabregas with Chamakh in of him and expect a result? Let’s be fair, I have seen better strikers than that. As an Arsenal fan am not leaving the team and would neva do that but rather speak my mind. Wenger should change his training and team policy. He once had the winning formula and opted for a loosing one. You don’t change a winning formula you just simply improve on it. I would take the whole to day express my thoughts but I’ll let others do it too. Arsenal for life.

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