Date: 11th August 2011 at 3:55pm
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With Arsenal looking more than likely to sell Fabregas and Nasri this summer, attention has now shifted to who Arsenal will bring in to replace these two. It will not be easy to replace them as they are two quality players and there are not too many players available on the market today to go and buy.

Arsenal will pocket over £50million if Fabregas goes to Barcelona and Nasri heads to Manchester City. That is a lot of money to spend coupled with the millions that Wenger reportedly already has from the Arsenal board. But we all know that Wenger does not have the ability to go out and spend £30million on a single player and evidence of this according to Sentana is that Arsenal are targeting Wigan striker Hugo Rodallega to come in.

Now, if you had all those millions to spend, why would you sign Rodallega? He is a decent striker but we need players who will take tthe club to the next level. Should we not be looking to sign Benzema or Falcao with that money?

Many Arsenal fans will be upset if we let Fabregas and Nasri leave and we do not go out and spend big on at least one player. Time may be running out in the transfer window to get a quality signing but with all that cash behind us we should not struggle to bring in a big name.


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  1. Subomi says:

    Arsenal fans should be ready to celebrate some throphies in the next 4 to 5 years when all this young arsenal players are matured enough to mount a serious tittle challenge but for now,just maintain the top 4 and champions league

  2. rvpgunners says:

    I watched Rodellega and he is a fantastic striker. He is fast and a good striker of the ball even from long range.

  3. Olamilekan olukotun says:

    This is serious ishoo the departure of captain cesc fabregas nd attacking midfieder samir nasri wil realy cost arsenal a big trouble, but not witstandin we need some better replacement, juan mata, goucorff, jadson, edwin hazard, melo or even ganso will be okay to raise the team forword.

  4. zdzis says:

    If Arsenal are going to buy a striker, it’s obvious they can’t count on a star to come to London just to play bit-parts and cup games. RVP is Arsenal’s first choice, end of story. So, it isn’t unlikely that wenger might opt for a middleweight gap-filler. But Rodallega sounds out of space. I seriously doubt THAT.

  5. wengernumb says:

    fact : wenger wont spend big money…15 million is his limit it would seem….no falcao, no cahill, no benzema…rodallega yes…and scott dann…..MIND YOU I RATE THOSE TWO!….

  6. Okey Onwuagha says:

    What is making our so called young talents wanting to leave? Does it make sense to keep building for the future while the present is slipping off our hands? This whole saga is becoming confusing. If we as a club cannot keep our good players then with time it become absolutely difficult to attract good ones from outside. Arsene must have a rethink and fix any perceived problem within the squad sooner than later.

  7. Keith says:

    I trust Wenger implicitly. It’s not his or the clubs fault if these mercenaries don’t want to play for Arsenal.
    amongst others were relatively unknowns and bought for far less than they have been sold for. Everyone stop bitching and believe in Arsene.
    PS the squad that Afc had over the past two seasons should have been good enough to win a major trophy. The players failed not Wenger!

  8. fowler says:

    subomi are you joking?

    weve been told for the last 6 years that the team is good enough to win the league when it has clearly not been good enough.

    we’ve also been told that we have had the necessary money to buy big players and also last year ivan gazidis said that arsene wenger could spend 50million on a player if he wanted to.then he always goes for the cheap option.

    to be honest im fed up with being lied to.

    arsenal fans pay the highest prices for their match tickets and get nothing in return. this year the ticket prices are rising 6 percent and ivan gazidis claimed this was to keep up with the inflated transfer market. this makes no sense when he claims he have so much money to spend but then pend nothing.

    i would have much more respect for the club if they said that we dont have much money for the next few years so we need to buy young and cheap and everyone needs to get behind the team and keep us competitive.

  9. YOUSSEF says:

    Wenger won’t sign Falcao and Benzema because if you follow the football news, you will see that Mourinho will not let Benzema go and he’s looking for another striker in order to have 3 of them. and you should know that Falcao is going directly to Atletico Madrid who sold aguero for mega money…
    and it’s not because you have 50m£ that you have to spend them all. Football is a business world not only sport… if you can find a good value that you can buy at 10m£ and who can deliver as well as those rated at 50m£, it will be idiot not to do it. or do you want to have another Torres case, sold at 50m£ (because their boss wanted him and in our case, the funs want it) and then he scored once…
    You should be intelligent while doing business 😉

  10. G4L says:

    I don’t see why Wenger doesn’t go & try to get Snijder?? ..Spend 30’odd mil on him & then 18 or so on Hazard or Mata? Then he’s still got the original budget to buy a CB or 2?

  11. G4L says:

    & Rodallega is a good player… He could be a great player at Arsenal

  12. olasking says:

    Nasri make name in Arsenal will can easily fill the vacuum, but cesc is going to be a very big lose for us no doubt about that, its very sad but will must move ahead, live continued

  13. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Get Hazard and another midfielder preferably Snijder. If you get Dunn…at least you got a decent defender.

  14. demongooner says:

    fowler reason arsenal don’t spend 50 million on any one is because off the wages these players demand,also find arsenal have never repeat never overspent on players, even bergkemp was brought in on the cheap.BatonRougeGooner
    and how can you honestly believe dann is a decent defender? birmingham was relegated last season, and he was out injured for the most off it?

  15. Ikoro darl says:

    Mesut ozil proved last season with his performances 4 dat age is not but a number… If u are talented u are talented..wenger should get us mario golze.. Infact dat guy is extra ordinary…

  16. Donnie says:

    well when fab and nasri leave its been reported that wenger will spend all the money and his not a stupid person losing fab and nasri he will have to spend the club will push him aswel but he will know he wil have to bring in world class players

    but then again
    its not easy to bring someone in
    people make it sound so easy get snidher get hazard get benzima

    why would they leave when they get double the money and more chance in winning things,

    snidje get 250k a week his 27 he cant affored it and its stupid to spend that much.

    wenger will bring in a few players that have been round for a bit and are conidered world class.

  17. Emeke says:

    Sale of Nasri and fab will set Arsenal back 2 years, except Wenger buy quality players

  18. Lucky says:

    At the moment we need a midfielder, defender, and a striker to assist RVP. There are lots of options replacing fabregas and nasri. But how long are we going to be selling our star players. We sell the stars and left with players that are not worth to be in the reserves of everton, sunderland etc. (scraps). get benzema, mata, samba and we are good to go. wenger hasnt been spending and thats y we haven’t won anything. he has to spend this time around. we are tired of going trophyless every season

  19. Tijani temitayo lukman says:

    2 mr wenger,sir.wil need 3 to 4 players out of 50million pound make 4r fab nd nasir.sir i have faith in any players u buy d money u spend 2 get d player wether small or big is not matter.go 2 market nd get players of ur chioch dat can delieve 4 us,again wil should luk at d one of d problem wil are faceng 4 d past 3 season dat led us 2 trophyles,is our reserve bench.wil only have 11 players witout bench so if any 1 out of dem have injury no 1 2 wil ned reserve bench 2 stretng d strenght of d team.GOD BLESS ARSENAL

  20. Henok says:

    I really sorry spending fabregas

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