Date: 7th July 2011 at 1:22pm
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With Arsenal set to pocket a combined fee of about £55million from the sales of Fabregas and Nasri (If these deals do go ahead), Arsene Wenger is going to have a very big bank account and he is certainly going to be given a large chunk of that to go spend in the transfer market.

With money like that, clubs would realise that Arsenal have cash and they will inflate their player prices. We saw a classic example of that when Liverpool banked £50million from selling Torres and they were ripped off by Newcastle who demanded £35million for Carroll.

So it would be great if Arsenal could make the big name signings now before they sell Fabregas and Nasri. But be that as it may, Wenger is going to need to bring in a big name or two to replace the big names leaving. One player who ranks high on the list is French striker Karim Benzema.

Benzema has been continually linked with a move to Arsenal but Real Madrid have said they do not want to sell him. But if they are shown a good enough fee, I have no doubt they would listen to Arsenal’s offer. The fee that is being mooted as a potential figure that could get Real to sell is £27million. Mourinho would rather sell Benzema and have the cash to spend on Sergio Aguero.

A partnership of Benzema and Van Persie upfront is mouth watering and if you throw in Gervinho in that mix if we opt to play with three upfront, you have a strike force that will be hard to better across Europe.


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  1. Jonathan Makwakwa says:

    I wish the deal could go on coz having RvP, Benzema and Gervinho at the same time would bring some fire works upfront.

  2. Dave the Gooner says:

    Never going to happen, if anybody actually believes that Wenger will spend that kind of money on one player then they are dreaming! Would be a dream come true and would be a logical thing to do therefore it won’t happen because nothing that Wenger does anymore seems to be logical at all!

  3. Maverick says:

    Benzema has already stated that he wanted to stay at RM and fight for his place………i can’t see Mourinho selling him because he has scored so many goals for them even when he has not had a lot of starts in comparison to their other strikers. I would love him at Arsenal but just cannot see him arriving!

  4. Gooner for ever says:

    What 3 strikers playing upfront with no one in midfield to provide them the passes.. There is no way AW is going to replace 2 of our creative midfielders with a striker..

  5. sean says:

    he wont come arsenal wages will b 2 high

  6. Ruud Van Tanda says:

    Dave the Gooner – Spot on mate, Wenger lost the plot when he let Viera, Gilberto, Flamini and Lass go, and thought Diaby could step into that role!!! Nonce! Bring back Bergkamp!!!!!!!!!

  7. Austin ziligone says:

    Wenger, pliz can’t u inflate your wallet this time? we big name signings this summer like Big Benz

  8. anon1 says:

    But the problem is that Benzema clearly does not want to come to arsenal

    He has said so, his agent has said so and apparently mourinho has told him he is in his plans

    He is under contract for a while longer so even if the club would listen to offers theres nothing to say he would accept them

    We were in the same position with almunia… you cannot just brake a contract with a player, yet a player seems able to brake it with the club willy nilly

  9. Dave the Gooner says:

    I remember when you could almost predict what Wenger was going to do, what his substitutions would be during games and where he was going to strengthen his team during the window but now you never have a clue…who knows what or who he will bring in this summer but if its Benzema then I invite you all to watch me eat my hat!!

  10. jackbu says:

    wenger please splash the money & buy Benzema to partner RVP & gervinho cz it will be a killer striking force in Europe

  11. rowland bobby says:

    I prefer wenger 2 go after Falcao rather than Benzema. He has nt been doing well of recent compared to Falcao who scord 49 in 50 appearances and also helped FcPorto win a treble last season…

  12. rowland bobby says:

    I prefer wenger 2 go after Falcao rather than Benzema. He has nt been doing well of recent compared to Falcao who scord 49 goals in 50 appearances and also helped FcPorto win a treble last season…

  13. Wawa Winterburn III says:

    We won’t buy Benzema because a) he is good and b) does not play for a French Club and c) is over 5’3″


  14. rizky says:

    if wenger have that much money, why not go for falcao? he’s 26 mil with impressive record.

  15. mbukino friday says:

    i thk i would prefare falcao(49goals in 50matches is not a joke) to benzema.

  16. arsenal fc says:

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  17. Osueke Christopher says:

    Aw should go 4 falcao instead of benzima.

  18. Osueke Christopher says:

    Arsene wenger should go 4 falcao instead of benzima. Bcos he is not in the mode of leaving neither RM leaving him to go, while falcao is leaving fc porto.

  19. Aussie Jack says:

    Falcao is not available, Benzema is too expensive (for Wenger) so I guess we`ll end up with the guy from Wolves for around 7 million. Get the feeling at times that Arsene is putting his reputation first and Arsenal second, probably wrong.

  20. wengernumb says:

    wenger spending 27 million????? he would crap his pants at the thought of shelling out that dough….
    you get what you pay for and we will get some average players for a low price and then we will end up out of the champs league the following seson…losing 30 million straight away!……good wenger business that would be (not!!!!)

  21. arsenal4eva says:

    Mata on the wing/center and a DM…dat’s jus wut we need….

  22. haruna says:

    up gunner,wenger should sign more player rather than depending Nasiru nd cesc going

  23. Giltlema says:

    Wenger be mkweli onst why dnt u regrng strng players bt benzema gevnho vpesii robin is more imprt strk 4 arsenal pls.

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