Date: 22nd August 2011 at 8:04am
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There is already a lot of talk that we have found our new Patrick Vieira in the form of Emmanuel Frimpong. The midfielder made his first Premier League start against Liverpool on Saturday but it was a match to forget for him as he was sent off. Now his first yellow card was a bit too harsh but can you complain about his second booking when he tackled Lucas?

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  1. dutchgunner says:

    it looks like a yellow, it wasnt an intentional foul, but if lucas put that tackle on any of our players I would expect a yellow. hopefully frimpong learns to control his temper a bit or else he will be an easy target for players to try to get in his head during matches

  2. zdzis says:

    Had he received no yellow for the first mishap, we wouldn’t talk about a sending off now. When a holding midfielder plays with a yellow, there’s always the risk of an unintentional situation being interpreted as a deliberate or nasty foul. I think few players have the ability to maintain composure in such situations and avoid that second card in a game where they are called on to deliver some heavy play. Again, like with gervinho, the red was deserved, but the externalities remain precluded – Barton in the Newcastle game, the first, unwarranted yellow in the Liverpool game.

  3. nicky says:

    He should never have been booked for the touchline fracas. all he was doing was disputing a throwin with an opposing player. I wouldn’t dispute, however, a straight red for the second foul. Two yellows will mean a one match (I think) ban so we are somewhat lucky.

  4. Peter Kenny says:

    As a youngster on his first start in the EPL, there was alot of pressure on his shoulders in such a role he played. He gave in 98% of energy & skill, but due to inexperience, he was bound to go beyond boundaries. A send off was inevitable, though the first booking seemed a bit hasrh for him. Good luck for him this season coz he is strong enough to compete in that role.

  5. True Gunner says:

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  6. BatonRougeGooner says:

    I like his bite but he needs to control it better

  7. Goonerbeall says:

    Heaven above, I cant for the life of me blame that kid for what he did. I’m not capable of judging whether he was right or wrong but if my memory serve me right Shawcross and Birmingham boy were defended when Edouardo and Ramsey where carried off with broken legs. But to hear MOTD guys condemn Fimpong in unison smacks of anti-Arsenal pure and simple.

    The boy got my juice flowing just like old times when Vieira got his foot in and won the tackle. He is absolutely brilliant. Regardless of whether we buy another DM Fimpong should get more games to get himself going. He is a gem.

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