Date: 3rd August 2011 at 6:03pm
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Why is it that this summer in the transfer market with Arsenal it has all been about “on-off” transfers. One day the transfer is on and the player is leaving the club, the next he is staying! In this case now, it was, one minute he is not signing for Arsenal and now he is! Can we make up our minds please!

The latest news coming out of Costa Rica is that Joel Campbell’s move to Arsenal could still be on the cards.

“We are talking to Arsenal again,” Campbell told “I have not signed yet, but I’m waiting to hear from my agents.”

Hopefully Arsenal can sign this young striker and beat off competition from Manchester United and Real Madrid.

However, I still feel that we need to sign a couple more experienced players this summer and not rely on Campbell arriving to solve our goal scoring problems.


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  1. GNR4LFE says:

    Whats the point!!! Wellington Silva: no work permit!! Ryo: applying for work permit, Campbell: if bought has to be loaned out!! and then when we do get them, Merida: wanted to leave Flamini: given a chance too late and leaves, Jet, Tom Cruise, Denilson, Bentner, Bentley, Senderos, Coqualin, etc. etc. all for the future? but not Arsenals future!! i am one of Arsenes biggest fans, and will always support the Team, (never Boo!!) but this policy is just not working!!!

  2. max says:

    Am tired of hearing coming dis wk going d nxt day or hearing ofers rejected or der about wat i want 2 here nw is undagoing medical,agreeing contracts nd all 4 dis guy i neva watch hm play bt d media abt hm saying he’s a nce player,lets hope i thnk dats nt what we need nw cos looking at man utd with ther corrent squrd we ar far behnd them so let ther be some imprvment dis summer

  3. BatonRougeGooner says:

    This work permit stuff is just screwing us over

  4. oluakindele says:

    To be honest i dont give 2 shits about this guy because Ryo is by far better than him plus Ryo acctually has a chance to have is work permit and play in the Arsenal first team.

  5. Sean says:

    What about cole, anelka,ljungberg, fabregas, wilshere, ramsey, walcott to name a few? Arsene probably has the best record in entire football for turning young players into stars. Don’t hurt your knees when you leap onto that band wagon.

  6. bakrima says:

    The answer is so simple because arsenal have a hopeless manager called Wenger

  7. Johnson says:

    Can som1 pls whispa 2 dat Wenger 2 start finkn of hw 2 beta d performances of d teams ..nearly.. syndromes… Has our name changd 2 Arsenal Youth Football Club(AYFC)..,instead of AFC…? Wher in heavn’s name did dis guy get dis idea dat toddlers can win tings as tangible as Barclays Crown, League Cup,Carling Cup,let alone d prestigious Champions League? 2 tel u hw weak d current is..,they cnt evn lift d traditional Emirates Cup? Whn wil dis French biznessman leav d helm as coach of our Darlin team…or is he waitn 2 finally relegate d team b4 movn on? Ha…! May God save us 4m his grip ooo….

  8. GNR4LFE says:

    Sean, firstly ljungberg was not exactly a young unknown when we bought him, he was a full international, Ramsey (through injury) and Walcott in my opinion has not shown full potential yet!! granted cole, fabregas and wilshire came through the ranks, but the fact that wilshire had a season like last year, proves walcott needs to step up!! and Anelka was with us for only 2 seasons so that wasn’t bringing him through was it, so forget your bandwagon because you most probably cant even name the four managers before Wenger!!

  9. joker says:

    wenger pls singing 2 CB+mata

  10. Muhammad katsina says:

    we arsenal fans we’re rili d most patiant fans in d world. Pls mr long nose do us sumthng 2 get sumthng. And pls can sum1 give me mr wenger username 4 2go so dat we’ll chart nd i prms to tel him how we nearly die cox ov his policy pls tru ma email or tru ma phone number 08039191934 pls his username only 4 2go

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