Date: 31st July 2011 at 3:00pm
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Arsene Wenger has assured Arsenal fans that our transfer activity this summer is going to be done sooner rather than later. That is good to hear as we need to make a couple more signings very soon before the start of the season, especially in defence as we struggled on Saturday against Boca Juniors.

Wenger also spoke about Mata and Jagielka who have been constantly linked with moves to Arsenal this summer. But as always, Wenger did not give away much.

“Our business will be done sooner rather than later but it is difficult to speak about any individual player because that makes things difficult,” said Wenger. “I cannot complain about other clubs talking about our players and then do the same.

“I like the player [Mata], but that does not mean we will buy him. The other player [Jagielka] is under contract at Everton. If we want to buy a player, we need first the agreement of their club.

“At the moment the rules are constructed in a way where it is basically forbidden to speak about one individual player. I know that not everybody respects it, but I try to do as well as I can.”

“At the moment you have two categories of movement, one from zero to 10 million, and one from 30 to 50 million. We are in between,” Wenger added.

“In between nothing happens at the moment, there has been very little movement. All over Europe our industry is basically in a very bad financial situation. All the clubs who live from the money which football generates do not buy.

“The only clubs who buy at the moment in Europe are ones who buy with money which is not generated by our industry. There are two categories of club – those who travel with sweat and those who travel with petrol. We are those who travel with sweat.”


0 responses to “Wenger tells us about Mata and Jagielka”

  1. Enk says:

    Wenger wat u sed woz shit just get us samba or jagielka and mata and sell fabregas and nasri I think there the ones destroying our team,plz do so

  2. emma fred says:

    just get mata nd jagielka plss

  3. emma fred says:

    bring in mata and keep fabregas and nasri and loan diaby out

  4. Wenger buy mata and jagielka sell djouru and squillaci bcos they are not gud enough

  5. bonface says:

    4sure beter mata and cahil samba or vortghen idont see the quality in jagielka.nasri is not at all comited to arsenal even fabregas so what cash both nasri and fabregas n get mata,hazard and lukaku,and one left fullback period they r nagging

  6. absmoh says:

    Go get us jak nd mata! There ain’t no time for us.

  7. Thierry says:

    Wenger buy mata, and a commandin central defender like chris samba. keep cesc. Sell nasri. Nasri will make no impact this season. His heart is no longer on the project. Let him go now!

  8. imamhussainolohundamilare says:

    asene wenger i dont want u take our team as business club, u must buy mata and jagielka and den fabregas must go b4 season started.and leave nasri and should b done.

  9. Otone gb. says:

    Wenger stop talking shit.get us the player and stop ur delayed tactic to keep the money

  10. Nichymouse says:

    Pls wenger, get us mata and jag.we ar very short in d defence and midfid

  11. Arsene wenger signings mata and jagielka today

  12. peter amool says:

    must arsenal religate to championship before u begin to buy players? then arsenal will travel with saliva.

  13. jano frm 9ja says:

    wenger ppls stop been selfish nd buy us a cahill or samba nd mata because those players you are counting on cant even play half a season nd pls offload squillaci,he is arsenals biggest disappointment.

  14. Ruemu okpe says:

    Wenger stop promiseing us rubbish!i don’t bliv u until this is done then i ll bliv u.stingy hold fool.

  15. Ruemu okpe says:

    Wenger u d one killing this team called arsenal, u are totally saying rubbish frm ur mouth.

  16. Agent says:

    I dn’t believe in dis speech cos its wat wenger ve been saying rite 4rm d day transfer opened. Do business in time cos time wait 4 nobdy. Wenger sul make hay while d sun is stil bright 4 mata & others linked players.

  17. torkula says:

    Yea bring in mata and jag and add samba,lukaku and campbell

  18. Cesc says:

    Get mata,enrique,cahill,benzema and loan diaby then sell squillaci

  19. Dammy says:

    Wenger give us mata & 2 defenders

  20. Wenger, p/s get us mata and samba, even u are not selling

  21. pin code says:

    Wenger is too stingy 4 a club like arsenal he should buy or being sack.

  22. Vilho says:

    please keep Cesc ,and bring in Mata,Jag and sell Nasri.

  23. Fuhad says:

    All post means one word.Wenger pls kindly get us the needed players.

  24. Anyaibe Dickson says:

    Pls my darling Prof. hlp Arsenal futbal club, and make d fans happy ones again by adding big player 2 the squad. Pls we need trophies this season. (SIR-BEN)

  25. Gotau rinji says:

    up arsenal. dont b decivd. wenger is not gona sign nobody dis season. judge 4 urselvs, y is he denyin his intrst t sign mata? i’m outa arsenal 4 now until dat old twat does somtin reasonable.

  26. Enoh. says:

    Wenger only care about his pocket and does care about the fan.

  27. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Bring ’em in. Also add cahill and lukaku to your list.

  28. Tj4real says:

    Pls bring on mata/jag before the start of the season

  29. xx says:


  30. afeez says:

    pls try get mata and jagieka then loan vela and diaby

  31. Ayoola says:

    60+7-11=56. Mr wenger u stl av $56 buy mata,samba,lukaku & full left back. Sell cesc n keep nasri.

  32. Mr aw did u see that? Arsenal v boca j what the miss difender from juru 2 gaols given ezly
    pls aw u shold have sing gag samba cahil &mata so far.go ahead

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