Date: 21st August 2011 at 4:00pm
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There have been far too many unfair attacks on our manager from the media and some ‘fans’ recently which are just undermining the manager and team and are just adding more unneccessary pressure. It’s time for us true supporters to stand up for our manager and our club in this difficult time.

An online campaign has been started here , to support Arsene Wenger and condemn the negative attacks being made on our manager and our club by sections of the media.

We stand behind the man who has revolutionised not only our great club, but also English football in general with his training techniques and general approach to football, and who has also produced teams that have played some of the best and most enjoyable football in the history of the game. We firmly believe that this man deserves more respect than he is getting and that football in general in this Country owes him a great deal. Perhaps no one other individual has contributed more to the advancement of English football during the last 20 years.

The petition will be sent to the club as a show of our support once we have enough signitures.

Please click here to sign.


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  1. wengernumb says:

    nice one ken….i fully endorse all your comments. Its obvious you have applied considerable thought to your reasoned argumenta and points of view.
    Just to give my take on the AKBs….they are a strange kind of cult looking for anyone to follow…a messiah if you like…. unable to think clearly and deeply for themselves they take the only option available to them: blindly follow someone that has had some sucess in the past and has reputation…in short someone that will do their thinking for them. zealot is a word that would be appropriate.however a fuller description might be: vacant,spineless,deluded,feeble,immature,insecure,pathetic, sycophantic non-entity.

  2. George_D says:

    Ur kidding? We supported him from 1996 until last year…. But he must understand that Arsenal is a trophy-winning team…

  3. Eze says:

    Sack wenger and bring anoda manager and arsenal will finish 13th in d table cos d board will still give d new manager same slim budget 2 spend. Please respect d man dat has taking our club this far. Do u think wenger wld nt like 2 win trophy? Wenger is a world class coach and a world class coach needs to work with word class players. He did b4. Please blame the board. Try and understand the situation of the manager. In asene i il always trust.

  4. chris from Cambridge says:

    A pro Wenger petition may well end in tears. It only needs someone to start an anti Wenger petition and the degree of hostility will be revealed. He has brought this whole mess on himself.

  5. chris from Cambridge says:

    How do you get top international players to join the Arsenal when : –

    > Our wage structure prevents us paying top internationals what they can earn elsewhere.

    > When we appear a club in distress

    > And look being in the EUFA Cup !

    > And have a one dimensional game plan with nil balance between youth and experience/ attack and defence / technique and strength.

    Does one suppose all the top players out there are unaware that our game plan is a loser !!

  6. xx says:


  7. zdzis says:

    Okay, so we’re two games on and with Udinese 2nd leg and ManU within the week. The club’s said to be looking for ever more key signings that sound more and more unlikely in time (Hazard? Lille will probably want more than 25 mil since they gave up Gervinho for 2/3 his market price! Kaka? Why would Real aid a prospective CL opponent by granting them an important backup player, and that only on loan?). The question that Wenger’s stance poses is, though, whether Arsenal really need a lot of signings to bring it on. It’s true Arsenal’s ineffectiveness early in the season looks like big incompetence from the coach. Why do key players fall out due to injuries in the first weeks? Why do new squad players see red so regularly? These are questions that Wenger needs to address, though, as with transfers, we can’t expect him to do so in public. This is very much an affair of the team and we’ll only learn that it’s been solved if and when there’s less injuries and cards. The current Arsenal squad is oversize, true, but a number of players are clear misfits. Almunia, Squillaci, Rosicky, Arshavin, Chamakh and Bendtner are all under-performers right now, and with the exception of maybe Arsh, all merit the boot. At the same time, Arsenal’s been placed in an awkward position that will simply prove hard to replicate anytime in the season. To have more than 6 players unavailable at the same time? That was the top last season! If it’s that bad now, it either means Arsenal will either soon field a XI consisting of academy teenagers or simply regain composure. You choose which sounds more likely for you.
    I believe Wenger misjudged the depth of his squad. Beginning of August, he had almost 30 players he could field anytime, with sufficient backup for any position and even some emergency backup at the ready (like Jenkinson, who could double as a centre-half, or Oxlade, who could play attack or midfield). With most key players firmly available (Szczesny, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Sagna, Song, RVP, Gervinho), he could be almost sure that the team will steer clear of any traumatic events. However, he soon lost some of those big names due to injuries or suspensions, and now the team’s in an almost total disarray. Will it regain composure for the next two games that some deem crucial? I wouldn’t bet on that. I believe Arsenal will beat Udinese to CL, but ManU will prove a harder opponent. Arsenal will likely play nice football and are likely to concede stupid goals due to lack of experience and/or balance in the team. Is that bad? I’d venture so far as to say it’s not. If Arsenal fail to get into the CL, it will be a problem, but it will also provide the board with sufficient reason to come up with new ideas for the management of the team. What I’m saying is Arsenal’s failure to get into CL will prove to be the reason why Wenger could actually resign and/or be forced to change his plans for Arsenal. A loss in the ManU game, even if it would mean Arsenal having only 1 point after three EPL games, will not be so dramatic as people make it to be. It would be Arsenal’s second loss in the season. You know how many losses ManU had last season? 4. Chelsea and ManCity had as many as 9! The truth is Arsenal are playing some heavy games at the very start of the season, where other teams, like ManU, face only minor opposition. Even without a majority of 1st XI defenders, Fergie can still field an XI sufficient to beat Bolton or WBA. When Wenger attempts to pull the same prank on Liverpool or ManU, he’s in trouble. It’s as simple as that.
    So, neither the squad, nor the results are insufficient for Arsenal to achieve anything this season. Quite the contrary, sufficient they are. If Arsenal need anything now, it’s not an emergency signing, but a number of new contenders for key positions, players that will fill the gaps right now, but later contend with the other 1st squad players for the key positions. Those will be a centre-half, a midfielder and a striker.
    If Wenger comes up with an idea on how to get such players to join Arsenal within the week, he’ll be putting in a big gamble, but one that, if successful, might prove to deliver Arsenal from further trouble this season. Whether new signings would win us victories over Udinese and ManU is debatable. I don’t think they would, but still, it’s crucial that they are finalized now.

    PS. Did you see “Guardian’s” coverage of the “crisis” at Arsenal? Thye now dare to claim Arsenal wouldn’t have suffered defeat if Clichy, Eboue and Denilson were still here. Imagine playing Denilson instead of Frimpong! That would surely save Arsenal a sore defeat…

  8. gunner kyei says:

    hmm,i dont support any insults against wenger but he brought this on himself, we r here talking of supporting wenger but what aba he supporting us?or thats not important?the fact that we support the club doesnt mean we shud support any dumb decisions they take..we love the club that is why we r bold to say that what wenger is doing is not RIGHT..if he came to meet such a teaam from his predecessor wud he have left it like that or bought players?ppl what is wrong is wrong..lets not pretend

  9. gunner kyei says:

    plus all the so called players he is buyig today will tomorrow say they want to leave after we training them,is arsenal atraining institution?they should just leaave us and just ran the team down..

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