Date: 6th August 2011 at 4:00pm
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Arsene Wenger clearly does not want Cesc Fabregas to leave Arsenal this summer. The speculation continues to mount about the captains future at the club with Barcelona pressing to sign him. Speaking in Portugal last night before the pre-season friendly against Benfica, Wenger said he loves Fabregas.

“I do not want to speak about the transfer of Fabregas because I have done that three years now in every press conference so I don’t think there is any more need to add something,” said Wenger. “I love Fabregas and I want him to stay, that is basically it.

“Everybody is free to think what they want. We cannot stop people raising questions.

“He is just coming back from injury and is not ready to play in a game. But he is not injured.”


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  1. If u want 2 kee cesc fabregas then buy quality player and win trophy bcs I think he want stay too at arsenal but no trophy so he’s feed up of trophyless season. Mr wenger if fab is ur brother will u tell him 2 stay at trophy less club(yes/No) I no (No)will be answer.

  2. anon1 says:

    Wenger does not understand that he needs to buy big named players and win trophies

    His kids will do it… i mean how can they keep failing for 6 years without developing massive mental strength and experience ?

    He has lost it and thinking he can hold onto these players whilst not strengthening is madness …. 4th spot at best and this guy thinks thats an accomplishment.

    Well not for nasri or cesc and i bet van persie is thinking the same

  3. Arsenal1Again says:

    Wenger needs to understand that he’s missing out on so much quality advice on these blogs.

  4. ROKUDAIME says:

    ARDA TURAN (Ronaldinho in Tevez) is sure to outplay samir and cesc all through d field. go get him and ”could’ve sold samir” earlier is all you ever say

  5. Clintm15 says:

    As usual everybody thinks they are expert when in fact they are completely clueless. That is why AW is a top flight manager and you are reduced to whinging on blogs.

  6. Brant Arsenal! says:

    Wenger,it’s so much good to kp Fabregas;it’s not just u alone,we too love him.But, u actually need to win and winnin doesn’t mean matches alone;trophies.That’s wot Cesc wants!You must understand that your kids havn’t been able to deliver 4 tha last 6years;add big names,not 1,at least 3, to the squad then win titles and you wil not c any1 say,’I want to leave’.You buy a player because you wanna win trophies and surely even if it were me,I must develop impatience coz truly 6 gud year r rly too much a big Club like Arsenal!So Wenger,do somtin urgently;stop just talkin in the media that u want who and who,I don’t that by wen u wil b throu’ with busines & yet nothing happens!ACTIONS!Go 4 those super quality players b4 they sign 4 other clubs and bring them to the Emirates!Do not mind about prices,provided u know they gonna bring a difference to the Emirates,splash out cash,bring them,win titles and recover the spent cash + profits!If I were u(Wenger)I wld b throu’ in the market by Tuesday so that the new faces get time to integrate into our team b4 tha new season kicks off on Sat.Bring at least Mata,Alvaro/Samba, and either Benzema,Ribery to the club,win titles and no player shal ever think of leavin!Wake Up Wenger!

  7. UDEME BASSEY says:

    Me also i love fabregas but i promise wenger dat if he can sign 1 or 2 star player fabregas and nasri will stay.Fabregas love Arsenal but Arsenal does not love him so pls wenger sign big names n those two players will stay

  8. Abdullahi79 says:

    If u want 2 keep him sign quality players that can inspire him 2 win a trophy then u will see him staying at the emirates 4 the remaining of his career.

  9. Hillary akpuh says:

    With arsen decisions arsenal will never win common spoon, so is better wenger leave the team in pease, i am fedup with arsen wenger, arsenalfc, has turn to grooming ground for other clubs, what a sad situation.

  10. Tijani temitayo lukman says:

    To mr wenger nd my fellow gunners man nd woman,let us keep faith nd pray aginst bad look nd injury in ds wenger 2 b frankly wil need like 2 to 3 exprince plays 2 remove d load nd pressure manth on d teams nd fans mr wenger put ur self in 2 dat shoe dat u play 4 a team 4 almost 5 to 6 season witout trophys ha haa mr wenger dere is money let us buy plays so dat wil can keep cesc farbrigas nd samin nasri in our belove team.a word is 4 a wise mr wenger,in arsenal wil trust.ARSENAL ONI BA JE O

  11. Abeh. R. B. says:

    Wenger is only interested in making money 4 d management not minding d desire of players n fans. Add xperience players 2 d team n win trophies.

  12. Bad wenger,bad manager and promising breaker and also a rumuors in transfer.SIR KBO2 M.SHINKAFA-BAUCHI,NIGERIA.

  13. BatonRougeGooner says:

    If you want Cesc to stay bring in more premier quality players and then the move will be more difficult for him

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