Date: 22nd August 2011 at 1:00pm
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Many Arsenal fans are frustrated with Wenger’s transfer activity this summer. With players leaving the club, it only makes sense for us to bring in more new, better players. But up until now, Wenger has only bought in Gervinho of significant note. But Wenger has assured us that he still plans to spend and he will not just be bringing in young players, but he is going to bring in some experienced ones too which is what we desperately need.

“As far as our transfer policy is concerned, I don’t think I’m stubborn,” Wenger said. “No, not at all. I look at the players and if they are good enough.

“What you forget is we have bought players. We have bought Gervinho, Chamberlain, Jenkinson, Miyaichi and you will see during the season they are top-quality players.

“But at the moment we have to give them some time. Overall we will buy. People feel I’m stubborn. I’m not I just want to do the best for the team and to buy the right players. If I have shown one thing in the last 15 years, it’s that I have brought good players here.

“We will bring experienced players too. But people just say ‘buy’ and it is buying the right player which is difficult.”


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  1. Richard says:

    “But at the moment we have to give them some time” – you donkey, how you don’t understand, WE HAVE NO TIME!!!! And when are you planning to consolidate new signings to the team even if yousign them???? All self respecting team have already made their major signings and been playing them quite a long time, and WE???

  2. gunner kyei says:

    hhahahaha wenger do u need a list of wastes u v brought to this team as players??he still says we should gv them time,what the hell was pre-season for??the season has started ,we r dropping important points which we will never get baq,and u still think they need time??ok take all the season,we give u that..and ooh yes u are not funny

  3. eddie says:

    We have no time to continue oozing points at this rate, or else we will find ourselves in a relegation survival battle! The time to test new players is during the pre-season friendlies, sir, not now.

  4. Gunner first says:

    donkey is just not on,why dont u make your point with out name calling,were is your respect that your mother tought you?

  5. bc says:

    10 seasons without trophies in 15

  6. Hudu says:

    Wht AW doesn’t undastand is dat, dis todlers dat u brought cannot bcome wht u wish dem unles dey r feature 4rm time 2 time wit de xperience 1ce.So d question nw is, wht r d xperience 1ce? De fact is dat, he is a cheap coach who needs cheap playas, period! It rminds me of Mata. Chelsea has grab him fast&u r der claiming no q’ty playas 2 sign, wht a BIG lie!!

  7. Jibo says:

    Richard is write he is a donkey in fact this how it’s supposed to be writen DONKEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  8. ozed says:

    Dont mind Richard his mother never thought him any. What positions did Arsenal get before Wenger came on board. And while he is not irreplacable very few great coaches would accept this position with the budgetary constraints we currently have.
    In any case, he will indeed buy 2-3 more players late in the window as he typically does.

  9. TIMROY says:

    With some respect Mr Wenger his losing is reasoning ,mind you it comes with embattled stress and fatigue.Mr Wenger must think along these lines:Players are no longer loyal and committed to their respective team ,its all about money
    In my opinion he is covering up for someone who has no title winning ambition-just for the profit we make from selling players

  10. 49Unbeaten says:

    When Wenger says “the right players” what he means is “players that we don’t have to pay high wages to” and this day an age there aren’t many quality players that DON’T want over £100,000 per week. This is why we struggle to find the “right players”. The board need to raise the maximum wage to around £150,000 pw before we even think of signing some experienced quality players.

  11. Nkwota uche says:

    Wenger u r nt a donkey…bt d fact is simple.ur stlye is no more is now part of football…now prove to us dat u still d respected prof we got back in d 90s..just sing..jakelga,hazard and zarate..pls keep our quality we will need dem on the long run..pls wenger give me back d pride i had in 2002…long live gunnerz

  12. Azeez says:

    wenger d gambler, u vry gud in mkin noise abt playas 4 other clubs 2 buy,4rm record d best playas in d world 2 day re pointed out by u without buyin them, imagine Mata sign 4 chelsea fc nd u still insisted there no quality playas old fools, I blv there more 2 dis dan wat u’re presentin 2 us, pls do wat is rite nd stop outtin us in dilema senseless proffessor

  13. Scott says:

    Another pack of morons complaining about a great manager. You lit couldn’t win a league on Xbox,so wake up to yourselves.
    I keep saying it-Arsenal has the dumbest supporters in the Premier League.

  14. okorie ifeanyi daniells says:

    can wenger just for once think the way of the fans! pleaseeee

  15. Remitifede says:

    I agree that Wenger has little ambition. Let us not forget in a hurry that he never promised anybody trophies – he is contented with making 1st 4 every season! So, yu see, our objectives are different!

  16. philf says:

    He’s lost the fucking plot!

  17. Okiror says:

    I think Wenger isn’t a problem here but rather the fucking board members who say they cant give wages to aplayer beyond 100k a wk. so where do you find that quality player to take such crap! Wenger is just accepting to take a beating coz he is professional and hence tries to protect the board. However, he has an option to resign under such circumstances if he’s hungry for success as well.

  18. Rowan says:

    We buy Chamberlain (a nobody who has done nothing in the game and has no premier league experience) for 15mill. Man United buy Ashley Young (England international, provides from set peices, great crosser of the ball and can score goals) for 18mill! Great transfer policy Arsene….

  19. general says:

    FUCKKKKKK wenger,FUCKKKKKK the Brd…..everythng abt Arsenal is FUCKEDD UPP!!!!!

  20. AW u better stop this nonsence as ur creating a problem to the club.Year in Year out selling quality players and bringing underage players that are not capable to the task.

  21. Chris Bayliss says:

    Read that. Then tell me its Wenger’s fault. Wenger is not buying players who will do nothing to strengthen the team and someone like Scott Dann or Cahill will not do a great deal to do that. Now the players he wants to sign he can’t because of the wages they now expect. You can’t tell me we didn’t lose Clichy and probably Nasri over our unwillingness to pay out on wages. Wenger is doing his best not to waste money on average players and this has the knock on effect we won’t have depth but as most fans are currently baying for blood on players like Arshavin and Chamakh, I’d ask what you expect. Arsene can not buy big name players because Arsenal will not pay the wages. There is a clear reason why we are not getting players in from any of the big leagues (i.e. La Liga, Serie A, Premiership) and that is because they want a higher wage. We all agree we’re looking really weak at the moment but its not because Wenger won’t sign quality, its because he can’t. The tight asses at the top need to admit Arsenal can not make a year on year few million pound profit if we want to actually win. Free Wenger up a bit, we’ll see the trophies coming back – its been the same awful policy for years and now we’re finally seeing the full damage.

  22. obiwantanaka says:

    all you stupid so-called fans go look at the squad list and tell me how many more can you buy before hitting limit. so many players unavailable its not fair to judge the team now, all stupid mf glory hunter fans shut up.
    the bigger the squad the more lzy players will get look arsharvin , chamachk, rosicky, all lost motivation cos the squad is too big, if they the main guys, i tell you they rock n roll. but why? becos injury curse we inherit from hell i donno why, so squad must be big. but big = lazy players , no motivation so this is vicious cycle, no hope no cure. only cure is feng shui adjust, wenger must listen to me, find feng shui man to make waterfall at triangle corner of stadium b4 too late, bye.

  23. BatonRougeGooner says:

    He does have plenty of time to at least get 2 players

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