Date:24th June 2011 at 6:00pm
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Just today (Friday), we were wondering why is the deal bringing to Gervinho not sealed yet as we were lead to believe that it was almost done a few days ago. Inside Futbol is revealing that the reason Gervinho is not an Arsenal player yet is because they have rejected our bid.

It was thought that Arsenal were prepared to pay £10.6million to Lille for Gervinho but now it sounds like the French club want more!

Whether Wenger would be willing to part with more cash for the 24 year old striker remains to be seen. Knowing Wenger and his desire not to pay too much on players, he may just forget about Gervinho and take his £10.6million and look elsewhere. It would be a bad move by Wenger if he does so as we really need a new striker and Gervinho is perfect.


0 responses to “Lille Reject Arsenal’s Gervinho Bid”

  1. Afen says:

    Wenger pay d money b4 u lose him.

  2. Akinluwoye olanrewaju says:

    Please mister wenger do everything to make sure Gervinho become a gunner.

  3. bradley says:

    Wenger has strikers that he buys and makes them play as wingers. Vela,Walcott, Arshavin even Bentner. All say they wanna be strikers not wingers. Gervinho is in that same form. I think it’s a waste to buy another same style player. what format will he play? 4-4-2 and drop Arshavin

  4. Kunle says:

    What d noise about Gevinho? Arsenal need a fantastic strike like Henry

  5. azeez.kareem.arisekola.1 says:

    mr wenger pls spend the money so we can get the lile striker

  6. Ajibade taofeek says:

    Pls prof.just tink of trophy and get this guy

  7. Obyno arsene nwankwo says:

    Falcio samba,odewingie.

  8. Omisore kolawole says:

    Mr prof.i want u do everytn to get dis players,we support of arsenal we ar pleading:folcao,gervinho,osaze,cahill,samba,baston an tarabt.and allow d following player 2 go:fabregas,clichy,bendthner,denilson.

  9. matthew says:

    pls and pls d desir i u God beg u buy the player gervinho

  10. Omisore kolawole says:

    Pls get gervinho b4 u loose him.we ar beging.u av dis money

  11. simon says:

    please mr Arsen Wenger we need strikers so that we can be able to lift up the trouphy this coming season and let Bentner go.

  12. Sesan jegede says:

    Winger,pls buy dis guy wit 2 gud defenders like,samba & cahil & allow delison, bendtner,clichy,2 go

  13. kolade emmanuel says:

    why is it that wenger always feel reluntant to spend money..moreova if u spend is ur own benefit..pls all arsenal board..most expectialy GAZIDIs pls tink wisely..dont drop gavinho…

  14. austin says:

    i’ve no more hope on gervinho nd samba..if et ez 2ru…wngr ez a greedy man

  15. simon says:

    Proffessor it would very nice for you to boosed up the striking line and the defence and finally get one midfielder and the trouphy will be in Emirates this season.

  16. austin says:

    i’ve no more hope on gervinho nd samba..if et ez 2ru…wngr ez a greedy man…if ricky alvarez av signed u can b sure of one tin.gervinho wil never b a gunner

  17. Ebenezer says:

    Personally am not beggin mr.wenger if he like let him not sign anybody or let him continue 2 signing accademy the end of day he will get wat he deserves which is notin.stingy old french man.

  18. ameen says:

    prof. Plz get us diz striker b4 we miss on him plz,tym does nt wait 4 us

  19. Oladunjoye Taiwo says:

    We need gerv. Up gunners

  20. stanley says:

    Old stingy prof this money is it yours? Why can’t you pay this money and get this guy. If you don’t buy Gervinho, I’ll cease 2 be an Arsenal fan. Very old Wenger.

  21. Stanley Amadi says:

    Very old prof I’ve never seen someone as stingy liKe you. This money is it yours? Why can’t you pay this money and get Gervinho. Pls I beg you don’t loose this guy.

  22. Pls tell wenger 2 buy gervinho and samba and ozaze

  23. Emos A.B.U zaria says:

    am begging you in d name of GOD,get us gervinho.he knows how 2 delete defenders.we need lose him is damage 2 lille.pleaz give dem d money.if not…

  24. Abdulrahim says:

    wenger go get him before is too late! Even for d sake of d commitment d player shown, buy him

  25. Robert says:


  26. Saitoti says:

    Sign him mr prof!tis a mata f trophies nw nt money!

  27. Ifeanyi says:

    I advice arsene wenger 2 get dis young man, dis is d kind of play i love watch @ emirates.. Gervinho is d right man.

  28. kelvine says:

    prof. You better sign now

  29. A.j says:

    You know what? Am tired of this same old story of the bid has been rejected..,the fact remains arsenal needs a striker and if the old man is not willing to do what is right for the club he can as well go to hell,the time is now or else arsenal fc will become a legend,something of the past,..get the right players and the club will go back to the helm…remember wenger you are simply getting into peoples nerves

  30. Bamisaye bode says:

    Prof. Wenger,pls allow bentn,chamk,skilach 2join clich & buy gervinho,samuel eto’o& 2 experc divender we are goin 2 lift @least 2trph dis seasn &sky ‘ll our limit

  31. shola says:

    mr wenger pls buy gervinho,samba,cahill

  32. chinedu agbonghai says:

    who can solve a problem like arsene wenger?

  33. kolawole abayomi says:

    my able prof pls make gervinho signing to be in your mind.we are feld up of trophiless

  34. Busasco says:

    Prof wenger, lack of player is problem for the teams. I’m Gunners fans and with my knowledge, I will advice Arsene wenger will need lille striker Gervinho and others like Samba, Cahill. Osaze, Baston and other interesting to play for Arsenal. Bentner, Denilson.Clinchy and leave Cesc Fabregas to go to barca.

  35. TrueWisdom says:

    Arsene Wenger you fuckin stingy cunt. Buy Gervinho before its too late! We need him!

  36. team-o says:

    wenger,do u knw wot u do to us fans?we r defectin d club or u leave,we r tired of ur arrogance n timidity

  37. Uncle says:

    .Mr stingy, is high time u buy better playas. Mu hv jones & young now y wastin time.

  38. AKEEM says:

    Baba Wenger,pls avoid all dis insult 4rm pple,and do d right thing at d right time. Pls u’re killing us.

  39. BEAR PAW says:

    It is not even a shock any longer to find that Arsenals bids for players keep getting rejected. Worse, as time drags on and nothing changes the selling teams become more and more annoyed at the arrogance and stubborness of Wenger. He always thinks he knows best and he is not reluctant to tell the selling management that they are “wrong” about their valuation of their players worth. He has pissed off so many teams with this attitude over the past few years that teams no longer want to even go thru the hassle of negotiating with Arsenal any longer, particularly the Premier league teams… He keeps making the same errors over and over and over again when it comes to trying to buy and sell experienced players. He cant bring himself to pay close to what teams want for their stars and he keeps asking more than the going rate for players he wants to sell.

    Our team MUST MAKE SERIOUS CHANGES to the team this summer or we risk falling into mid table status next season and losing our CHAMPIONS LEAGUE status. Once this happens our ability to attract any interest at all from quality players will disappear.

    WE are at a serious crossroad in the evolution of our beloved Gunners.

    Management, are you all to paralyzed to see what is happening? ACTIONS ARE REQUIRED, NOW! DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE…

  40. Teejay says:

    Gervinho is ours kp hope alive.gunner 4 life

  41. wunubo mikky says:

    mr. Wenger, be warned! Revolution will soon catch up with u. Pls get us Gervinho and thanks for Alveres.

  42. maliki says:

    please we need gervinho

  43. Kc says:

    Stingy man watin we do u?comot money buy players 4 us na,na til we get hrt attack?money way no b ur own.abag spend d cash on player.sell nb52 n d15.

  44. Razaq says:

    Pls & pls as my guy said baba wenger pls we ned a perfect striker dat we suport RVP So dat our infomation wil be 4_4_2.

  45. Bamisaye bode says:

    2 live seed is better than many casualty, prof. We need 3more experience player, samuel et’o & 2difender.pls we dont need Gervinho & let d other casualties in d team be offloaded 4d sake of commited fans and players.

  46. lee says:

    ugh stop moaning and stfu .. how many strikers do we really need? .. 80% of you can barely speak anyway

  47. Teslim Olajide says:

    Why wasting time pls mr wenger u may live gervinho and go for falcao or Eto and 2 good defender as u know dat time is not our friend

  48. arsenal4eva says:


  49. arsenal4eva says:

    n eto’o….
    Eto’o – RvP – Hulk

  50. noongah says:

    if we cud trade bendtner for him that wud be the best deal in arsenals history as bendtner SUCKS!!!!! but is overrated bt gervinho is gud but underrated

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