Date: 7th August 2011 at 12:12pm
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The Mirror is reporting today that Arsenal will complete the signing of Southampton’s 17-year-old winger, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain this week for £12million. We have been linked with the winger for most of the summer and now this deal could finally be concluded.

I am not too excited about this signing as I feel we need to be making big name signings of players who are established. Chamberlain is just another copy of Theo Walcott. We need a player to come in who can replace Nasri and Fabregas if they do decide to leave. We already have options of player who can play out wide.

It will also surprise me if these deal does go through for the reported £12million. It is very unlike Wenger to spend so much money on a young player who has not even had experience in the Premier League.

What do you think of this potential deal?


0 responses to “Sunday Rumour: Arsenal will sign a new midfielder this week”

  1. Alun says:

    Just what Arsenal needs another sprog

  2. arsenal4ever says:

    Arsene knows. Bring on a lot more kids. We dont need to buy stars. Bye bye top 4. Wenger out!!!

  3. adewnnmi adeyinka says:

    if mr wenger refuse to buy player dis summer we will be expecting more worst dan wat we seeing rit now.

  4. adewnnmi adeyinka says:

    if mr wenger refuse to buy player dis summer we will be expecting more worst dan wat we are seeing rit now.

  5. adex gooner says:

    more kidz more worst gud bye 2 top 4 nxt season welcome 2 8th position

  6. chris from Cambridge says:

    Oh good another teenager !

  7. David says:

    Oh great – just what we need another young midfielder – we need a central defender you stubborn fool Wenger.

    Time for him to go, we really been patient enough.

  8. Jonny martin says:

    Why is so many dickheads on dis blog dat spk like dis. Speak properly or f%#k off you ignorant muck

  9. Peter jorams says:

    Its a disgrace to my team where is mata we need more players am disapointed

  10. Jonny martin says:

    ‘Adewnnmi’ – ‘more worst dan wat we seeing rit now’… W anker !

  11. Yemgunner says:

    Live sir wenger alone let him do his job. It’s a mata of time everythin will soon be alright. I no dat

  12. Yemgunner says:

    liv sir wenger alone let him do his job. It’s a mata of time everythin will soon be alright. I no dat

  13. Tahir says:

    Arsenal need an urgent intervention, cause,Arsene and the Board are turning Arsenal fc into nothing.

  14. Tanimu gusau says:

    Arsene wenger you are crazy 4 kids you are signs 4 d team

  15. bc says:

    Samba £12m, Mertesacker £7m, Cahill £15m, Parker £7m. Barton £0m. That is about how much we will get for Cesc and Eboue.

    Then turn round to Nasri and say you signing this contract or what?

    No, then sell him to City and buy Mata. If Mata dont want to come ask City for Adam Johnson or James Milner in p/ex

    Yes, then happy days

    All we have to do then is sell Almunia, Squillaci, Bendtner and Chamakh and with the proceeds buy the best bloody striker we can possibly afford.

    We could then move Kos and TV to full backs to compete with Jenkinson, Sagna, Traore and Gibbs. Whilst having Cahill, Samba, Mertesacker and Djourou fighting out for CB. Miquel could go on loan and even Jenkinson and Traore. With Parker and Barton coming in we could afford to let Coquelin and Lansbury go on loan. Leaving us with Wilshire, Song, Ramsey, Parker, Barton, Diaby and Rosicky, Frimpong battling it out for 3 spaces in midfield.

    vieing for the 3 forward positions would be Mata or Nasri, RVP, Gervinho, Walcott, Arshavin, Afobe, Miyaichi, Campbell + the best bloody striker we could afford.

  16. Paul says:

    Bc love every word of your post but only 20% of what u ask for will happen m8

  17. always says:

    no need to complain again since wenger cant hear us directly. All wot has to be said has been said. All i know is dt a smoke in d house wl leak out

  18. Abolaji ajasa says:

    Ellow mr wenger help this,bay exprines player like cahill,mata,mataseka,then sell storbon nasri,so u bay edin hasad of lille pills and pills

  19. nati says:

    please do sam thing mir wenger or don’t kild our team please go out. we need another new manager.

  20. Arsenal 4Ever! says:

    NONSENSE!!!Wenger u r such a foolish person!!!Who told u we want other kids at Arsenal???Go away with your kids and stop disgracing our Beloved Arsenal and we fans!I think we hav bn patience enough and bliv is time YOU LEAVE ARSENAL AND LEAVE 4 GOOD AND LET ANOTHER AMBITIOUS MANAGER TAKE OVER!SILLY!Wot r u planning 4 the club?Ist the 1st or 8th position!You don’t sign Mata and 1 or 2 CBs,leave Arsenal at once with ur kids!You seem not to care about the Club’s reputation and the concern of we fans;you are just after your pay and profits!IDEOT!I Repeat,if u know u r signin more kids,GO AWAY WITH THEM!WE ARE TIRED OF U!I wish u read the articles/comments we make and post to this site!WE DON’T WANT ANY MORE KIDS OTHER THAN EXPERIENCED SUPER STARS,PERIOD!!!!

  21. Gabriel says:

    Another kid again? Wenger is not serious. They way things are going, arsenal wont smell 7th place. For God sake we need a defender. Sell nasri and buy mata or hazard and sell cesc and bring in thiago

  22. Ugoezeh says:

    I fully agree with (Ars 4 ever), wenger leave our club alone and go with your children and grand children we don’t need them anymore, thank you, EZEGUNNER.

  23. Omobello kabir says:

    The only manager we nid is ex barca manager

  24. newton says:

    big spenders just lost to man united.what will now happen to those who keep shaving and not willing to spend[DOOMS DAY AHEAD]

  25. brian says:

    i cant trust wenger anymo….he’s so mean. nonsense

  26. Skillful says:

    …hey mr wenger’ another kid?, God forbid. I believe the problem is not frm wenger alone but the entire management and board. What is the chairman doing. I pray that one of these arab companies ll take over arsenal, so there ll be a new resolution. Arsenal sucks!!!

  27. Nura says:

    Arsen wenger does’nt have problem with arsenal,the problem is from the owners

  28. Hass says:

    How can you expect to become better every year when the squad gets thinner and weaker every season.
    What exactly will Chamberlin give to the side that we haven’t got already?
    Spending big on a player like this is not good for the team.

  29. BatonRougeGooner says:

    We need experience because that is what kills us every year

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