Date: 21st August 2011 at 9:41pm
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The frustration continues to grow at Arsenal! With the departure of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona it had been thought that Arsene Wenger would now step up his bid for Valencia’s World Cup winner, Juan Mata who has been heavily linked with a move to Arsenal all summer. But now we have missed out on signing him as he is set to join Chelsea.

A statement on the Valencia website read: “Valencia Football Club has reached an agreement in principle with Chelsea FC for the transfer of the player Juan Manuel Mata. The agreement is subject to the relevant medical tests.”

There are not many world-class players available on the transfer market but Mata was one of them. I have no idea now where Wenger is going to find these big name players to bring to the club this summer. Yet again, could this be evidence that Arsenal are slow in the transfer market or they are simply refusing to spend money to bring in quality?


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  1. mzeey says:

    arsenal fans all over im a die hard arsenal fan to but committing suicide thats harsh , any way kaka is good for as a few games and he will be A ok but to expensive i wont even bother speaking about that becuse i know wenger wont go for it , now Schweinsteiger thats the player for us plus hazard and two top game forwards and a centr defander cahill ,who match would that cost 26+30+15+17+25=113m thats to make a new arsenal dream team , some of you would say city spended more than that and they only got the fa cup supers spended 127m last year or the year befor that but the only thing they got is forth place but remmber we have wenger you all saw what he did with a bunch of kids with a real team he was not beaten in 49 matches lets put it these way wenger manging chelsea ……. barcelona who????
    are star is our manger the problom is not with the manger its with the clubs management (board) we know how many billionaires hold stoke they all take but dont give if they would put in 30m each plus what the club has on its own . we need a (revelation) 6going on 7.

  2. kevmacn says:

    it honestly amazes me at the differance in standards by the two clubs in completing transfers. It took at most 5 days from chelseas first offer to him having a medical 2moro. And then it takes arsenal 4 weeks to sigh gervinho. I honestly feel that bringing Ivan Gazidas to the club was a huge mistake. Since his arrival we have sold our best players at under valued prices and failed in all negotiations for any player of quality as well as letting our best players run into the last years of there contracts.By far the worst thing to happen to arsenal this man. Him and peter hill wood together.

  3. Ricchy says:

    I nor fit talk i don tire,but i am still a gunner 4 life

  4. Angus frazer says:

    I cant wenger buy experance player so that the young once can learn from them.

  5. Logege says:

    Is true real team 49 ubeaten, kids uefa C.L place so, blame the management! Let them say but I love wenger+arsenal.

  6. Abdiyey says:

    gunners are dead unless we buy 3players CD,strong MD n complete striker plss wenger!

  7. Austine says:

    I agree. Board is the main problem behind the scene. They only push aw out to defend them. He is really a genius if provided with adequate materials needed. Canā€˜t imagine him managing city, madrid, barcelona they will win league till they are tired. Fire gazidis + hillwood Peter then bring back dean and find anoda chief executive that is beta our team will be gr8 once more.

  8. bc says:

    Mata world class? dont laugh next u will be saying nasri is world class!

    what does it take to be world class then nowadays. i remember to be world class you har to be pele maradona cruyff at the very least you had to win world player of the year. now its just be a squad member of a world cup winning squad.

  9. EnochAdemuwagun says:

    Arsenal fans could shout voice-croaked, won’t be heard by Wenger and co who will only tell us how hard they are working to get the right players. Easy to know now it’s a time-buying tactise. Hence it took Chelsea 5 days to seal Mata deal ditto Lukaku ones they couldn’t do 4 months. Worst Arsenal team 4 years. Let d fans stand & walk out of Emirate in d course of a big match. Maybe they will hear. Pains too much to bear.

  10. HashGun says:

    It’s naive to blame Wenger for the non-signing of Mata! Money rules! Unfortunately The Arsenal can’t compare with Chelsea, ManC + ManU in the money stakes! As a Gooner I just look forward to a season of entertaining football! I seriously believe The Arsenal will still challenge strongly! Viva Gunners, viva!

  11. the price is not so high… well for us yes šŸ˜‰ all the talk when we were looking at him as more than the reports that i understand now! has to be a reason why wenger didnt move on this guy! i just hope he dosent make chelski better as now they are ridding their lick after the game at the weekend!

  12. Arsenal1Again says:

    I agree with goonerbeatyaa, there will be a reason we don’t know about for not signing Mata. I have no idea why Bloggers are making out he was stolen from under our noses. It seems they all copy each other without actually knowing what they’re on about. Thar Mata deal was dead weeks ago.

    Eden Hazard is current favourite deal being concentrated on, along with the funny Kaka loan idea. Maybe the Arteta link will blip on your radar in a few days time because there’s some catching up to do.

  13. me says:

    I’m very dissapointed with the arsene rule this season, maybe from last year season, arsenal lost they soul to crack the goal, for me RVP is not good enough, and now the plus with defender who did very bad job except vermaelen, please mr. Wenger you don’t have anymore player to playing in the top premier league, so bought a top player . You have money from selling 4 players. Please be honest to yourself , and please change your playing style. Wish arsenal the best. From arsenal fans since 1996.

  14. gooner says:

    Congratulation Mr.Wenger. you couldn’t find the right ‘player’ for the right price, now you don’t have a choice but to use teenagers against United.
    Arsene Wenger is a FAILURE and also no excuse of “We don’t have enough money” because with the sale of Fabregas Arsenal got the money needed. Shame on you

  15. lets all be clear its not the money that is the issue here if youhave followed all the reports and are not just looking at this one blog/article!

    what happened to his buyout clause going up to 29m? seems some bullsh*t here from one blog/article to another!

  16. sorry also dont want arteta his injury’s will not help us for the whole season but nice to see i am not the only one that has faith in the man that made arsenal the club they are now… the only sad part if we dont make the CL this year is that WENGER got us into the CL for the last x seasons when we should have been out of it given the stadium payments we had to make but dont nee to make now!

  17. again this is my last bit tonight!

    we got like 15million upfront fro super fab! what money are you talking about gooner? please use facts when you insult a club/man that has taken us this far and given us so much… screw 6 years without a trophy how long do you support a dingle club i am in this for a life time are you?

  18. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Mata obviously wasnt what wenger wanted because we had our chance earlier to get him and we chose to sit back

  19. When is a club beaten to a player by another? I think that’s when there has been competition and the other loses out, and I don’t think that has been the case for Arsenal and Chelsea over Mata. Arsenal wanted him and was even on the verge of signing him. Wenger though had a change of mind, especially after Ryo was granted a work permit. He accordingly realised that signing the Spaniard would stifle the development of the young Japanese, especially given that, as long as Theo is fit, he will play on the right and Gervinho on the left, the same position Arshavin occupies when called upon. Wenger therefore chose to pursue a more central player. Marvin Martin, Lucho Gonzalez, Montolivo, Hazard[who is more suited to playing in the center than Mata], and lately, Kaka. So, please, don’t break the Gunners’ hearts by labeling Wenger a failure in getting a player he PUBLICLY DECLARED HE WILL NOT SIGN!

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