Date: 3rd August 2011 at 3:31pm
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Things are not going our way this summer at all! If it is not players (Fabregas and Nasri) wanting to leave Arsenal then it is players not wanting to join the club. Now the Mirror is running an exclusive report today where they are saying that Everton’s Phil Jagielka does not want to join Arsenal this summer.

The report says: Jagielka is understood to have told friends that even if the two clubs agree a deal he would prefer to stay at Goodison Park.

The 28-year-old defender joined Everton four years ago from Sheffield United for £4million and is seen as one of the most important players at the club.

He signed a new four-year contract in March this year and has made eight senior appearances for England, including three in the last 12 months.

Now I do not get why a player would want to stay at Everton and play for a mid-table team when you have the chance to play in the Champions League with Arsenal? I guess that just goes to show the lack of ambition that Jagielka has!


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  1. BatonRougeGooner says:

    He just showed his laziness and why Arsenal shouldn’t have signed him anyway

  2. viniel deredza says:

    I wouldn’t even look at him if I were u Wenger,,this guy is jus scared of the challenge,,,Why go for someone like him??1)He’s not a Gooner
    2)He is not and will never be commited..
    3)Sign him and we will be crying ,,come end season.

  3. kevmacn says:

    This is jagielka showing the club who made him what he is strong commitment,loyalty and respect. Something we all like to see in players but hardly exists anymore.. All you people posting spiteful posts, dont be so childish. Samir nasri should learn from phil and respect the club who brought him to england and made him shine. would city have noticed him if he was still playing in marseille.????

  4. woodyd says:

    @kevmacn – Well said and thank you for a sane post.

  5. Paul says:

    You have got it spot on mate. Still think Jags is too poor for Arsenal but I would love to get another CB in with his attitude

  6. mids says:

    and let me guess:that friend is the authors friend?please do me a favor? dont fool your selves jagielka would bite wengers hand if he put the right money 4 him plus if experience thought us anything is that wengers signings are different from everyone else

  7. BergkampsLoveChild says:

    First up, you’ve got no quotes what so ever, to prove he actually said that. And rather than question his ambition, acknowledge his loyalty and respect for his current club, and ask yourself why he doesnt want to play for Arsenal? Would you want to join a club that shows week in week out that it has absolutely no idea how to defend a set piece??

    your arrogance is astounding!!

  8. Ruud Van Tanda says:

    why do you bother waking up in the mornings just to write this shit? Do us a favour hey, haeva few drinks tonight, then a few more, adn then a few more, and then go to sleep on ur back mate……

  9. kingsley says:

    I beliv sumtin is wron suw were” y wil a gud and expirence player lik phil wit reject a move 2 arsenal” let wenger sell fab and nasri” we need comitd players” sign cahil and samba”

  10. Vlad says:

    I believe it shows that a player cannot be disturbed by all the rumors and playing in CL or in a top 4 club. This shows commitment and loyalty, which lacks in the current football. My pure example is Gerrard: he is astonishing, even if the Liver is crap. Wilshere will be the same for Arsenal! That is what people need: loyalty. Is his right to say no!

  11. stevo says:

    Firstly, @Kingsley… are you a total retard? Stick to twitter.
    Secondly, the fools (fortunately not everyone here) who believe this absolute pile of steaming sh*t article, you guys get all heated about an article of this disgraceful content, I pity you all.
    Fed up with the rantings of the uneducated and gullible.

  12. wengernumb says:

    the only incentives jags has for joing arsenal is champs league footie and probably more wages. When it comes to managers and spirit in a club, then he probably feels its right to stay at everton. Perhaps he feels that his potential partners at the back, djorou, squillacci and kos (when TV5 gets injured) are going to drag his performance level down.I dont blame any player for hesitating about joining us……i mean recent form and no top quality players bought , but some likely to be sold; is hardly the way to attract quality players.

  13. steve says:

    wenger out before it’s to late,the frenchman just hasn’t got a clue,
    another season without silverware.

  14. Hudu says:

    AW is just being selfish to de club. This our defensive problem is long ova due.Its been persisting since last season,that shld ‘ve been the first tin to rectify b4 any other tin bt, for a reason known to him,he considered that one as secondary issue.
    if even dey come now, adjustin to our style is also another tin cos de league is almost started.So we will still hav set pieces problem.Gunners 4 lyf.

  15. nicky says:

    Here we have an article and a host of comments on WHY Jagielka doesn’t want to move to Arsenal. The question remains, however…WHY!!!!!His reason remains unanswered…WHY!!!For Heaven’s sake someone tell us the real reason.

  16. chris says:

    Jagielka would be my last choice anyway.

  17. Mohamed Zubairu says:

    If a targeted defender refuses to come to Arsenal why must Wenger be vituperated as a result? This beats my wildest imagination.

  18. xx says:


  19. kingsley says:

    steve’ u’ar just blabin and nagin wat do u knw abt football and wenger’ and i tink u lack maner’s and respect. B a gud gunner bro, 1 luv.

  20. James says:

    The article from the Mirror, like most sounds like a load of shit. Did they tap some friends phone to get this info? I don’t really want to sign him but the majority of the articles going around about Arsenal are just crap.

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