Date: 18th August 2011 at 5:08pm
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The bad news for Arsenal is set to continue, this time on the injury front. Jack Wilshere looks set to miss Arsenal’s three next matches which are vitally important. Wilshere continues to suffer from an ankle injury he picked up in pre-season. The next three games for Arsenal are against Liverpool, Udinese and Manchester United: matches that could easily shape the rest of our season at this early stage.

Coupled with that, we will also be missing Gervinho and Song for the matches against Liverpool and Manchester United as they are suspended.

With Fabregas now gone and Nasri set to leave very soon, it will be up to Wilshere to drive our midfield forward, but if he continues to sit on the sidelines due to injury then we are going to struggle.

Wenger needs to go make some new signing soon for our central midfield. Who would you like him to sign?


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  1. bonface says:

    hazard,jadson martin marvi,ayew,cahil,and a clinical finisher thats all

  2. qua says:


    While u r at it, why not call all the players in the world?

  3. Simon idehi says:

    I prayed AW signed E. Hazard,G.Cahil A.Ayew and M.zarate with this players mentioned above and with God & lucky on our side the trophies is our these season

  4. Subomi says:

    2 midfielders and a defender and may be a striker will definately help with the current squad available excludingand the return of those on injury list and suspension.

  5. Ibrahim Omotayo says:

    Arsene wenger pls sign juan mata,jadson,cahill,samba,kalou

  6. Philbet says:

    If praying rocks youe boat Simon you pray, but it will make no differance to what Wenger does or anyone else for that matter.

  7. Aminu-Anyigba Nigeria says:

    pls wenger, buy us E. Hazard, cahill, mousa sow, boaboena n a left back. Pls do that btw now n tmrw so that hazard n mousa can play our nxt match.

  8. Jerry says:

    Wenger needs to fortify the defence and the attack in which he needs utility players who can play on the wings and in the heart of the midfield

  9. Joseph says:

    I also pray

  10. Abdulmalik says:

    Please winger you have to buy hazard, martin and a left bark.the fans and club will be happy and ready for trophy.

  11. olaking says:

    i don’t pray he sign. AW knows very well will a losing two big player never prepared to sign so its his problem not mind i will only site and watch.

  12. Dave says:

    Sell Jack n put money in the bank.Dont need new signings as i believe there is a great belief and togetherness in the side already….

  13. GOOOONNNNNER says:

    I normally dont get tooo worried but the loss of these three is a MASSIVE thing. I can see the excuses now, we had loads of injurys bla bla

    I think Gervinho is looking to be a real real excellent signing. Dont worry about palyers leaving, enough players want to come to us and only because of one thing…Wenger! So anyone on his back is crazy. We was so close last season.

    On another note gooners, I’ve found this wicked site which shows you whenver Arsenal are on TV! including if they are on match of the day, classic games on ESPN etc etc, well good! Enjoy

    I know we will do ok this season, but we HAVE to buy a defender and I believe we will

  14. Kelly says:

    AW.pls sign experience players nt a kid anymore,dnt lets us messed up in d 7th season.

  15. Latex says:

    Wenger shld go get us d likes of jadson, samba, mata nd if possible benzema dis player name here will help in win troph may God help us.
    Gunners 4 life

  16. henry says:

    i would like him to sign his father, how abt that? the jerk is playing with this club and takes it for granted, i am disgusted with the present squad, they are going to loose the next three matches, i am positive, they have no feelings for the fans who pay good money to come watch their crap. this season will be the worst ever…Fool!!!

  17. Robin says:

    Plz sign ally cisokho,cahill,valbuena,hazard and zarate. . . .otherwise remember 2 get ua hands out of ua ass and work arsene

  18. Winning mentality says:

    In (almost) the words of wenger: having rosicky back is like a new signing.
    There you have it. Our super class signing! and he has been covering for wilshere and will continue to do so.

  19. Homer says:

    God, but you people on this thread are idiots. Just started following Arsenal last, did we?

  20. Adeniyiyaqub90@kre says:

    Arsene wenger should buy player like Eden hazard,mata,marvin,odemwingie and cahill/scott dann b4 transfer window close,after dis signing all arsenal fan should be expecting uefa champ and premiership titles.

  21. Arsenal1Again says:

    Anybody but the over hyped Hazard. From the options, I would say Mata was the best.

    If the defense was sorted out as promised, we could’ve at least kept a clean sheet against Liverpool, Udinese and Man Utd, thus getting at least a point from the Prem games and qualification for the CL.

    Nobody seems to get this. Had the defense been sorted out weeks ago we would have little to worry about and we could be discussing Midfielders and strikers.

    But here we are .. for some reason … speaking about midfielders and strikers with half a defence in front of an inexperienced goalkeeper.

    Cassillas and Buffon always had top defenders in front of them when they were up and coming. Our keeper has a defender who runs into him, or a defender who can’t jump.

  22. Arsenite says:

    Let me start by saying wenger is a top class manager and will continue to be, I believe the board has a lot to do with arsenal not signing any players. My opinion o what wenger should do for this term; sell nasri, chamakh, almunia, squillaci -should sign dann, cissokho, hazard, jadson, lukaku, maybe… Diego? Please don’t loan out Lansbury as he is a player who has a lot of talent and skill but most importantely a desire to play for arsenal, much like cescs desire to play at Barcelona. This is just my opinion, I feel arsenal should strengthen and consist of a solid team with depth.

  23. Femi says:

    It is unfortunate we d fans shouted on d web,on blogs on tabloids during last season transfer window.Yet,Arsene never heard our voice or just decided to neglect us.So,I believe we are just shouting for d fun of it again,nothing Arsene is goona do about it.Oh Lord,touch Arsene heart to make d fans happy (d best tin is to pray along).Long live Arsenal FC

  24. Igwe says:

    Sack AW now

  25. aleminu gbenga says:

    someone needs to remind Wenger that his love for Arsenal cannot be greater than that of the faithful fans who have been shouting themselves hoarse these past months. His stubborness willbe his undoing at the end of the day after which he would have rubbished his modest achievements at the club.

  26. Terry Matthias says:

    I don’t think dat arsenal or wenger need anymore signing, those guys from d magnificient squillaci to d world class striker chammak can do it & even challenge 4 champions leaqeu & win d trophy. Even without vp, cecs, nasri, song & so on. Arsenal is perfect 4 now. Ergo leave wenger alone.

  27. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Wenger needs at least 1 more midfielder at least because we need more depth

  28. wenger must be a stupid manager.if not so, he would have sign in an experienced players like mata, hazard, samba.

  29. arsene-al says:

    I like how some people are just naming everyone the media’s linked us with. Like echoes you lot are

  30. WOLF says:

    Fact of the matter is that we all know that losing Nasri and Fabregas the same summer will severely weaken our attack, Wenger knows this and isn’t stupid. Another fact is that we cannot replace them this summer but we can improve the defense. I think it would be better get a Jagielka or Cahill and move TV5 to left back to take care of the defense. As for Nasri, he has already been replaced by Gervinho and realistically the replacement for Cesc is coming in Wilshere and Ramsey. If those two and Song are fit and unsuspended then our midfield will be fine, we just need solid backup who is going to stay fit and play when called upon. Everyone needs to remember that we got Arshavin at the end of the January and even got an extra day to complete, so although time is an issue it does not mean deals cannot get completed.

  31. vitalis says:

    wenger’s glory days are over; he still sticks with his crazy old ideologies about kids; this way, we’ll only finish 8th in the league, if we are lucky… he should either go out there and buy buy, or we sack him and say bye bye

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