Date: 9th August 2011 at 1:00pm
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It is not a good time at Arsenal right now and Ian Wright is echoing my sentiments as he has writen in his column in The Sun today.

The former Arsenal striker believes that Arsene Wenger may leave the club as he faces the roughest month in his Arsenal career. The reasons this month will be tough are: star players are set to leave (Nasri and Fabregas), there are no new big name signings on the verge of joining the club, we already have injury problems before the season has started and we have tough games to start the season! Imagine we get dumped out of the Champions League by Udinese, how bad would that be?

These are really worrying times to be a Gooner but we have to be strong and continue to believe that we will succeed. One point Wright raised in his column which got me thinking is, How long will it be before Wilshere, Van Persie, Ramsey and Walcott decide they need to move? With the big names of Nasri and Fabregas wanting to leave the club and no other big names coming in, will these other star players also want to leave?

It is every players dream to win titles and trophies and if you are at a club that is not doing this then you may start to think twice and ask for a move to a club that will give you success. I am not saying that we can not achieve success at Arsenal but honestly, it will be tough for us to win this coming season especially if we do not strengthen our squad. Bringing in Gervinho, Carl Jenkinson and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is all good but are these three players capable of taking the club to the next level of winning trophies? I do not think so.


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  1. Scott says:

    Read the title,did not bitter reading the article. Why don’t one of you negative bastards be original? Stop telling us what is wrong with OUR club-we are as smart as you and know where the problems lie. Tell us what is right with the club! Bunch of bloody narks.

  2. chidera says:

    arsenal should offer fabregas to inter milan for an exchange for snaijder…and inter will pay more 5million pounds…good and simple..

  3. Rasaq akinyode says:

    Yes.of caus.wenger dissaf to sack.wenger need big plaryer to face big march and england player .

  4. iggy says:

    U negative. Son of a prostitute its because of people lik you which are making. The club look bad just take you n ur cock sucking. Mama to the lane

  5. walter says:

    How long will it be before some writers and blogs decide they need to move to City of Chelsea….

    Buy and enjoy it…

  6. Hollathunday says:

    Let pray le prof buy a dependable defender before the window for nas&fab,i think we should let nasri go and retain fabregas

  7. Foots says:

    Iggy you’re a legend mate. Love you.
    Son of a prostitute. lmfao.

  8. Kai says:

    Yeah Iggy that was pretty excellent.

  9. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Al those players like Arsenal

  10. Hadley says:

    Where would we be without deep thinking philosophers like Ian Wright and yourself??

    Good job the likes of RVP and Wilshire have a better attitude than yourself or no doubt we’d be in the Championship by now.

    Try SUPPORTING your team FFS. When we beat Udinese it’ll be 14 years straight in the CL

  11. oluakindele says:

    Sound Like you want them to go wtf just STFU

  12. true gunner says:

    how long will it take to get rid of negative thinkers like you?

    Hell is where you belong!

  13. slim x says:

    pls let asene wenger should allow nasri 2 joint man city nd retain fabregas.nd go 4 carloz tervez,Benzima nd Eto’o

  14. True gunner says:

    The situation is not that bad as it looks. A defender will come and Arsenal’s attack will be bolstered if Nasri leaves ( u read right) coz Mata or another replacement will come in. Cesc will not leave if the money is not paid. Pay 40 mill and take him. Ramsey and Wilshere are the future and any of the top sides would pay a fortune for either , they are of that quality. We need a defender and left back if possible. Striker would be great , but our attack has lot of options. Pray that van persie can play min 35 games in all competitions

  15. And You Call Yrself a Gooner says:

    How long will it be before these so called Arsenal fan blogs get behind there team… And you have the nerve to call yrself the gooner? Either support the club or Fk off back to the riots

  16. wenger has turn arsenalfc to something else, wenger made arsenal lost millions of fans, wheir tired of all these mess, he be sacked.

  17. head says:

    How long will it be before people stop reading this shit blog?

  18. goonerishirish says:

    Ian Wright and your good self might have stolen from the article I wrote in one of the blogs yesterday; as these 4 names were mentioned; perhaps your blog! Funny that! I need payments for any more palgirism!!!!!

  19. dementeddiode says:

    Where did you get the implication that the above mentioned players you mentioned ever hinted on moving away from the club?? Didn’t van Persie actually said that he wanted to win titles with only Arsenal? And didn’t Ramsey and Wilshere said what it was to be like playing for a club like Arsenal?? And didn’t Walcott over the few seasons time and time again wanted to be in the A-team which he did last season with an exceptional performance?? And you know what, if these so called true Arsenal players did want to ever leave, so be it. We’ll just replace them with more true Arsenal players. The cycle goes on. And so what if got knocked out at CL by Udinese i.e. if they played their hearts out and we didn’t. The statistics don’t matter when it comes to a real football match which I’m sure you haven’t ever competed at. Atleast then we can concentrate for the EPL title and a small mishap on the way which accounted for us getting kicked out at CL will be oh so enough to please whinners like you who call themselves an Arsenal fan. You don’t deserve yourself to be called a “Gooner”. Wear Samir Nasri Man city’s shirt and cheer for him at Citeh while he rots in the bench.

  20. chris from Cambridge says:

    Wenger’s loyalty and protection for his budding young stars is a waste of time. The answer is they will all ruthlessly leave when it suits them. Cesc has actually shown more loyalty than most.

    Those who won’t leave yet are the teenagers seeking to be developed … so their market value rockets.

  21. ak47 says:

    dear o dear gooner. talk about blog roll.
    no way was i reading the post just wanted to say fix up look sharp.
    your a disgrace.

  22. Kelog says:

    We nid nt 2 b saying negative tins abt dis club again,all i know is dt arsenal has bin b4 any playa,so anyone dt is tired of d club let dem leave and give odas chance,i blv in Rvp Wizboy,Rambo dis season,gunner 4 lyf

  23. Why are you being always pessimistic about Arsenal? It looks like there is hell at the club, yet there isn’t. Referring to Ian Wright’s comments is very surprising to me. Wright is wrong! In fact I’ve grown to hate him for his big mouth about almost everything Arsenal Wright the player was fantastic, but Wright the pundit is terrible! He’s the only legend who can advise his son to join Liverpool when Wenger is interested in him!!!
    Anyway, Arsenal is not as bad as people seem to say. We only need a defender, a replacement midfielder in case Nasri goes and probably a striker to add more fire power upfront and we are genuine contenders. The reason for Arsenal’s failings last season apart from the leaky defense were down to poor motivation, which Wenger should work on. The other was non-performers, and Wenger is getting rid of them, and bringing in players with love for the club. Replacing Denilson with Frimpong is a big plus as the boy is self-motivated, unlike the Brazilian. Re-introducing Vermaelen and Ramsey is a massive boost. Ramsey, Theo, Jack, V. Persie leaving? That’s being too pessimistic. Don’t think everyone is as greedy as Cashly.

  24. ak california says:

    I will clasify wenger as not a coach of these time,he has an old school pattern,football has drastically change from that of 5,6yrs ago.Arsenal would have been great in these 5,6yrs if all these players are sold at the right time but they leave at a very wrong time without achieving success with the can imagine arsenal sold helb and let flamini leave for free some yrs back without any replacement for these players,if the club should leave these player for another 2yrs,surely the team must win a trophy and with that our players market value will increased.wenger pls do business in a positive manner imagine clichy leaving for just £7,can wenger get that quality for £20 now?these are fact we need to can imagine barca bidding £30 for cesc that’s an embarrassment for us.being he has been winning trophies with the club barca will value him almost double of a nut-shell,you need to do business at the right time.keep these players together to achieve and do business after certain achievement that will guarantee a good deal.quality player will want to come to arsenal.ferguson sell Ronaldo at the right time and pocket £ guardiola’s first season he won 6 trophies which is great,mourinho spent 3yrs at chelsea and won everything wenger has won with his 15yrs in charge of arsenal.wake up to challenges wenger.look forward to these young coach

  25. And You Call Yrself a Gooner says:

    ak Cali, get back American football, you obviously forget that pep and jose spent more money in one year then we have in 5 years. But I suppose thats what you want Arsenal to do, live beyound their means. Its the main reason the world is fk’ed up economically because muppets like you spend more then they earn or can ever earn..

  26. bc says:

    Also couldnt be bothered to read the article. call yourself a.supporter you really are a twat shut down your blog or just change cos the does not need associations with mugs this is the very last time i will read your dross unless a sincere apology follows.

  27. MongoosePepper says:

    Yes Yes Yes

    RVP – Next year gone

    WILTS – OFF the following year after

    RAMSEY/WALCOTT – Will flop and never realise there true potential with us. Some time once the fans turn on them……

    We are F**ked, everyone u saw how strong ManShity were physically and Manure were playing with 2nd string and looks very very good on Sunday.
    Chelski will be strong again by default. Scousers are also going to show up, with Suarez!

    Face it gooners season done, unless Wenger buys 4 established stars are kids are just kids!


  28. John-davis says:

    Stop criticizing Wenger & Arsenal players. U dont talk like true fans, if u are tired of arsenal why not quit suporting them dont say trash about them.i promise u arsenal will suprise the world this season, just watch & see

  29. zdzis says:

    Oh, so you’re still wishing they had left? Wright has already made several comments which put him in no position to say anything about Arsenal. Someone recently said he’s trading on his legend, and it does seem he’s selling it on the cheap. Since you take his expertise for granted, I’ll take this moment to point it out to you that picking up unintelligent comments from self-proclaimed visionaries is not what you call “inquisitiveness,” “expert insight,” or even “style.”
    Grow a mind of your own.

  30. 2virgin says:

    Wenger is concentrating n buyin more forwards dan da defenders where our weak point is.I don’t know wat is running n his mind,I appreciate wat u av done but we need more. We av no depth n our team which is virtal 4 any team aspiring 2 win trophies.

  31. Itsnotover says:

    Ian Wright is so anti-Arsene, he never has anything positive to say about the club these days. If Wenger was to sign Ian Wright’s son Sean, Wrighty would be more pro-Wenger than anyone.
    Regarding the article ” Bringing in Gervinho, Carl Jenkinson and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is all good but are these three players capable of taking the club to the next level of winning trophies? I do not think so” so who exactly should we be signing, Messi? Ronaldo? You need to wake up to reality and stop believing baseless nonsense.

  32. Itsnotover says:

    Sorry I meant ‘Shaun’ not ‘Sean’.

  33. godwin ogwu says:

    Me think Wenger should just go. We cannot have a manager with a small team mentality. He seems afraid to talk to big name players and worse still, the board lacts the will, they are just after their pockets not minding if laurels are won or not. Gonners in Nigeria are just tired of Wenger. Please they us demand for a new manager

  34. godwin ogwu says:

    Mr John Davies, only true friends tell it to you as it is. Do not tell us not to critize Wenger. The man lacks ideas, good players no longer want to come to Arsenal ‘cos we lack the winning mentality. If we had a dominant owner like Roman,wenger would have gone the day we scored 4goals in 26mins and ended the match with a draw. Did you see SIR ALEX and his team on sunday in the community shield? come on lets get serious here and not support the manager blindly

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