Date: 21st August 2011 at 8:39pm
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It was good to see Nasri in an Arsenal shirt on Saturday against Liverpool. Although the result did not go our way, Nasri put in a committed performance and I am glad the crowd were not on his back and booing him. The fact remains that he is still an Arsenal player and we are not sure if that was the last time we will see him in an Arsenal shirt or not.

Arsene Wenger believes that a move for Nasri to Manchester City is still a long way away.

“He is happy here. There is no departure of Nasri at the moment,” Wenger told French media outlet TF1.

“Maybe one day, but it’s far, far, far from being done.”

Whilst on the other hand, Manchester City manager, Roberto Mancini believes that Nasri will be a City player very soon.

“I hope we can have the player in the next days,” Mancini told Sky Sports after City’s 3-2 victory over Bolton on Sunday.

“I don’t know what’s the problem. I hope this week we can have Nasri, but don’t know when. We have 10 days to the end (of the transfer window).”

So who do you believe, Wenger or Nasri? At the end of the day, I think we all know that Nasri wants to leave Arsenal so it is only a matter of time before he leaves and joins Manchester City.


0 responses to “Is Samir Nasri staying or going?”

  1. Mac-skeles says:

    Sign wenger

  2. anthony usoro says:

    nasri should not be forced yo stay at arsenal.every good player like him wants to win medals, but sir wenger is not keen on winning anything.let him go to where he can win pls

  3. bc says:

    Absolutely let him go. for me it is simple ther are 2 players in talks with spurs that we.could get. adebayor and diarra. i know ade was a complete twat but on form he is one hell of a player and so is diarra. we could get ade for nexto nothing and we could get diarra for about the same as we could get for bendtner although i would prefer we kept him and sold chamakh instead. we could then blow all the nasri cash on hazard and all the cesc and eboue cash on cahill vertonghen and dann who are bpth very good full bavks as centre halves. my 2 final deals would involve swapping almunia and squillaci for mertesacker and sell arshavin spending all the money on one of willan jadson or martin.

  4. Dublin says:

    it is very sad to see Nasri leaving the club but he has told me,It is not money but only trophies look at Arsenal now it looks like monkey shit,

  5. wayne says:

    Lets be real wenger is only likely to get 2 players max & you think 3 defenders will come.

  6. kevmacn says:

    look at it this way. Mancini speaks his mind, never bullshits the fans abouth the transfer market and nearly always get there targets. …. Where as wenger bullshits and lies to fans on a regular basis. talks in circles and constantly contradicts himself. So When i read the two comments by both managers i know mancini is telling the truth and wenger is full of shit. Happy players sign contracts. not stall and look for ways out.

  7. nicky says:

    Unless he is prepared to sign an extension to his contract NOW, then he should be sold asap to the highest bidder. The money to be used to strengthen the first team.

  8. Okey says:

    He should stay 4at list from now til jen ok fuck city wit dir fucking money

  9. Danny says:

    @bc what world do you live in? Adebayor and diarra, possibly diarra as he didn’t leave on terrible terms last time although he did have a bit of a snipe at the club, but adebayor seriously? If that c@nt even thought about a return to the emirates any grief nasri or even cashley

  10. Danny says:

    Sorry about that where was I? Oh yeah cashley gets or has got would look like playground taunting, there would be a riot, as for swapping almunia and skillessaci for mertesaker, would you go for that deal? Hell we will have to pay someone to take him off us, both bendtner and chamak need to be sold, let me remind you despite media reports nasri hasn’t gone yet so we can’t spend that money and do you think even if we could sell arshavin which we won’t because he’s going to sit out the remainder of his contract and leave for free next season, it wouldn’t be enough for either of those players . Seriously put your brain into gear before your keyboard into action x

  11. Marcellinus says:

    I will like Nasri to stay but if he want to go let Wenger allow him.

  12. Marcellinus says:

    Sir Wenger should help us to buy exprience players but stop buying those players with litle exprience.

  13. ahta says:

    arseal need to sell nasri

  14. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Arsenal can use some more money

  15. I don’t want Samir to leave Arsenal, imagine Cesc leave Arsenal & join Barca but no replacement, Nasri is a very good player thats y mancini need him in wheareas they av too many players.

  16. mallhintdr says:

    nasri is monitoring the arsenal position on champions league front.if arsenal do qualify,then believe me or not nasri would sign extension and grab the fab position in cm.arsenal will not include him in squad for udinese trip and would state that he picked a knock during the training.arsenal future looking gloomy if they failed to qualify for group stage of champs league becuase if they do so,no world class player would come here to play for us in euorpa league.

  17. gunner kyei says:

    Nasri’s intention to leave was very annoying to me initially,but after our poor performances i m beginning to understand him,did u see how miserable the team played?all Nasri wanted was for wenger to sign world class players who will help him put arsenal at the top..infact with arsene wenger’s behaviour in the transfer many average players in liverpool actually looked better than our world class players(nasri and van persie)..nobody shud blame them for leaving,put it on wenger’s head

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