Date: 7th August 2011 at 12:01pm
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Arsenal went down 2-1 to Benfica in our final pre-season game. I feel this pre-season has been more about the drama off the field with the speculation surrounding Fabregas and Nasri and not a lot of focus as been on the field which is worrying. Obviously the constant news about the club on the backpages of newspapers has some kind of effect on the players.

On Saturday, Asrenal started well in Portugal taking the lead through Van Persie who later on left the field due to injury. We let the lead slip as we went down 2-1.

I still feel we need to bring in another defender so we can stop letting in all these goals.

What is your take following the game against Benfica on Saturday?


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  1. chris from Cambridge says:

    My take is … even if we do buy top replacements and defenders etc it will be too late to integrate them in time for our very tough start to the season … Newcastle away, Liverpool, Manure, Udinese. If as I/we expect the 1st few weeks go very badly … things will get ugly where supporters and the management are concerned.

  2. Mic says:

    Wat it has shown is that the first team can take on any team and do well i.e win but some of the second string players cannot deputise for the first team and need to step up. 1 CB is needed but if none is bought,miguel should be used ahead of squillaci.

  3. hedgewire says:


  4. Barry says:

    Our season will be sorted out within the first two weeks…if we dnt qualify for CL and loose opening games, we will not end up in top four and will end with nothing, except Wenger being the youth academy director and someone new taking the reigns, then there will be the transition period AGAIN…

  5. wengernumb says:

    arsenal are the most predictable team in the world…….if no defenders are brought in…..and you want to make a fortune…gamble on a defeat when arsenal are 1 or 2 up….. the odds at the time could be 3,4,5/1 or more which for football is worth a punt!……..thing is…you know they are going to collapse. Unless the bookies are really wise to it and tighten the odds maybe. ok of course as an arsenal supporter its hard to do….almost traitorous…but times are hard and a big wedge is always welcome. Anyway its just this season thats going to be a complete pile of crap….the following season will be good as we change a lot of things hopefully and surely the lessons of dithering around without buying quality must be learned…also wenger will surely leave.

  6. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Our 1st string more or less(better defence would help) is fine. We need depth and that is what is killing us.

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