Date: 9th August 2011 at 11:00am
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There are suggestions that Nasri has already agreed personal terms with Manchester City ahead of his potential £22million transfer from Arsenal.

It was really only a matter of time before this deal went through and in a way I would be glad if it does go through as I was not happy with the idea of keeping Nasri for another season and then we stand to let him go for free next summer. Even if he were to stay, his mind and heart would not be with Arsenal 100%. It is best to let him go where he wants to go.

The reports that Nasri has already agreed personal terms with City are coming out of France where the player is currently preparing with the French national team. It is thought that Nasri will be earning £6million a year.

It was painful watch the Community Shield on Sunday and seeing Patrick Vieira now as an ambassador for City. He is an Arsenal legend and should be performing the role for us instead of City. I am pretty sure Vieira would have had a hand in getting Clichy and Nasri to join City and leave Arsenal.


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  1. Udeme Bassey says:

    Yes Viera had hands on all these he wants all French players in Arsenal too leave the team.All these wenger is the cause because of TROPHY…. Wenger i love Nasri very much and i would not want to see him going to an English club instead please try every thing to keep him, I believe that he will sign a new contract when he stays at Arsenal,and if we win a TRophy this season.PLEASE wenger keep NASRI for me pleaseeeeeee and buy a world class defender and a midfielder.Because am not sure that fabregas will stay,just let him to meet his Brother at BARCELONA…………………..UP GUNNERS

  2. ak47 says:

    starting to hope he goes for all the cash up front. hazard would eclipse nasri in the same way nasri did hleb.

  3. COMBE says:

    let Nasiri go then look for a world class defender and goalkeeper.

  4. Jago says:

    of course he has agreed terms, i have it from good authority he had agreed 120k a week five years at arsenal, went on holiday and came back demanding 185k because the scum that is man city who don’t tap up players haven’t been in touch honest!!!!

  5. Players are ingrate and in as much as Nasri remains with Arsenal, it will be so unfortunate because he would not be at his best. The best is for him to leave this summer and bring in Juan Mata as replacement for Nasri.

  6. Ken says:

    Greed is the downfall of many a man
    What happened to overmars petite helb and more recently abythehore?

  7. Nii says:

    yes i have say this for so many time that Vieira have had a hand of all this going on with nasri

  8. Mebu Paul says:

    There is a saying that u can not keep an unhappy player.let Nasri and Cesc leave bcos they are not committed and can not give 100 percent.we need players who are committed.please Mr Wenger get us Mata and Cahill and we’ll pose a big threat dis season and hopefully we can end our trophy drought.

  9. True gunner says:

    Letting Nasri go would be the best move in this transfer market for Arsenal. 22 mil and we can go for Mata. Much better. Nasri is no where near the hype around him. City doesn’t have a culture where players become better. Nasri is still far away from being a finished product. He will regret this big time. Sell him and move forward.

  10. bc says:

    I just hope vieira can talk squillaci and koscielny. to join the french exodous to man citeh. 15m the pair should clinch it.

  11. shemzy says:

    let the prodigal son leave he is useless

  12. mystic says:

    So what this rumour is saying is that Arsenal have agreed for Citeh to speak to the player, either that or Nasri / Citeh are in breach of rules. Please don’t print this kind of ‘rumour’ it does the site absolutely no good. I don’t really care if he goes, but I do care about wasting my life reading nonsense.

  13. Okey Onwuagha says:

    Want-away Arsenal players are not be blamed for the crisis in the team now. I think Arsene should take responsibility for all the mess. Every player would want to win something however, Arsene Wenger’s 4th place finish ambition has created the current flux.

  14. Edub says:

    Viera is a legend for Arsenal but he, Clichy and Nasri if he goes are there for the money, the money and the money and the fact that City can buy anyone they want. Exciting times for them but we live in the real world and it’s all about Arsenal, the underdog team!! In Arsene we trust

  15. BatonRougeGooner says:

    His heart is not at Arsenal

  16. true gunner says:

    you the media make him wht he is. i repeat arsenal will still shine without any of those want aways

  17. Seun walcott says:

    Wenga is responsible 4 our trophyless and dis is the right time 2 be borneagain..Release Nasri for city 4 20mil+johnson,sell No.52 4 8mil,Eboue 4mil ,and sign Cahill and Enrique 23mil,Mata 20mil,

  18. Julian Bolligello says:

    I 4one have had enough of the nasri and fab situation by all means pls go nasri u will be missed but arsenal will still continue to prosper,as it did b4 u came along so did any other team including man united,up until now nasri has done what his got paid 4and anyone would jump on the band wagon 4more money its the clubs decision to hold onto him 4a last year and risk loosing him,though i’d offer him to inter in exchange 4 Eto or Wesley or even Madrid 4 Kaka nasri is good but not that good, Kaka aint that happy in spain and Jose would welcome him or Fab anytime

  19. Adewale Ogunbodun. says:

    The world cannot end,bcos keeping disgruntled players will cos more harm than goods.Nasir is a useless player and a prodigal son.

  20. Simon idehi says:

    Let nas go now n cecs destiny 4 barca i belived their staying is a distractors 2 d teams dey are no more committed pls wenger let nas go 2 n if barca refused 2 meet our valuation b4 champion league play off,he should him 2 show d@ barcelona are unserious type rather than a distactorship

  21. Nasri should go!
    So as to enable the likes of Ramsey, Rosicky and the rest of the team concentrate on the coming 9 months with Arsenal.

  22. Kenneth says:

    Yeah why not . . . Man U lifted another trophy to the envy of many premiership players. why would players in Clubs like arsenal yearn for such glory . . . why not. Wenger should seriously have a re-think

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