Date: 9th August 2011 at 9:43am
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The Sun are reporting an exclusive today where they say that Arsenal have accepted that they are more than likely to lose Nasri this summer to Manchester City at the French midfielder is refusing to sign a new contract. It is also suggested in some quarters that Nasri and Wenger have had a fall out and thus Wenger is no willing to cash in on him.

But there is still one stumbling block before this deal is completed. Manchester City are willing to offer Arsenal £22million for Nasri but do not want to pay all of it upfront whereas Arsenal want all the cash now.

Manchester City are understood to have offered a down payment of £15million with the remainder payable on Nasri’s success and appearances over the next five years. Arsenal do not want that.

Either way, I still see Nasri leaving Arsenal in the next couple of days. It makes sense for Arsenal to demand all the cash now as we would need it to go out and buy another player.

What are your thoughts, do we accept Manchester City’s offer, or we force Nasri to stay?


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  1. Charlie says:

    What happens to all of these Arsenal players is that they go to a new club and don’t know what it’s like to have to fight for your place. They have a few games on the bench because the other players are on form and they lose motivation. We saw Clichy starting on the bench against United. It takes a lot of character to go from being first choice to being in squad rotation and most of them can’t handle it.

  2. Charlie says:

    and if Nasri had any intelligence he’d realise that payment based on appearances means that they don’t know whether he’ll make it in the first team. It should be a massive flashing red sign in his head saying “potential career suicide !!”

  3. res90 says:

    Swap him for tevez!

  4. Abdulrasheed Balarabe says:

    Pls. Allow him to go, he has no Arsenal at heart now, take the part payment but with no condition of his performance for balance,they should pay after a stated period of time.

  5. dadajamesbabatunde says:

    Pls, my great coach allow nasiri 2 go because i no he will end up like adebayor,let 4 ,15millon and bring muller or adamjoshon 2 d emirate,i belive nasiri will regret of leaving arsenal,nasiri is an ingrate player

  6. Olayinka stephen says:

    One thing i believe is that if AW doesn’t sell a player willingly such player we surely regret,we can compare movement of (henry,campbel,kanu) with that of (hleb,adebayo,toure,flamini) we all know what happen to them.i’m sure nasri will regret the day he step down from been an arsenaj man

  7. Siva says:

    Gooners please remember, Positivity breeds joy, happiness and ultimately success. Our current squad is good with Fabgasbag and Narsty and showed some signs of achieving something. We’re close, I can feel it. Cheer up, we can do it. AW sign one bone crashing midfielder … That’s all me need. Someone with bols in the middle of the park. We don’t need flair in that position. Please AW. I reckon we can still do it!!! Bring on Udinese Whoaaaa!!!! Gooner from Down Under.

  8. Vanditha says:

    Shit !who is Nasri ?as i know he just the player the just come and raise last season.he just impressed only first part of last season (not even whole of reason)and now he forgets about how he can impressed and be the best star like that.who helped him to achieve as is Arsene Wenger ,if no him every body ‘ll never know this player .if i ‘m Nasri ,i ‘ll play for Arsenal at least 6 years(like fab) to pay for Wenger what he paid for me to success. I ‘ll wish him all the bad if he kick the club that helped him to success away.

  9. McEndy says:

    If all rumors are true that Nasri wants to leave; pls let him. Mancini thinks Nasri can give him the title. so lets see.IF Mancinicity’s got the money it won’t just get lacking when it come to arsenal business!!! pay all the money or F***ck off! Nasri will surely rot on bench!!

  10. DEO says:

    Sell immediately. As a matter of fact Wenger should have sold from the day Nasri’s disloyalty was detected. I blame Wenger for being too “fatherly over pampering” of the Arsenal players. This must change if they have to grow and win titles

  11. Hollathunday says:

    Let the bad boy go bcos he is of no use to arsenal anymore

  12. Collins Tonny says:

    Wenger must get rid of the duo. Man city shud pay whole amt once, if nt lez stick to Nasri n give him free nxt sizon. It wouldnt be a huge loss anyway.

  13. bony pawari says:

    2hell 2 man city nasri n mancini. They mus pay the whole amount the gt e gabbage. N m begging aw 2 sell cesc as wel.

  14. Dante says:

    Pls wenger sell him in full payment and go 4 David Dacosta. Nasty nasri, gunner made u a better player,but u feel dat u are the best. No player xchange with city. Gunners 4 life keep the faith.

  15. phutse says:

    take that 15mil plus a player : micah, adam, or de jong …….

  16. kalule says:

    i also think we should cash in nasri and cesc but city and barca must make full pyments if they can buy poor players millions of pounds in cash then what about nasri whose a world class player we even need 30 million pounds in that traitor and arsene can use that to buy hazard and mata then were prem champs next season

  17. ari says:

    haha city can keep their 15m pounds if you want him pay it in full and if you don’t we still have the january transfer window trust me he won’t go free we’ll sell him to french man city ( PSG ) they’re stinkin rich and would love a french player plus we won’t have competition that way.

  18. Adeniyi sheyi says:

    Wenger pls let nasri go & collet 25m cash use it buy esperience player more than nasri.

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