Date: 11th August 2011 at 6:00pm
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With Fabregas and Nasri set to leave, many Arsenal fans are calling for Arsenal to make a big-name signing. Even if Fabregas and Nasri are to stay, the players themselves would be calling out for a big-name signing to join the club this summer. Players and fans want to see that the club has ambition and one of the ways of doing that is bringing in a big-name player.

Now as Nigel Winterburn has pointed out when he was speaking to talkSPORT, big-name signings are not always the answer.

The former Arsenal defender said, “A big signing doesn’t mean you are going to be successful.”

“Manchester United have made big signings that haven’t worked but they’ve also brought in relatively unknown players that have worked very well for them.

“You’ve got to bring in the right type of player. I’m confident that before the end of this transfer window Arsenal will make some major signings. Whether they’re big enough for the supporters [I don’t know].”

We have known Wenger to be a fan of buying relatively no-name players and turning them into stars. Should he continue with this tactic or is it time for him to change and start bringing in big-name players to Arsenal?


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  1. rockofgilberto says:

    Respectfully, I disagree. Arsenal need someone able to make sliderule passes and guile in midfield to make up for this double loss. Now if they can find a player who meets those qualifications who is a relative unknow, I’m all for it. But we’re looking for players with rare skills and those players generally are quite well known.

  2. jah see says:

    thies is complete rubbish……

  3. ieuan says:

    we need sneijder

  4. mayowaridwan says:

    we need to sign good defenders esp samba and co

  5. bc says:

    I think wenger should go for a small name player and a player whose career is at a crossroads similar to henrys was. the small name player is mata (only 4 letters) and benzema (not 1st choice at his club) along with gervinho these would be my replacements for cesc bendtner and nasri. i would replace eboue with dann and clichy with mertesacker. finally i would bring in barton on a free.

  6. mikee says:

    What about Keisuke Honda?

  7. potts says:

    jadson from shaktar donesk is the one wer are suposed to be looking at

  8. kc says:

    Wrong. Not reinvesting the money will lead to protests and further harm to our club! Where has our arsenal gone .com?!!

  9. okafor tobechukwu emmanuel says:

    please buy players don’t deceive us again

  10. Sawnet Shiferaw says:

    Arsenal sell players who play for first team,especially our best one & replace them wz players who’d not play for 1st team,zs make us to loose winning of trophies for z last 6 yrs,two of who signed for us zs yr;AOC & Jenkson must fight hard to join 1st team, but we r loosing our best players;;Nasri & Cesc.if we forget Clichy even if he was not best in his place!!!! we gave Arsenal to hands of God, b/c we’ll win trophies only if he’ll help us.whom do we expect better zn him?ummm…..

  11. soso says:

    F…ing Wanker. Crap article…Spurs fan?

  12. Hey Wenger knows what is doing.No any fan convicing to siggn Fabregas by those days but laiter Fabregas turn into most star playe in football arena.Wenger policy for signing young player and turn them to star is accepted but he also need to incorporate at least three or four experienced player aged 23 and above.

  13. Tijani temitayo lukman says:

    2 me,i dnt believe in signing big name players.dere not gong 2 play wit dere name or dere jerssy,take luk at man city nd madrid some season ago til 2 day signg big name play witout trophy so big name players is not issue wat wil ned is playe who play day in day out wit exprence in his team,i belv by d time he play llke 2 to 3 time under wenger he get more exprence nd use 2 arsenal pertan of playng.again wil should not 4get 2 quolity players on our big name or no big name 4get abt it,hanry,viera,flamini,helb,talk of fab nd nasri wil are talkng abt 2day,note dat dere not big wen dey get 2 arsenal,is arsenal dat make dem big, so wil dnt ned big player wil build dem ok.GOD BLESS ARSENAL

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