Date: 10th October 2011 at 12:21pm
Written by: is reporting that Arsenal captain Robin van Persie has put his current Hertfordshire home up for sale and speculation is already rife that this could be the first bit of evidence that he may be ready to leave Arsenal following our poor start to the season.

There are already reports that Van Persie is going to follow the likes of Nasri and Fabregas out of the club as he seeks to win more silverware in his career.

On the other hand, it could have nothing to do with that at all and maybe the player himself just wants to move to another house as he has been living there with his family since 2006.

You can click here to see the property.


0 responses to “Could Van Persie be set to leave Arsenal as he puts his house up for sale?”

  1. arsenal management allow v.persie to go becouse we are not defend on him we loos our quality players like theirry henry and robert pirer and jose antonio reyes. That’s why i advise managements to to allow v.persi to leave if he want to quite the club.

  2. Uche says:

    If rvp wants to leave let him go cos one player doesnt make a team he has done his best 4 arsenal vice-versa.

  3. young_gunnerz says:

    Its nt 1 f*cking player its the manner in which this is happening. A club that buys big time players will cope with the loss of a star player; but a club that keeps selling them and wont buy any1 to replace them will be doomed and will decline. Any1 who thinks i am 1 of the negative arsenal supporters and i am all doom and gloom the record speaks for itself. Players will leave if the club is always going backwards and wont even try to move in a positive direction. Arsenal Management and its directors are the ones who need to take responsibility.

  4. Josh says:

    He doesnt even live in hertfordshire!!!!!!!!

  5. Mekete says:

    If he want to leave
    wenger must permit him to go .

  6. Chris says:

    This is one of his houses, i live very close to it but it has been on the market for about 8 months! haha the press just make up shit without knowing anything about it. He has moved to a place in London now, he gets paid alot of money so im sure he can afford to leave a 1 Million pound house empty!

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