Date: 8th August 2011 at 9:08pm
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Arsenal have completed the signing of 17-year-old Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain from Southampton today (Monday) for an undisclosed fee (although suggestions are that we have paid close to £12million). The signing of Chamberlain has already been met by mixed reactions from Arsenal fans. Some are glad that we have made another signing whilst some believe that this is not the kind of signing Arsenal should be making and Wenger has only signed the winger because he is under pressure to make signings this summer.

Whatever the reason is that Wenger has signed Chamberlain, the fact is that he is now an Arsenal player and we have to support him as best as we can. It will not be easy for a 17-year-old to make such a big step into the Premier League but the beauty is, he has joined a team which gives its young players a lot of opportunities to prove themselves and he has Theo Walcott nect to him who made the exact same move from Southampton to Arsenal and he can learn a lot from him.

The big question now is, will Chamberlain start for Arsenal this season or we have signed him as ‘one for the future’? Chamberalin can play on either wings or just behind the striker, positions which we have many experienced options at Arsenal so chances are that Chamberlain will not walk straight into the first team. Not many 17-year-olds have been able to walk into the starting lineups of Premier League clubs and I do not expect Chamberlain to do so If I were Wenger, I would actually loan Chamberlain out to a Premier League team this season so he can get used to the Premier League. He will not get much game time this season at Arsenal in my opinion.


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  1. misa samirah says:

    with fab on hisway out of arsenal and samir nasri,i thnk wenger is going back to the drawing board,jenkinson,miyachi n nw alex.almost the same age fabregas,walcot was sighned,.

  2. BatonRougeGooner says:

    He is gettin young talent to try to replace and try to add a little “depth” at the scoring positions. Why can’t he just get a couple of defensive players.

  3. Donnie says:

    we need depth in the squad
    one of the main reason we fell away last season

    when players get injoured we will need the likes or ryo chamberlind and frimpong to play in a few games

  4. legoon says:

    Our shite back4 which needs addressing has not been,so It’s another kid that might be great in time.arsene does not have time on his side anymore.if he does not make the signings we need now he can forget about the future.we need to get rid of 2 players that have messed us around all summer,sign like for like add 2 defenders and a striker then we might finish in top 4.up the arse

  5. Breach repairer says:

    This is unfair to the true fan Arsenal(i.e.dare to heart).But i tell u that with all due respect,Wenger will suffer this pain he’s causing the fans except if he truely(wholeheartedly) wishes the team not the club to move higher by claiming trophy glories.Wenger remember wat goes around comes around but it’s only a matter of time.

  6. Okey says:

    Up gunaz.for me de signing of chamb is not what we actually want for now.but de fact is dat he have come so no going back he is now arsenal player so derefore wenger should loan him to primer league club like aston villa,west br,everton des is were he can got shirt fast ok

  7. davepain says:

    has ryo even got a permit to play in the uk?

  8. bc says:

    Last season our wing options were walcott bendtner nasri arshavin and emmanuel-thomas. this season they will be walcott gervinho arshavin miyaichi chamberlain and vela. well i am well.happy with that improvement and when we get the cash for the other 2 departing “wingers” we will be about 14m in profit. last season our midfield included denilson diaby song fabregas rosicky wilshire ramsey eastmond and lansbury. so far the only change is frimpong for denilson which is an improvement. it remains to be seen if cesc goes.and.who if anyone replaces him. Last season the central strikers were rvp and chamakh thia season i think campbell and afobe will be added to the options so an improvement there too. its now up to wenger to improve the defence he has started well imo sagna gibbs jenkinson and traore is as good as last seasons options that.included eboue and clichy. the 5 centre backs are the last season so hopefully.he.can now.address that.

  9. Splurghh says:

    No work permit for Ryo yet. They’re still working on that one. Though they seem confident it will come through as they played him in every preseason game. Would be a waste of time to deprive someone else of playing time in preseason if they didn’t think he would be playing this season wouldn’t it? Let’s hope it’s good news cos he looks rather good. Quite intriguing now we have three players in Miyaichi, Gervinho and Chamberlain on the books to rival theo for pace and they can all control a ball way better than him. I can see us being a bit more direct this season. With the extra pace in the squad we could tear a lot of teams a new arsehole. A CB would be great now. Let’s hope it happens. And perhaps a striker, though I can see Theo being used more centrally this time round with his improved finishing last season. Up the gunners

  10. Sawnet Shiferaw says:

    zs is z time when we begin to worry about winning of trophies.derefore, we need getting z sign of experienced player in defensive ,striking position, & in mid field question is ,does anybody knows what’s going on?

  11. xx says:

    We need two defenders, a holding midfielder and a striker. Get rid of Chamakh, Squillachi, Vela and the other dead wood. Wenger,

  12. When Arsenal wanted to unlock a defense after things didn’t go our way, Wenger brought on Bendtner, Denilson or Arshavin, which job they more often than not failed to execute. This season however, Wenger will look to Gervinho [if he doesn’t start], Chamberlain, Miyaichi or even Lansbury and perhaps Campbell. That would sound much better than the static Denilson! Last season Wenger banked on Song, Diaby [who barely played a game] and static Denilson to provide the steel and anchormanship in mid-field, this time it will be the Cameroonian, Frimpong, Coquelin and Ramsey [who is much better playing further up-field]. That’s much better As for the defense, there’s no doubt that with the return of Vermaelen, Arsenal will be much more solid and better organised. In fact the team will add the robustness of Vermaelen that was dearly missed last season, and with the impending arrival of a new Center back with PL experience, we will surely be tough to break down. The said departure of Nasri, to , is of much less significance, unlike what some pundits want to put it. In three years, he has produced ONLY 16 assists and 27 goals. Wilshere who has played only one season for Arsenal, already has 10 assists to his name, having played much deeper than the Frenchman! Stay calm GOONERS, ARSENE KNOWS!!!!

  13. AJ says:

    Arsenal is a team of central mid-fielders. Fabregas, Nasri, Walcott(who is actually a center forward), Arshavin, Rosicky, Wilshere, Ramsey, you name it. So we do not actually have guys who play on the flank. Playing Arshavin on the flank hasn’t proved to be effective. He must be played in his natural position behind the striker.
    Oxlade-Chamberlain has been bought for these reasons, and he has been added to the first team straightaway, though the point that he is only 17 is quite valid.
    We got Gervinho because he too is a winger. Now we have many options in the center, considering our injury problems and possibilities of Nasri and Cesc leaving.
    Hope we get center back(s) quickly.

  14. jeremy says:

    Looking at all the wingers we are getting in, i have a feeling that walcott is the striker we are dying for, he will play centrally this season, and that will be a good thing. we now need a holding midfielder to rival song and a centre half/strong left back. and are good to go, i dont see Nasri or Fabregas leaving..with all due respect they already would have by now.

  15. Charlie says:

    No replacements for Bendtner despite his inevitable departure. The sale of JET and the signing of two new wingers all points to Theo being played as a striker which would be the right move i.m.o.. Frimpong and Ramsey need to step up because, particularly if Cesc leaves, the squad looks a little weak in the centre of midfield now. There’s also the clear weakness at CB but i’d be shocked if we didn’t sign someone there after spending so much on wingers. I think it’s gonna come down to the wire because potential transfers might be waiting to see whether the team qualifies for the Champions League.

  16. awaransi says:

    wellcome to the universty of football oxalde chambaline, up gunners 4 life.

  17. oluwatobi says:

    Arsenal should not sell nasri and fabri or if possible increase their price by selling nasri to man city for 50 million and fabregas to barca for 60million if not keep these players.

  18. Oguntunde says:

    To buy a good striker

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