Date: 7th July 2011 at 4:04pm
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Reports according to say that Arsenal have been given 10 days by Bolton to buy central defender Gary Cahill.

“Bolton want the deal done as soon as possible so they have plenty of time to make preparations for the new season without Cahill and formulate their transfer strategy,” a source told

“Basically, they want it all sorted out by the end of next week and if it isn’t, then they might close the door on any deal until the next window.”

I can see where Bolton are coming from, they do not want a situation where the transfer is drawn out until the final day of the transfer window and then they do not have the chance to buy a replacement. So to for us, we would rather sign Cahill now and know that we have gotten our new central defender and focus on working with him in pre-season whilst we worry about trying to get another signings.

We can not let this opportunity of signing Cahill pass us by. He is a quality defender and just what we need to bolster our defence for next season. The £17million release cause in Cahill’s contract may prove to be the stumbling block as Wenger may not want to pay that much for Cahill. But the time is now for Wenger to start spending!


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  1. herbergooner says:

    sure we need new signing as soon as posbo no mo tym to waste

  2. herbergooner says:

    baines for left back plz we need hm badly gibbs is not enough beta coming on the ranks samba as well

  3. igbinigie says:


  4. sam says:

    buy buy brigade needs to ask themselves these questions.
    is tim cahill better than bartley?
    is he worth that price tag?
    is he an arsenal type of player?
    with vermaelen fit where is he gonna play?
    is he going to improve our game?
    how come no other big team wants to sign him?

  5. John says:

    @sam, do you not think we need to buy? Do you by any chance EVER come to the EMIRATES or AWAY games? If you did I think you’d agree we need to buy defenders. Cahill is a class act, solid defender (Bartley) are you having a laugh? With all due respect, Bartley is ok, but he has no experience, if we qualify for CL again, do you seriously think that Bartley and Kozza will do the job should anything be wrong with TV?

    Wake up dude, this is the going rate, we have to make a move, he would compliment TV well, yes they are very similar, but that is a good thing because TV Fit, IS ONE OF OUR BEST PLAYERS. IS SQUILLACE an ARSENAL TYPE OF PLAYER?

    He will improve our game LOADS, please please please get your head out of the sand old CHAP!

    No other team wants to sign him? HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THE INTEREST? MAN CITY, CHELSEA went in for him, HE FAVOURS a move to Arsenal, now how often do you hear that these days???

  6. youngphamho says:

    pls mr wenger we need cahill,samba,manies,gervinho,benzema,cissokco and neccescary jual mata

  7. youngphamho says:

    mr wenger my people are moving 2 man-city and liverpool becuase u did not buy player

  8. G4L says:

    This signing should have been done already!! Wenger is seriously testing a lot of people patience… if he hasn’t already!!! I’ve just about had enough of this… Just sign him, samba, gervinho, a top class solid CM & another top striker (benzema)… get rid of some dead wood, i,e Denilson, Bendtner, Diaby & we’re back in the running. This management job would be easy if you do the simple things!! …Listen to the fans Wenger.. We’re all saying the same thing

  9. Busch says:

    What Bolton says: “Basically, they want it all sorted out by the end of next week and if it isn’t, then they might close the door on any deal until the next window.”

    What Wenger hears: “They will be desperate on the last day of the window and I will be able to get him cheap.”

  10. bc says:

    As it stands we have room for 1 player in our 25 man squad. i think that will be gervinho. i think wenger is prepared to sacrifice bendtner (not literally) to make room for 1 more player – a centre half. it will be either samba or cahill. then if we lose more players then and only then will he bring in replacements.

  11. Osam says:

    Pls wenger dont let dis oportunity pass us by we knw dat player like cahil or samba are right men 4 d job do everytin u can 2 make sure atleast 1 of dem put pen on paper 4 us

  12. sam says:


    i am a suffering arsenal supporter just like you but i am trying to be realistic and submitting to arsene wenger’s dictatorship.
    first he will not pay 17 millions. second, he trusts his youth players more.
    yes we need new signing like any other team in the world at this time of the season. unfortunately arsenal fc is ran by people you hate to spend.

  13. sony says:

    mr wenge it very impontant for u 2 buy cahill,bcoz 17m is not cahil and baine to strent ur back and benzame and hezand is also good.let fabregas joing barcelona,increase the weekly of pament of nasry.

  14. olawale says:

    make sure one of nasry or fabregas is not go becouse if u buy replacement 4 them it can not good like them in d next senson.just buy cahill,benzema,baine or maxwell,motta,

  15. Iliyasu musa says:

    Mr wenger pls bring in new players 4 us pls. We need players lyk benzema, hazard, samba or cahil and finaly enrique

  16. andy says:

    If they are giving Arsenal ten days to sign Cahill that must mean that they are willing to do business for less than 17m pounds doesn’t it? at anytime while the transfer window is open arsenal can meet his minimum release fee and sign him can they not?

  17. Afen says:

    We need samba,cahill 4 d CB no time wasting let us go 4 dem,while SB E shld get Baines middle Parker,Oxlade-Chamberlain,Mata,Attack-Benzema.

  18. samuel onimisi ibrahim says:

    One thing is certain about wenger he will definately sign more players but but how sooooooooooooooooooooon?

  19. Idris musa says:

    Pls mr wenger buy cahill 4 us keep vemaline 4 number 3 side

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