Date: 21st August 2011 at 6:00pm
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There is new speculation today linking Andrey Arshavin with a move away from Arsenal this summer with Juventus reportedly interested in signing the Russian. If there is one team Arshavin loves playing against, it is Liverpool. But on Saturday, Arshavin had a terrible game for Arsenal against Liverpool and really, I would not be upset if we sell him.

Arshavin has the potential to be a great player for Arsenal but his form is just too inconsistent and maybe that is why Wenger may want to sell him as he may not feature in his plans this coming season.

But with the lack of new signings at Arsenal this summer, it would not make sense to sell Arshavin if we do not have players coming in to replace him. We need all the numbers we can get right now as we battle with injuries and suspensions.

Would you be sad if we sold Arshavin?


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  1. Paul says:

    He is awful would rather see ryo given a chace

  2. fowler says:

    i would have said at the start of the summer 100 percent let him go but with the current squad so weak i dont feel it would be a good idea to let him go right now unless the offer is massive and we can buy someone better for the money

  3. khamis says:

    it’s a time for Ryo to be given a chance

  4. Berts says:

    Long overdue, I hope it’s true. Yesterday he spent all afternoon giving the ball away and shaking his head, even he can’t believe how awful he is now.

  5. Donik says:

    Ryo no,expirence player

  6. Donnie says:

    i would sell him if we get anything above 8 mill

    arshaving is a avrage to say the least

    we dont need avrage
    we need world class
    i would say get the money and replace him with hazard
    even pay 25 mill for hazard.

    and most of all wenger should try to do everything he can to keep nasri

  7. bc says:

    Sell Arshavin buy Hazard

  8. mids says:

    arsh for melo

  9. Sulaiman kayode says:

    He is very lazy, inconsistent & awefull. It’s better to play Ryodinho or Chambalain.

  10. wagzo says:

    Is Arsenal now really a selling club?….all Wenger does is bring in raw diamond, polish dem and sell to d highest bidder….is there any sense of commitment even to his rote philosophy….pathetic I have to say…Wednesday (Judgment day) is right here….as for Arshavin he is now just a shadow of himself because d team itself lacks d drive and confidence to drive on….courtesy Mr. Wenger’s idea of bringing “average” players with a stunted football growth into d team… my Arsenal but want Mr. Wenger to just wake up from dis nightmare!!

  11. tehrlich5 says:

    his form hasn’t shown in 2 yrs, time to take what money we can for him and move on. yes we are very stretched at the moment in depth but I would rather give our new talents a -run- in the squad then have arshavin bullied off the ball over and over again this season!

  12. jc says:

    take arshavin and give us melo we need a player with balls. arshavin look like he dont want to play

  13. Pete says:

    Though both are played out of position, Arshavin was miles better than Theo.

  14. iyke says:

    pls dont sell him with the current situation what am saying is that he is good he lost it aomw were i dont knw if we dont have psycologist for his mental uplift he has quality in him but cant bring it out again.but we all know he is good.sell him wen we re alright.

  15. Ant says:

    Look, stop being such bad fans. ARshavin saved our season a couple years back, the next year, scored vital goals. And even last year, when his form went downhill. He scored vital goals, he’s an exceptional player and he made some mistakes against Liverpool but he was actually very strong, he linked up well with Nasri for a good period of the game. walcott was awful. Arshavin played quite well. If he went, I’m sure I’d be upset. He’s such a talent, he just needs a spark.

  16. BatonRougeGooner says:

    If we have all these talented youngsters I say he should stay and split time with ryo

  17. AJ says:

    I have said this on many blogs which talked about selling Arshavin and I will say it again. Wenger is clearly at fault. His natural role is behind he striker, he is not at all a flank player. He being so short is easily dominated by any fullback. He must be given the space in the middle, and then I can guarantee he will be a killer.
    In fact after seeing Theo doing absolutely nothing on the wing, one feels that he must be played as a center forward with Van Persie on the wing, he does that for Netherlands, and he will have no problems.
    We are a team of central mid fielders, look at Rosicky, Arshavin, Nasri, there was fabregas, Wilshere etc. All perform best in the center, although some are out of touch now.
    This season we got in real wingers in Gervinho (actually even this guy is an all rounder), Ryo and Chamberlain(but very young). Stop playing players out of position. Especially Senior guys like Arshavin.

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