Date:24th June 2011 at 3:11pm
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I am getting a bit worried about the potential signing of Gervinho from Lille to Arsenal. A couple of days back it was reported that a deal was on the verge of being signed but still we have heard nothing from Lille or Arsenal. If anything, this deal and all the talk around it has gone cold for some reason.

I hope that there is no problem that has risen with regards to this deal as we need to sign Gervinho. Whilst other teams are busy trying to go out and buy new players, our biggest concern right now seems to be holding onto our players such as Fabregas and Nasri. Can we please turn this around and start going out and making some signings before it is too late.


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  1. Nine says:

    It’s because a lot of clubs are waiting for the 1st of June so the transfers appear in next year’s financials instead of this year.

  2. Saheed says:

    We need d guy service

  3. Saheed says:

    Plz i wnt 2 ask weather d guy is coming or not

  4. wisdom says:

    please tel wenger that if he fail to sign Gervinho i wil nt 4give him and my God wil nt 4give him 2.and i want to see Samba in london very soon.

  5. wisdom A says:


  6. amine says:

    Nonsense if AW buys players or not he will still go trophyless next season

  7. Tunde says:

    Amino acid or what shld i call u mind ur busy when it comes to transfer stories if u don’t hv anything to say don’t leave a comment.

  8. okoro victor ndubuisi says:

    Please Wenger,enough of this hide and seek,sign us these players and let Nasri sign a new contract, enough of this speculations as this season will never be like last season without siverwares,we are tired of this nearly syndrome,goodluck and please let Nasri stay,Fabrigas can go as his mind in no longer with us but with Barca before he becomes the new season blunder as he was last season.Long Live Arsenal and her devoted fans

  9. Steve of Chiang Mai says:

    Gervinho, playing as he does for a European club could not enter into a contract until after the July 1st window opens….but surely you already knew that?????

  10. umar faruq says:

    wenger pls sing falacao and cahil pls dot mis all pls wenger sepend that money we are waiting for you this week

  11. moses e says:

    pls winger we the arsenal fans are hungry 4 trophy, do wot ever thing u can 2 gat us a trophy so that we can be proud of our dalling club. arsenal

  12. adebayo abayomi says:

    mr wenger, what is happening abt all dis transfer speculatn,i dont think i wil be keeping faith anymore becos u promise 2 be a bussiet manager in dis summer transfer window and wil never see anything yet.

  13. adewnnmi adeyinka says:

    mr wenger pls sign new player 4 us now b4 d transfer window close we are tired of dis we are hungry 4 trophy pls.

  14. bony pawari says:

    pls we need gervinho n samba,then l8 fabregas to barca please

  15. subatomicman says:

    The European Transfer Window Opens On July 1st! Any Deals Made In May/June With Players/Teams, From OTHER Football Associations, Will Be Announced In JULY!!

    English Teams Are Free To Make Official Deals In May/June ONLY With Other BRITISH FA Teams.

    Get It?!?

  16. says:

    Enough of all these speculation……..if wenger wanna sign this guy (gervinho) let him go ahead…. In recent years, AW has been a failure to the gunners faithful….but we’re are still keeping the faith…we need trophy this season. Thankz.

  17. Teejay says:

    Keep faith wenger will sign.

  18. Pls tell we want gervinho and samba and some experience player let bendnter,clichy,diaby,eboue 2 go we don’t need dem dey are floop

  19. Pls buy experience like gervinho,samba,cahill sell diaby,clichy,bendnhter,eboue

  20. TrueWisdom says:

    Give Gervinho more money

  21. drugJankie says:

    Wenger aint signing him

  22. Teejay says:

    mr wenger we need great player in the sqaud of ARSENAL, like samba, Gervinho, Alvares, Mata, Cahill, make a new deal on this player because we belive that they can do this for us. Pls God we not destory your life Wenger. Ok

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