Date: 18th August 2011 at 2:03pm
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As expected, it is only a matter of time now until Samir Nasri becomes a Manchester City player. The Mirror is reporting that the French midfielder is heading up to Manchester to undergo a medical before he completes his £22million.

I just wish that this whole Nasri and Fabregas drama was settled right at the start of the summer so we could have had time to bring in some new faces. We may still be able to sign replacements but how good will the quality be?

Nasri stated long ago that he did not want to sign a new deal at Arsenal so why did we try force him to stay? Now he will be moving to Manchester City where he will earn a reported £160,000-a-week wage. The player and Fabregas too said that it was never about the money and more to do with the ambition of the club.

You can see why the players want to leave, we are not winning and we are not doing much to change that on the field. Wenger continues to buy average players at no cost, that is not a good sign for current players and potential players. Wenger should just get £100million and spend it, that is what we need to do! Go and spend on Cahill, go make bids for Kaka, it will not hurt!!


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  1. True gunner says:

    There is no point keeping a non committed player. When you can actually get this kind of money. But the key point is re investing in the squad. Arsenal are doing this transfer business way too late for everyone’s comfort. The new players will need to fit in the team and in case of foreign players need to adapt the league.

  2. Richard says:

    Fuck all betrayers, fuck Arsene, fuck Croenke fuck medical staff, FUCK ALL!!!
    I’m not a gooner anymore, my nerves are more valuable for me, I’m fed up. I’m crying, motherfucker, it’s all because of you, Wenger, Croenke and Ivan fucking Gazidis!!! Fuck you all!!!

  3. justus says:

    its ok.the reasons given if from players heart means alot to AW.he should have winning mentality.he surely must learn aolt from behaviour of players. A promising player want a trophy not making sense?

  4. BatonRougeGooner says:

    @ Richard look I know this transfer period is pissin off every fan but I’m sure Arsenal is not going to do near as bad as you think because I’m guessing from logic that these young players that we have are doing extremely well which is why Wenger doesn’t want to get an experienced player to take their role and stop the younger player’s developement. Wenger obviously wants to wait because history shows that when Arsenal doesn’t spend that much we do better than when we revamp the squad.

  5. BatonRougeGooner says:

    *doing well in practice

  6. Akeem says:

    Wenger is such a failure and when you fail plan then u definitely plan to fail.

  7. Micheal says:

    That is the best thing he can do, how did u expect nasri to stay with a trophyless team, i promise you guys if wenger did not sign quality player the likes of sagna,van persie, song,walcot,vermealen and other will surely leave arsenal bcos they can stay at arsenal and watch fabregas,clichy,eboue and likely nasri winning trophies every season and expect them to stay. Arsenal is a buissnes team not a football team, FUCK WENGER AND THE ARSENAL BOARD ALL TOGETHER, BULL SHIT…… .

  8. Segun adeniran says:

    I think the board nd all the stakeholders only concern about their dividends,they dont have the progress of the Team in mind,that is why we ar trophyless all this while including Wenger nd that is the reason we lost our top star bcos they want trophy nd medal in there shelve.

  9. emmanuel says:

    Fuck all betrayers, fuck
    Arsene, fuck Croenke
    fuck medical staff,
    FUCK ALL!!!
    I’m not a gooner
    anymore, my nerves
    are more valuable for
    me, I’m fed up. I’m
    crying, motherfucker,
    it’s all because of you,
    Wenger, Croenke and
    Ivan fucking Gazidis!!!
    Fuck you all!!! Arsenal is a buissnes team not a football team, FUCK WENGER AND THE ARSENAL BOARD ALL TOGETHER, BULL SHIT……

  10. NANDI says:

    Wenger, it’s high time you go away. You are running down the club. For the directors …one word SILLY

  11. @nicky09c says:

    Y can’t u pple just leave Nasri alone, u ar drainin lyf out of dis young man. Must u keep feeding us wit d same old lies all d tym? Plz get a lyf and leave d young man alone,if he wants 2 go he will.

  12. Tony French Man says:

    A True Arsenal Fan.
    All you wanker which are slaging Wenger and co at the moment should support Spurs because you know F all in Football !!!

  13. tolulope lawrence says:

    Arsene wenger shuld consider the fact that is not about playing good football without winning a trophy, bercelona is building players and buying a quality players. All arsenal fans are not happy at all, bcos you sell player in high esteem and you buy in lower amount of money and you don’t go for the stars why? You mention so many player but you don’t buy one, what is happen arsene wenger?

  14. peter babs says:

    arsenal fans are now moaners and no longer gooners….spend…spend…spend..enough of this negativity. if you are tired about how the club is running find another club to support . is it by force you must support arsenal?this club cannot afford to spend like man city et al…how many times do you want wenger to explain this…you want to spend?find a sugar daddy first!….then we can spend!until then go join city…cry babies!

  15. para says:

    Has anyone not noticed that AFC does not play “beautiful football” at the moment?
    The team is being rebuilt, and until we qualify for CL next tuesday, no player is going to sign for us.
    So wait until after tuesday.

  16. Matt Gunn says:

    There is that rule in life. You get what you pay for. You buy cheap you get cheap. But our young team are also class players with hugh potential to shine. Problem is when they shine they want to leave. That’s where management shows Arsenal is just a business. Just a place for buying cheap and selling at a high cost.

  17. gabriel says:

    I feel d shame 2 call myself a gooner, cos of wenger strange policy of not spending.

  18. Legion says:

    We are arsenal we will survive ,none of us are happy but we have to wait and see,it’s not over till the fat lady sings,meaning judge us at the end of the season not now

  19. Wenger try to buy big players like hazard,cahill,samba,marvin,javier,jadson,alvaro,osaze,sow and valbuna.sir kbo2 m.shinkafa,bauchi-nigeria.

  20. Aladifa yusuf says:

    Arsenal fan in london ar nt doing wat is expectd, they should throw stone at arsene wenger. Idiot, stingy human being.

  21. Nasri shuld go,no one shuld eva try stoppin him cos he knows what he’s doin since that motherfucker,son-of-bitch that called himself manager does not want 2 spend,woe 2 Arsene Wenger,woe 2 Korenke,woe 2 Arsenal board.FUCK U ALL!,FUCK EVERBODY!!

  22. vincent Toolit says:

    This is just too much, Arsene has lost focus in the game and become business minded. he is soon selling all the good players in our club and this is demoralising even to the current squard. I will not be surprised if arsenal fail to qualify for the group stage of the champ league.

  23. Daniyar says:

    To peter babs
    Have you already forgotten, what AW was claiming. I have 40 mln.pounds for transfers + clichy 7 mln+jet 1 mln + fabregas 15 mln + nasri 22 mln = 85 mln. we’ve acquired jenkinson 1 mln + gervinho 11 mln + chamberlain 12 mln. For now we have 61 mln for transfers, and Mr. peter babs please tell me isn’t it the money to be handled for transfers. And Bendtner’s and Almunia’s transfers are pending, that’s additionally 12-13 mln pounds.
    But we are lucky if we use 30 mln, cos greedy Croenke wants to pocket them, you’ll see.
    And what nasri conceites, of whole 3 seasons played well only 1/2 season, and pretends to be a superstar, fuck off man.
    Arsen, thing can’t go this way, stop, enough!!! I’m really scared of watching match against Liverpool, at every position they have proven superstars, and we???

  24. jonsam says:

    My God , no disrespect meant to anyonebut does anyone(with a few exceptions0 on this site have a jimmy choo about football. fab left with his head high , years of loyal service , never once slated the club and left for the club where he started his career …good luck to him. Nasri on the other hand is a mercenary …simple as. he is deluded if he thinks he’s guaranteed to start at man citeh. wenger and Arsenal made him the player he is and anyway he is not that consistant 6 months last season yes class but faded …all other seasons before that average bar one or two games…manc citeh look dangerous ..granted , but this will not guaranteee success ..galacticos anyone? Arsenal need signing but i am convinced wenger will buy and buy well…he seldom gives anything anyway …he said he was never going to sign arshavin and did and so on…he will be , why let clubs know who you are looking at..the papers will do that for you anyway….very disillusioning times for true gunners …but for now me personally still has hope…we are not in as bad shape as the lying hacking media will have you believe…every cloud my friends every cloud …that fact we are written off already takes the pressure off and fab and ansri’s sales could be a blessing in disguise …

  25. mansoor idrees says:

    nasri plz don’t move abeg.

  26. demaboy says:

    this is blatant rubbish friend, tell me what quality was Cesc and Nasri when they joined Arsenal. if others before them demanded for finished products probably the wouldn’t have played for Arsenal. Let them go for good. players will step up. maybe Ramsey & Wilshere will take their chance today and if they perform well will tomorrow demand for quality players or they quit. they may forget how their chance came

  27. Adm says:

    I don’t mind if greedy Nasri leaves but if Wenger still did not make any significant signing until the transfer window close, all Arsenal fans have the right for calling his head because he looks never ambitious enough to fight for the honour, strict wages policy but ludicrous on average players and instead keep signing youngsters while the club crying for the quality and experience. Wenger has big money in the coffer and he has no more excuse.

  28. Ferd says:

    Back in da dayz we used 2 hv 2 squads 4 both seniors n juniors which can no longer happen.disastrous wenger

  29. Richard 777 says:

    Some of the comments on here are comical!

    Firstly, half of you can’t even write in English so why bother? Richard and Emmanuel you are monkies, go and support the spuds FAKE supporters!

    Most of you don’t seem to understand what has been happening since the stadium was built. Its a long term project which will pay dividends in the future. Look at the Spuds, Liverpool and particularly Everton – all of these teams would love a new stadium but they can’t afford it, we have done it and the light at the end of the tunnel is near. And I couldn’t see many managers doing the job Wenger has done with the restrictions he has had put on him.

    If you look at Everton they are in lots of debt, cannot afford to buy anyone, have a crumbling stadium and no chance of building a new one. Bolton are another example of a team who built a stadium and are now paying the price with massive debts.

    Some of you mugs are so ignorant of the difficulties most teams are facing, because you are green with envy of the big spenders such as Citeh, Utd, Liverpool and Chelski. Just be happy that you have watched such amazing football and remember only one team can win the title..

  30. Daniyar says:

    Richard 777, you are real monkey, football is not building stadiums, supporters must be rewarded, for their support, for their faith, but not to watch clowns like squillaci and almunia. That’s why we need signings, we would understand if we had no money, if all income would spent to cover the debts on stadium, but no, we are selling our best players and we need return!!! BTW you are not richard777 and not monkey, you must be arsene or ivan gazidis… LOL…

  31. Richard 777 says:

    Lmao Daniyar, you sound like you’ve been a supporter for about 4-5 years?? And you laugh at your own poor joke.. sad. Ok Squillaci is shit, but that happens sometimes. Almunia had some great games and some poor ones for Arsenal and I’m sure he’d make a good keeper for a smaller club with less pressure.

    There is more to supporting a club than just being there to bathe in the glory after winning trophies. You have to take the good times with the bad.

    The stadium is a lot more important than you seem to think. I quarantee you most other Premier League clubs would gladly swap positions with Arsenal..

    Anyway, from what I’ve heard there is a top player coming in as soon as the money grabbing, surrender monkey Nasri leaves.

    Daniyar, maybe next time if you’re going to try and insult me, give me some respect and write in decent English with good punctuation..

  32. denis says:

    wenger is not normal for how long is he going to lie to fans? let him resign.

  33. Odu says:

    Wenger has been left far behind!!! The fans should sack him now since the board will not. Arsenal has the most incompetent board in the whole EPL. A good manager would have solved all this Cesc and Nasir issues before the begining of the season. Now the club will struggle at least for the next four to five matches.

  34. Talentgift says:

    Arsene wenger is the cause of all this issue of players wanting to leave, he’s just too self-centred; where he sell at inflated price & buys at depreciated price. He doesn’t want progress for the team…,”All he wants is gain advantage of remaining cash. They can win any trophy until they’re relegated. Fuck em all

  35. Wenger Needs To Spend Or Go says:

    If any player leaves Arsenal because of the lack of ambition of the club then its completely understandable. Why isnt Wneger commited to improving the club? The Board seem to say he is the man for the job etc, but he shows no ambition in bringing in new world class players. Even now we know how much money he has on buying new players from the sales of Fabregas etc, I am actually fed up with Aresnal or more to the point Wenger, he is not a good manager, well not anymore, let all the players leave Arsenal, who would wnat to play for a team like this anyway that has no ambition what so ever! Fed up with Wenger just so fed up!

  36. Issa saheed sadelk says:

    U guys don’t need 2get cross @each other,al coz of arsenal. Though,d situatn on ground is caused 2ru selfish interest by d club’s board&not considering d feelings of d supporters,players&d club @large. @richard 777,u sound lyk one of d board& laments on one’s english…dt really amazing&suprising.

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