Date: 23rd August 2011 at 8:34am
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The transfer window closes next week Wednesday, that means time is running out for Arsene Wenger in the transfer market. The main priority for the Gunners now is to bring in as many quality players as possible. Other teams know that Arsenal are desperate to sign new players and thus they may inflate their prices on them.

Reports suggest that Arsenal have made a new improved bid of £15million for Everton centre-back Phil Jagielka. Arsenal had made a £12million before but that was rejected as Everton are holding out for £18million.

Everton have made it clear that they do not want to sell any of their star players which include Jagielka but Everton are in a financial crisis right now and any money they make from selling players would go straight to the bank and not fund new transfers for them, thus David Moyes wants to keep his current squad.

If Arsenal are serious about getting Jagielka, then I do not see why we should not just give Everton the £18million they want. We need to sign some quality players, no matter the cost!


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  1. Amrut says:

    Is jagielka better than cahill or samba ? I guess we could have got Cahill for the same price . He was quoted for 17 .

  2. Ngwu Monday says:

    That ‘ll need qualities deosn’t mean that we should start spending extravangently. Everything is all about negotiation. All i need is let Wenger hestain up because there is no time.

  3. Ruemu okpe says:

    7 days for the transfer to end! Wenger why are you waisting time?

  4. kalu says:

    wenger give out that amt to cahill and u will live to appreciate such a signing.

  5. We must do the right thing at the right time,we need some quality player’s! If we want’s to be among the big six(6),am not happy with the current squad!pls do this in time.

  6. Tajudeen says:

    Arsene should go for Cahill instead phil. We need three or four signings before the transfer window close.

  7. Steve of Chiang Mai says:

    Jagielka is more versatile that Cahill able to cover all 4 defensive positions and also DM at a pinch. At 29 he gives plenty of experience and would be better that Cahill or Samba for this reason.

  8. tugboat says:

    center back is a must becos squillaci is a time bomb. other areas i think we are fine. unless we can find a bergkamp, or cantona, or kanu kind of x-factor guy, i say just leave it as it is.

  9. Saz says:

    Pls mr.wenger bring us samba.he is more of a leader n as got da experience n cheap

  10. kc says:

    U people are talking about signing 3 or 4 players when we have not signed 1. The fault is not from Wenger cos the board said that they can’t pay for big player and there is no how u will sign a player what £30m and pay him 80 or 90 million pounds. So lets direct our pleas to the board.

  11. Brian sichula says:

    Even if arsenal is in crisis, wenger will not buy any player he will keep on saying he has quality players.

  12. Our dear club {arsenal} is now a moving indostry each and every we jump from one player to another without sign any what a shame.let those who call themeself board do something about the situation at hand or be quit and stop tool fans,since last season they knows that arsenal defence is not good enough and they siting down singing alleluia,only wenger is not controling you stop decieving yourself.

  13. isaac says:

    There is problem and we must admit. Wenger have you turned into a scouting role identifying good players for others? we need three key players on condition that Samir is staying ie left back and central defender plus one attacker ad this should be done as agent as be4 Udenese campaign.

  14. Chris Bayliss says:

    Jagielka is not a quality player. He is a mid-table club player who will not stand up that strongly at Arsenal. He will be better then squillaci, but he’s only on level/a little better then Koscielny or Djorou. Big difference between them though is he is in his 30s and they’re not. Spending loads on Jagielka is not an option because he simply is not worth it!

  15. Mikky says:

    Pls we need player like cahil hazard nt like phil.

  16. jago says:

    no signings will be made until Wenger knows what his budget is going to be following the result tomorrow. Europa league will allegedly knock 25 million of his budgets

  17. Whoever comes is highly welcome, as long as they’re not kids. For now though, a defensive midfielder is the most urgently needed. We need him before the trip to Old Trafford, otherwise, we will be massacred there!
    At the moment, Song is suspended, so is Frimpong. If a lackluster Liverpool managed to beat us 2-0, what about United whose home ground is a fortress for Arsenal? Wenger should do all he can to sign M’vila, and, with the return of Wilshere, maybe we can put up a fight, or else, let’s face it, we are up against it, aren’t we?

  18. moses says:

    Wenger wil never buy anyone, man has lost his plot…he needs medical assistance.

  19. hollad says:

    Pls wenger buy cahill,hazard,marvin martin or montolivo n zarate if we re 2 maintain d top 4 season

  20. Charlie says:

    Arsene can’t win. One minute it’s “we must buy experienced English players” then it’s “we don’t want Jagielka, we want Cahill or Mertesacker”. Well Jags is experienced, English and very reliable whereas Cahill is not experienced (25yo is young for a defender) and Mertesacker isn’t English. As for Samba he’s just not Arsenal, he’s not composed enough on the ball.

  21. JOJOJO says:

    wenger has spent 30m on 5 players already GERVINHO-11M, AOC-15M, JENKINSON-1M, CAMPBELL-1M, MIYACHI-500K, maybe the board doesnt want to keep folking out on gambels! FABREGAS-27M, NASRI-22M, BENDTNER-10M, DENILSON-LOAN, VELA-LOAN, THAT IS ABOUT 55M, SO WE ONLY HAVE 25M LEFT FOR TRANSFERS! EXPECT TO SEE 1 MORE FOR THAT MONEY!

  22. Map says:

    M’villa deal is possible and don’t forget eden hazard is on the horizon and scott dann is the wenger type cheap and good (not very good but good)so mauro zarate or didier drogba you will be looking at the trim of van persie eden hazard and gervinho in the front and jack wilshere alex song and m’villa in the middle and a defence consisting of gibbs vermealen kolscieny and sagna with sczesny safe guarding the goal we will kill teams

  23. JOJOJO says:


  24. Adm says:

    Can Arsenal stop pursuing a player who is far expensive then his market value and unwilling to move? Why not get a player like Samba, Dann, Cahill or Mertesacker who is available at better quality or better price?

  25. Gunzblazin says:

    yeh our best possible signings are, hazard, m’vila, im just not too sure on which defender as were dilly dallying too much, i say cahill is the best option, hes top quality and worth his price tag, jagielka is too old at 29yrs, theres no point going for him, waste of money i say.

    wenger bring in hazard, m’vila and cahill and we might have a fighting chance. UP GUNNERS

  26. Abdalla Mikidadi says:

    Wenger is financial mastermind but he will kepts Arsenal in a fire,if faills to make sign to the new players

  27. Gunzblazin says:

    ohhhh i forgot wenger AND benzema, rvp is too injury prone, he should walk around with a sick note in his back pocket 🙂

  28. Like somebody said arsene wenger and board they have one thing in mind that they dont want any body to no either they buy player or not is there own problem

  29. bfk says:

    jagielka has quality????? take a look at the goal QPR score, where was jagielka???? He lost his position to smith and let him score, this is quality????
    Just give 20m to bolton for cahill !!


    Why not sign Cahill instead? Or at the very least both of them?


    Bolton beat QPR 4-0 Including a goal from Cahil, QPR beat Everton 1-0 with Jagielka playing for Everton. Based on that stat alone who would you sign?

  32. leoson obi says:

    arsenal has made me 2 hate football wit there selfish desire toward making fuckink profit wit there players while hurtin d fans

  33. shagx says:

    It’s funny how the perspective changes when it comes to football. “Sure, pay them what they want just buy a few players.” It’s only a few million, sure no one in their right mind would miss it. I’d love to see you people run a proper business. I would put big money on betting you go bankrupt within the year.
    Seriously people!!!! Jagielka for 18mil? Are you kidding me? He worths half that. I’ll stick with Miguel.

  34. louis says:

    cahill or samba please.

  35. cha says:

    I think Wenger can solve this problem tonight, all he need to do is table all his offers i.e the total cost of all the players he need before the Arsenal board, and if they fail to approve it, he should resign before the Udinese or Man UTD match. You will see the board running to him for negotiation. That way he wins

  36. Rlex says:

    Just sign some body even if its my dad. No need for arguements about who is good or beta. And phil jkilga is one of the best aerially.

  37. Ibrahim kolawole says:

    I cant believe it, stl searchn for player to sign.

  38. Itopa says:

    D meetn wenger had with rvp yesternite on how 2 strengthen d squad, is that wenger is happy with his squad. No more signing, that prompt rvp 2 think of january window away from club. Chealse got d tips frm wenger n they signed mata, now considering bid 4 hazard. Remember Alvares inter signd so on n on till sth bad fall on myopic wenger n d lame board they won’t change n don’t care about d hurt of fans.

  39. Richard 777 says:

    Some ridiculous comments and a poorly written article!

    £18m for Jagielka, we should not pay that.. He’s a good player but £12m tops and Cahill is not good enough, thats why no one has signed him.

    Can you mugs write in proper English too, you sound like chidren!

  40. Thorough says:

    What’s d sense wasting our time abt a coach who will never buy. From Jones to Mata he keeps hopping for other teams while getting paid by an Arsenal FC that he contributes nothing to. I am of d idea that Wenger is a nutcase that has not been cracked yet. How else can u explain the shame of a communication at the CL first leg. A teenager wont be so open with such and for an elder to not be discreet spanks of unsoundness of the mind.

  41. Azeez Abiodun Naheeem says:

    Mr Wenger!!! We need a gaint and stronge strikers like dt Cahill nd Samba please…Imagine a players like Fabregas,Nasri,Van Persil and Co been in a gud club for the past 6 season without a trophy? If am also in their shoes,I wil also get out from the club.Nw Arsenal is nt paying those players atall buf stil yet they dont complain about the money but the Trophy.The Board should please release money fO??????r wenger to get giant and stronge players both defenders,Midfielders and Strikers….

  42. BatonRougeGooner says:

    The board needs to let wenger bring in more players

  43. Iyke Awuzieke says:

    Wenger n d board re d same. There re only intrested in making stupid profit. They should sign players and stop given flimsy excuses.

  44. Iliyas says:

    I think wenger want kill arsenal and we fan.if he good man save our lives.

  45. gooner4eva88 says:

    They need players + money, surely a deal which consists of Traore, Squillaci, Bendtner/Chamack + £15M for Baines and Jagielka seems like value for money for both sides.

  46. Gunee says:

    Even if they ask wenger to pay 20m for MESSI he won‘t buy.
    9 days to go b4 we start trowing WENGER stones! Cos i know d bloody business man will nt buy.

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