Date: 23rd August 2011 at 12:12pm
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The Samir Nasri drama has taken a new twist. Now Arsene Wenger is saying that Manchester United are still interested in signing Nasri. So that means it is not just Manchester City who want our star player. This should mean we spark a bidding war between the two sides and get more money for him if we sell him.

Wenger is still trying hard to keep Nasri but with each passing day it seems as if he will be leaving.

Wenger told TF1: “Both Manchester clubs are interested. I’ve always wanted to keep hold of him. I think deep down he is happy here.

“There is no departure of Nasri at the moment.”


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  1. John says:

    Makes sense to me I have a feeling Narsi would ahve signed already for City if he really wanted to go. I have always suspected th c**t wanted to want others c**ts like his mate Evra all along

  2. andy says:

    Agree to sell to Manu for 25m providing it is sanctioned he is allowed to play tonight in CL and red nose Fergie cannot come in for any player Arsenal are in talks with in the future otherwise go away. C how bad he wants him now.

  3. mystic says:

    what is the point in selling him to the highest bidder, rather than letting him walk on a freebie next summer? It is not as if Wenger will spend the money, so despite being a greedy tw*t we might as well keep the body for another season.

  4. ken says:

    The only reason he wants to leave is to play with some experienced players who can blame him when he looks around and sees only Jack Vermarlin and RVP as the only decent players there

  5. Scott says:

    Ken,your attitude is the same as Nasri. …shit.
    He thinks he is a star and wants to win trophies….well he was well paid to win trophies with us and failed.
    He can lay blame anywhere he wants,but he gave us three great months..that’s it.
    Trophies my arse,the greedy little prick.

  6. It would be better to arsenal to buy both buyern munich stan and real madrid kaka.

  7. para says:

    It seems clear that if nasri wanted to go he would be gone already?
    What complications could stop him signing for city or utd or any other club who wants him, unless he did not want to go there?
    I dont know what is going on, but in 10 days we will know, maybe.

  8. goonerforever says:

    It hurts to admit it, but it’s a no brainer and who can blame him. Undeniable fact is a). he will be playing with better players. b). he will almost double his earnings & c). a realistic chance of winning a major trophy. He is prepared to see out his contract with the club and there is no obligation on him to sign another contract. If he was crap, the club would not have renewed with him. Why should he invest his career (and loss of earnings) with a club that is in a total mess and not prepared to invest in itself to compete with the best.

  9. Daniyar says:

    Arsenal can confirm that they have agreed terms for Samir Nasri to move to Manchester City.

    The 24-year-old midfielder, who has spent three years with the Gunners, has been omitted from Arsenal’s squad which flies to Udinese this afternoon and instead will travel north for a medical.

    The move will be subject to Nasri passing a medical and formal registration processes.

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