Date: 17th August 2011 at 2:27pm
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The pressure is building up on Wenger as we get closer to the close of the summer transfer window. Wenger has come out and said that he is not afraid so spend the cash if the right players are available. No my concern is which quality players are willing to leave their club at this stage of the window and move to Arsenal?

He told Sky Sports News: “I will pay 30 (million) I will even pay 40 if I find the right players.

“But it’s not a question of money, it’s a question of quality we find.

“I think I have a wrong reputation of not wanting to spend money – I do not want to spend money for average players.”

“And we are not frightened to spend money when we think it’s right.”

Shouldn’t Wenger have done this at the start of the window and not none when time is running out? Clubs now know that we have cash to spend and thus will inflate their prices if we come in for their players.


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  1. sylvester otieno says:

    am happy about this

  2. Alexdodoo says:

    Is good 2 hear that

  3. khriezoyhome says:

    u need 2 sign hazard and mata.

  4. bonface says:

    point of carection mr wenger is it only u as wenger you dont see the right player ? what about mater n hazard,cahil ayew .martin marvin and we siriously need striker wenger spend or shape out

  5. wilson says:

    prof. wenger now you are talking

  6. if you do this we stop crying agains arsenal.

  7. Grant1984 says:

    The headline is a bit misleading, i have just watched the interview on sky and i am sure this is an old clip he said this the other day. The simple fact of the matter is Wenger is just saying this to keep the press/fans off his back and he is trying to defend the fact he doesnt spend any money. All he was stating is if he saw a messi or ronaldo he would be prepared to pay for them but players of this quality are not available to buy so his statemnt is fruitless. “Bonface” totally agree there is Arsenal quality out there and wenger needs to start taking risks on the here and now not the future as i dont think he will be here next term

  8. dean0002 says:

    We (my half dozen supporter friends) have grown increasingly desperate for this news! Now al we need is PROOF. Almost every blog has called for SCOTT PARKER who is now needed more than ever. We think the ‘modest’ CB signing of SCOTT DANN too. And finally the ‘big’ signing of EDEN HAZARD as a real statement of intent!

  9. Grant1984 says:

    i really wish Arsne knew what the fans wanted it would makes his life so much easier. out of all those players mentioned i most want to see arsenal get Eden Hazard

  10. Chris Bayliss says:

    What Wenger is saying is he won’t pay £30million for a player worth £10million. I.e. We just sold Cesc for £35million and yet if he were to buy someone like Mata he could end up paying more like £40million. Hazard is being priced at £26million – we haven’t received that much from Barca for Cesc yet. If the player doesn’t match the price tag, Wenger won’t make the move. This is why he finds it hard to buy defenders because their prices get inflated so badly sometimes.

    All this said, I think we all agree that Wenger needs to actually spend some cash and accept that prices are getting inflated. I’d prefer we lost a couple million on a signing here and there if we gained it back through trophies. Arsenal is too much of a business at the moment, it needs to accept it will start losing customers (i.e. fans) unless it accomodates them better by not raising prices at the gates and spending to bring in talent.

  11. Erick Kombo says:

    Business as usual as mr wenger used to lie to fans coz he won’t buy anybody believe me,he’s better be a Politician not a Coach!

  12. spencer*d*nigerian says:

    we keep loosing lots of fans daily due to the fear of mid-table finish if we dont sign players.we kept selling players and we are not signing. Wenger, pls sign gud players on time. D transfer window is closing soon

  13. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Arsenal has decent players just not the “big name” players and if wenger wants wilshire or ramsey to become the next big names for Arsenal then we will have to be patient

  14. Nate says:

    This is just a lame excuse from AW to finally brush himself away from any blame for not spending money.

  15. Nura kurfi says:

    wat type of quality player u want 2 buy sum one lyk Govinho nd jenkinson, wenger u don’t knw a quality nd talented player u just beatin around d bush . .

  16. Mebu Paul says:

    I’m not confident with our current squad.we need re-enforcement upfront in terms of another proven goalscorer.R VP can not play the whole season with out gettin injured.Chamakh can not take on defenders let alone score.we need creativity at the centre of midfield,one who can fill d gap left by Cesc and another experienced centre back 2 cover up in case of injury.up gunners!

  17. Aruna says:

    arsene can only sell big but cant buy big. he should be sacked

  18. Jonathan says:

    There are so many quality players out there but the truth is that mr wenger is so stingy and he doesn’t wish Arsenal fc the best. He must go!!!

  19. Charles Otieno says:

    I would rather Hazard (20m), Jadson (12m) and Scott Dann (8m) – exactly 40m

  20. Tony monti says:

    I dont no what to do, i feel very bad with what is going on in the club. I cant support any other club. The AW isnt going to buy any player, mark my word. Arsenal is finishing mid table this season and wont be able to beat udinese at home to qualify.

  21. Mac-skeles says:

    Wenger sign matured playerz b4 d window close sign eden hazard,1 deffend,1 striker dat is all.

  22. Amollo Kenyanian says:

    We leave the man run the club his style? Do you his Profrssional besides coaching – Economist.
    They mostly talk on the value IN but not OUT. GBU Wenger

  23. jkennery says:

    Let him make the spend the money first and we will know the arsenal board are ready to compete in the championship …Just wondering how they do reason at the arsenal board , We need a defender,Play-maker,and a striker … Just 3 major signings can make a big change at arsenal not all this babies .. You have to use change to make changes .

  24. matberen says:

    go for goalkeeper…….

  25. vela leon says:

    Yes wenger now you make a talk. I think cahill and mata are better for arsenal squad. Two defenders also are need to strength the team. I think if wenger spend the 40millions he has montioned then these three strong player will be available. Now he accepted to spend the money. There is no way for him to say, they are no right players. From now up to date before 28 august, he will be at least already done something.

  26. abhishek says:

    guys pls understand. Hw will u feel if somebody is trying to sell you a product whose value you know is $100, but he is selling it to you for $150. Will you buy that product. Similarly for arsene.Clubs do not necessarily want to sell their stars(mata, hazard, benzema etc) therefor they are inflating the price. If hazard & mata were so brilliant you think the likes of barca, madrid, chelsea who have money power would have left them to be signed by arsenal. Guys pls understand, arsene is has very tight financial situation till the debt is paid off. What he is doing at shoe string budget is exceptional…

  27. dd says:

    i don’t ever think wenger will buy expirience player. i dont know what is problem. he does not own the club. you better spend money,since it doesnt belong to you. if there is no big singing, lates pray we are not relegated.

  28. joe71 says:

    Abishek or whatever your name is. This is a lame excuse by Wenger not to spend. I bet you he will not spend again this transfer window unless for an average player. We are not asking him to buy Messi or Ronaldo.We are merely asking him to spend on players who are better than the weak ones he has eg Rosicky, Diaby, Bendtner Squillachi etc are not quality players but Wenger bought them.

    I am not taken in by his stupid excuses. He should spend some money or leave the club, and take his greedy Board with him (includng Stan and Hill-Wood) . Red and White Holdings would do much better.

  29. ken says:

    Typical of Winger, that is to tell lies. He and the board are relishing the idea of selling Cesc,Nasri, Eboue for 70 m. Buying Gervinho and Jenkinson for 12m. Campbell and Chamberlain cannot be counted in this year’s account as they will not play or are not ready for EPL. They are investments for the future.
    So 58m goes to AFC bank account, share value increaes and owners are richer WITHOUT ANY INVESTMENTS DONE. SO WHERE HAS GONE ARSENE 40M PACKAGE?
    Same path taken i mean directly to the bank account.THEN HOW COME FANS (akbs) are happy and still giving credit to Wenger?
    Something must be terribly wrong.

  30. Breach repairer says:

    AW shud make tins quick.If he wants to buy player(s) let im do it quick so dat the player(s) can blend in quick and if he is nt buying,LET HIM STOP LYING.Wenger please put smile on our faces cos it’s way too long dat as happened.We want to be called CHAMPION again.Up Gunners

  31. kolawole tope says:

    my fellow gooners pleas help me beg aw to buy correct player .after he as sell 4 good players we need, so that we compet with champion at end of season.

  32. Obaedo martins says:

    Wenger is a lair his aways busy wit his maurt y oders are busy spending money on players gunners 4life

  33. isimkpi says:

    Wenger hates arsenal.He is so insensitive to the feeling of the fans.This is very painful. I dont believe him any longer. He is playing games with our feelings

  34. anon1 says:

    I don’t like not trusting arsene …

    But, ‘id spend 40 million on a player’ is just garbage!

    We are linked with top quality players every year and wenger never ever ever goes for them … we have been linked with god players worth 20 million and wenger never goes for them

    He will not ever spend that money so why on earth does he lie to us … constant lies

  35. song17 says:

    bullshit,weneger will spend 40m!!!
    he will think thousand time to spend even 1m…frustrated arsenal fans,trust me he wont spend…time to change “in arsene we DNT trust”

  36. Patrick says:

    Abshishek or wats ur name why are u supportin nonsense who told u arsene has finacial constrain..der is money let him spend or tell d board he needs 2 buy we all needs 2 jst beleive wenger is jst playin wit d club and he is about ruinin asenal’s reputation immediately d season ended he said he’ll overhaul d team..where is dat statement now d only reasonble nd effectiv player he bought is gervinho jekinson is a flop…he’s always saying wen he sees d right player he will buy and no body wants 2 leave his club now wat happen immediately d season ended he wuld hv gone 2 d market bt he didnt…i blame d arsenal fans dat watch matches in d emirate dey wuld hv boooed wenger once or twice maybe he will sit up…but 2 me wenger is nt a coach he is a big fool…look at wat dey played against udenese it was a sory state…samba, cahill, osase odewinge,jakeilka,benzema,..etc were all 4 grabs at d begining he didnt buy dem now he’s takin abt no right players how i wish i culd meet him i will slap his face..cos he killin my wonderful club slowly …up gunners

  37. abraham says:

    why is arsen wenger playing with arsenal fans heart?

  38. aiwe roland says:

    wenger is a mad man this man is physical,mentally crazy ,we sold 4 good players no signing always bidding ..if i see wenger am gonna shot him cos he’s a dead man.if u dnt sign am living arsenal.

  39. aiwe roland says:

    wenger is a mad man this man is physical,mentally crazy ,we sold 4 good players no signing always bidding ..if i see wenger am gonna shot him cos he’s a dead man.if u dnt sign am living arsenal.k

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