Date:9th August 2011 at 6:00pm
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Ian Wright is not a happy man right now and I do not always agree with what he writes in his columns in The Sun but his latest one makes a lot of sense. He says that he read a line from a fan recently which said, “Are we supporting a football club or a business?”

We seriously have to ask ourselves that question. Arsenal are a very well run club in terms of finances but does it really make sense that we have a very good balance sheet with profits but no trophies in the cabinet?

We always hear that we have lots of money to spend this summer so why are we not spending it? You will hear the forces that be at Arsenal say that they are working hard on trying to get the right signings and it is not easy to get the right players. Bull**** in my opinion! We are just to stingy with money and thus we lose out on signing top players. Look at Manchester United and Liverpool this summer, they have gone out and splashed the cash whilst we are busy fussing around and complaining about players fees. If we really need and want Gary Cahill for £17million then let’s spend it because we have the money.

Ian Wright said, “The club sells out every other week, makes a stack of money yet they are not making big-name buys. Meanwhile, United took the lead by getting their business done early.” I totally agree with him. Are the owners of the club just worried about lining their own pockets and making profits whilst we do not win trophies?

Wright also raised a valid point by saying, maybe it is not Wenger’s fault that we are not spending money this summer on players, maybe he is not getting enough backing from the board. “Ultimately, I am still not sure how much backing he has had. I find it beyond belief that Arsenal have been unable to strengthen in key areas. Alisher Usmanov is one of the richest men in Russia, owns over 29 per cent of Arsenal yet has not been given a place on the board. But I am sure he would be willing to put some of his vast wealth into the team whereas it seems majority shareholder Stan Kroenke is not.” said Wright.


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  1. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Stan isn’t to blame because not sure if you looked at the Denver Nuggets in basketball, St. Louis Rams in football, and (the more successful team) Colorado Avalanche in hockey. He always spends big and when he sells a player expect a big price on the head.

  2. tivkaa david says:

    i totally agree wif all what u ve said,wenger has to do his part by employing the team to support him and get players,he as a coach has a reputation to protect.

  3. Hat says:

    Sth has gone seriuosly wrong at Afc the team needed two quilty defenders .but they sold our most expreinced defender and bought two 17 yr olds for undisclosed fee they are fooling the fans we should protest and tell our stand!

  4. Kollyns maduike says:

    I totally agree with Wright. Arsen wenger can’t possibly be right while every fan is probably wrong. His approach is nothing short of self-serving.

  5. shakabulagooner says:

    Both. We have a football club to support because it is well run as a healthy going concern.

  6. Kayz says:

    Wenger is the best manager in the world,i dnt think any manager would have achieved what wenger achieved in arsenal with the limited resourches he has,he is world class and remember we ar still paying 4 d emirate stadium.i dnt support arsenal 4 trophies,i support arsenal coz i luv arsenal football club, IN ARSEN I TRUST

  7. phil says:

    you are not a fan, ian wright is so full of his own piss and importance that he cant see beyond himself. why dont you all grow up and support the team like we were born to.

  8. BatonRougeGooner says:

    idc what people think about arsenal and whether we act like other clubs or not….we were made like this with Wenger from the start and everytime he spends big we don’t do as well

  9. willybilly says:

    It’s quite funny. In the last few days I have heard doomers call Henry, Keown and David dein AKB c&nts. Yet Henry is the greatest striker in Arsenal’s history, Keown is wanted by everyone as a defensive coach and evreyone wants Dein back too. Ian Wright is an IDIOT, simples

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