Date: 22nd August 2011 at 8:17am
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One thing you can be sure of this week is that there is going to be a lot of transfer talk coming out of Arsenal. With only a few days left in the transfer window, Wenger is going to have to spend some cash following only collecting one point from our first two league games and we travel to Manchester United next.

With Fabregas now gone and Nasri set to follow, we have a lot of cash to spend from these transfers together with the transfer kitty already in place at the club according to the board.

It is being reported that Wenger plans to make two bids this week in the French League. The first bid will be for Rennes midfielder Yann M’Vila for £15million and one of £20million for Lille forward Eden Hazard. These would be two good signing for Arsenal if they are to coming through. Having missed out on signing Juan Mata who is now joining Chelsea, we need to move quickly and get these two players before someone else does.

And the shopping should not stop there for Wenger. We still need a new centre-back or two as we saw on Saturday that we are very light in our central defence now more so with the injury to Laurent Koscielny.


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  1. vega jones says:

    somebody please tell wenger is thinking well after liverpool match

  2. Richard says:

    Actually, taking into account the fact that RVP is injury prone, we must sign a strong forward, and any news on KAKA?

  3. tobore says:

    do u think dis players will improve d squad? Hope dey do.

  4. Anon says:

    Tobore speak English mate!!!
    dis = this, d = the, dey = they.
    It’s lazy talk and makes you look like an idiot

  5. Anon says:

    Slight correction I think you mean these players not this

  6. LL-Balarabe says:

    Welcome development to the arsenal fc,if he really sign the trio.actually we need establish players in our team.pls prof help us.

  7. Candy says:

    Anon….ur an idiot what is your problem with another persons english

  8. Abel says:

    Are we sure wenger will make any signing again because i have never seen him signing more than one or two players in a season while the other will be rumour. +2348027473392

  9. Aussie Jack says:

    English is a fasinating language one I have spent a lifetime attempting to improve on. I took many knocks and embarrassing moments but I stuck with it. It`s worth the effort, and I speak as an Englishman, still learning.

  10. Joseph durojaiye says:

    Board gv wenger 2do eniting u like, iv nt y i no sack wenger.

  11. adex gooner says:

    wenger to sign hazard nd cahil now before another club come closer failure to do this sorry to say arsenal we finish in 10th position this season

  12. Ayoade Ayomide says:

    English in Nigeria is an official language,and lest i forget,we were colonized by the British.I’d advise that we should comment on what matters which is Wenger signing a good defence to support Koscielny who i adore at the back the most and also a good midfielder to support Jack Wilshere and Alex Song.This makes Arsenal a team they’re.Thank you

  13. Mac-skeles says:

    Wenger target 100players dis year only 1player among d target wenger wit ur hv dis formation parker+wilsher+M’vil+hazard+song+ramsey good midfield by zalate good strick better than u usin chamk & bendtner wenger sign sign sign sign…………..fairlur 2 do wat i said sorry 4u wenger kilin urself wit 4stration

  14. Ugooner says:

    Why wld any one insult someone else for their English?….. Pathetic idiot, get back to yr teaching cos this is no classroom…!! Please Mr Wenger if not now, when will u ever admit that we badly need to sign some players?

  15. Gof denos says:

    Wenger is a doom 4 nw

  16. samue uwanokwul says:

    wenger such sign players

  17. THARIK says:

    only bidding… signings………..

  18. moses says:

    Wenger do need new brain cos his brain is nt actual fuction at the moment he needs help b4 to late.

  19. wengernumb says:

    french league players again???…it has to be the wage structure differential between prem and french league. What other reason is there for such a consistent transfer route?
    If gervinho is anything to go by, then we wont be setting the prem alight!. We will probably be able to compete for a europa cup place though and keep wenger at the club for a few more seasons of mediocrety. There will be NO centre back..he has said he is happy with the defense and cant have too many centre-backs as it would destabilise the others already there. Im sick of the appalling brainless management at our club…and i think cesc was and nasri certainly is.

  20. Ameenu Ahmed says:

    weather u buy telanted players or not wenger our own here is that set and warch we’ ll never be reduced

  21. henry says:

    i wouldnt be surprised if anyone does nt cum in…thats Mr. Wenger for u!!

  22. sico tarara says:

    mr wenger please try to be giving your players massive orientation not to be fighting inside the pitch especially the africans, see how fripong gets his first yellow card and you can equally see how givinho was sent off from the pitch against new castle. Please we need a good moltivator in that team. As for your new signing its good to have hazard, vabuena, richardo kaka and cahill. Thanks my fellow gunners fans and please stop commenting on somone’s English ok because its not good to do so. Am somtochukwu by name

  23. the font says:

    ennit de reh ro rum se wot
    no wot i mean

  24. Oluwaseyi Olotu says:

    Please people tell wenger to buy failure to do dis l think arsenal will fall

  25. Oluwaseyi Olotu says:

    Please people tell wenger to buy, failure to do dis l think arsenal will fall

  26. wengernumb says:

    Most english people welcome you guys trying your best to speak english…ok some use textspeak but the guys that try and use the so-called “queens english” have my support. Some culturally and militantly religious people in this country refuse to integrate and speak english so by comparison you are to be applauded.

  27. Keke says:

    Well it wuld be cool if these players shuld come to arsenal.they are fantastic footballers and wuld definitely make a difference and pls try not to insult someone for their english we all have 1goal, 4 arsenal to become an awesome club.

  28. True Gunner says:

    Calling True Arsenal Supporters!

    Sign the Petition, ‘Back Wenger, Support Arsenal’

    We need to stand together behind our manager and our club and stop these vicious and unwaranted attacks.
    If you’re a true SUPPORTER stand up and be counted and make your voice heard. The club is suffering and needs our support more than ever now in this difficult time. Sign and show your true support.

  29. wengernumb says:

    @true gunner…..jeez mate…chillout!……its because we love arsenal that we want wenger out.
    We cant support a complete loser can we?…and he is a loser if you look at the last 20 results in particular!

  30. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Wenger needs these players that we are bidding for Arsenal to do well this season

  31. dave says:

    i will, is a defeat word
    i will makes one inferior
    if i have d chance to see wenger one on one, ill kill him or stab me
    u no Y
    is a foolish, selfish, mumulish prns and not a coach
    foolish wenger hurts me alot
    is it bcoz in a gooner
    jst tell me he is a foolish if he did not buy players not player..

  32. Awokunle Samson says:

    We need CAHIL, HAZAD & M’VILA, Dis three players are good 4 us now. Anytin apart 4rm dis ARSENAL WILL FALL.

  33. No.14 shouldn't have been given to Theo says:

    We need depth in our squad, like we did when we went the season unbeaten. Please try and write the full word people, if it is worth saying it is worth saying properly.

  34. aiwe roland says:

    wenger iz only bidding no signing. We need another coach ,if nothing iz don arsenal we be goin to relegation .wenger please sing big big players nt chidren spend the money wenger we the fans are nt hapi.

  35. aiwe roland says:

    wenger iz only bidding no signing. We need another coach ,if nothing iz don arsenal we be goin to relegation .wenger please sing big big players nt chidren spend the money wenger we the fans are nt hapi..

  36. aiwe roland says:

    ? lets watch wenger iz nt going to sing any player..iz just too selfish nd have some mental problem..ok sign MATA noway.sign cahill noway,sign samba noway .sign osaze noway .sign kaka noway ,.this man brain iz dead we need another coach 4 christ sake oh wenger goooo

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