Date:24th June 2011 at 6:00pm
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Just today (Friday), we were wondering why is the deal bringing to Gervinho not sealed yet as we were lead to believe that it was almost done a few days ago. Inside Futbol is revealing that the reason Gervinho is not an Arsenal player yet is because they have rejected our bid.

It was thought that Arsenal were prepared to pay £10.6million to Lille for Gervinho but now it sounds like the French club want more!

Whether Wenger would be willing to part with more cash for the 24 year old striker remains to be seen. Knowing Wenger and his desire not to pay too much on players, he may just forget about Gervinho and take his £10.6million and look elsewhere. It would be a bad move by Wenger if he does so as we really need a new striker and Gervinho is perfect.


0 responses to “Lille Reject Arsenal’s Gervinho Bid”

  1. arsenally says:

    how much was the proffessor given to buy new players? why is he taking toooo long to sign? soo stingy

  2. Tunde bello says:

    Pls mr wenger buy gervinho and samba intime before is too late and offer cesc to barca and get a good replacement

  3. drugJankie says:

    Yall dumb ass mothafuckas actually thought wenger would sign that nigga
    Damn are yall that stupid. Wengers gonna sign some 8 year old that he wants to fuck in the ass

  4. patrick says:

    jst do us a favour mr venger and bring garvinho 2 arsenal otherwise arsenal z gng 2 be relagated one tyme

  5. Edd Halstead says:

    Some of these comments are so stupid: calling Arsene ‘stingy’, etc. Do you think it’s only him who decides the spending policy? Also, we are very early into the window. Give him a chance to do what he’s trying to do before cutting him down, as some of you are so good at doing.

  6. drugJankie says:


  7. Kabiru says:

    Wenger pls try to sing gervinho.

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