Date: 17th August 2011 at 1:04pm
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With each passing day, it seems as if we are getting closer to selling Nasri. Manchester City are the firm favourites to sign Nasri but in my opinion, I do not think City need a player like Nasri right night whereas Chelsea desperately need a Nasri.

Chelsea had targeted Luka Modric from Spurs but it does not look like that move will happen and thus Chelsea may just decide to turn their attention to Nasri, which I hope they do. For the simple reason that we can demand an exchange with Chelsea: we give them Nasri and they give us Drogba.

Arsenal need some firepower upfront and it does not come better than Drogba. Right now at Chelsea, they have a lot of strikers and Drogba may just find himself spending more time on the bench as they may feel Torres is their number one striker having spent so much money to buy him.

If that is that case then Arsenal should pounce on this and bring the big striker in. What are your thoughts on this?


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  1. Chris Bayliss says:

    Not the worst idea but highly unlikely. I doubt Chelsea would be willing to give Arsenal the firepower of a player such as Drogba as the chances are that could really fill a gap for us. He is the best striker Chelsea have and its ridiculous he’s on the bench there. I don’t know how well he’d fit into the Arsenal passing game but he’d definitely fill the goal scoring gap by offering us some presence up front. RVP will score consistently but Drogba would be rampant. I just doubt this would ever happen, Chelsea aren’t that stupid.

  2. patrick says:

    drogba is a powerful striker and finisher…that i dea works for me.

  3. patrick says:

    i really think wenger should really had about bringing in Hazard the lille player

  4. Jason says:

    Great idea. Drogba is a fantastic player who causes havoc for opposing defences, would give us another option! But would Wenger try another way of playing??

  5. amoh says:

    Drogba is an old guy better try somewhere else

  6. Mutiso says:

    I think AW should bring Hazard or mata to strengthen our midfield ad about Drogba in exchange wit nasri cant go.Chelsea very wise.Better Tevez than Drogba.

  7. G4L says:

    Great thought but it will NEVER happen.

  8. Mohammad mai suleh says:

    Wenger u ar a good liar

  9. Zac says:

    It would certainly be “outside the box” thinking by Wenger to propose such a deal, But, in reality and out of all the top four teams, we are the only ones that would even contemplate selling to our main rivals. Also, it doesn’t take a genius to know that Drogba is not going to be over the moon to leave his cushy number at the chavs for a one year rolling contract at Arsenal, especially in the current state we’re in!

  10. substance says:

    Drogba is past his best, wenger didnt see the game, fab was to be exchangedd with pedro snf force bsrca to add some money on that exchange. then not only a striker we heavily need a british defenceeg cahil to help varmaelin at the fellow fans Gunners was then not now.

  11. Daniyar says:

    Oh guys, yesterday we all witnessed how poor our game was, we were lucky to score an early goal, otherwise we would definetely lose.
    Our MFielders suck, we urgently need a couple of quality players. Mr WENGER, ENOUGH, we, Arsenal supporters fed up with those youngsters, who just warm the bench. Why to worry about tomorrow, if your today is awful, why we bought Oxlade when we desperately need Baines, we need Hazard, we need Mata, WE need Cahill, and we need super forward as Bendtner is leaving, Vela is on loan, Chamakh is lazy and also sucks. Only RVP, what if he gets injured again???!!! With this kind of game we won’t go far, Mr Wenger spend the fucking money. Gazidis get lost, no silverware since you are here. Croenke – greedy!!! And we saw that our MEDICAL STAFF SUCKS, I bet on Saturday someone will get injured.. Screem of my soul.

  12. Akinwale says:

    To me is a good idea but i doubt it if wenger wil buy the idea

  13. Leonard says:

    It appears Arsenal is not good at buying better players than selling. So if Wenger changes his policy then we shall see playes coming to Arsenal!

  14. gentleangel says:

    gud idea but it won’t work. Tevez is better that Drogbo.

  15. noble says:

    good idea but stil prefer tevez than drogba.

  16. Mar says:

    I just wondering when Wenger will buy and who he will buy. Perhaps on 31 August but i’m worry we could get another deadline trash signing like Squillaci because he is so economic. I don’t see Wenger wrap up any signings quickly. Sick.

  17. Wenger,if dont buy big players this time around and you will not qualify for the champions league have to buy the big players like jadson,marvin,hazard,cahill,samba and osaze.sir kbo2 m.shinkafa,bauchi-nigeria.

  18. Arsenal1Again says:

    DROGBA IS 33 YEARS OLD!!!!!!

  19. substance says:

    arsenal lineup
    sagna cahil varmaelin bastos
    rambo valbuena
    hazard van pasie
    this can beat barca with easy.

  20. vela leon says:

    Drogba is an old man, we don,t need him in our spuad. It,s better to change Nasri with Tevez from man city.

  21. Omodaji godwin says:

    Dey say drogba is an old man, i disagree! D man is been tearin us apart in d last 3 seasons. I don’t think we lack money 2 sign players bt i prefer swap, cos dia is no time. We need 2 act now. Man city should bring Tevez, if dey want nasri. M.united should bring berbatov n so is chesea, dey should give drogba 2 us if dey want nasri. Afterall, both bebertov n drogba r sittin on d bench.

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