Date: 7th July 2011 at 8:52pm
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Ian Wright has come out and suggested that Arsenal should go out and buy the likes of Michael Essien if they want to be a force to be reckoned with again. Writing in his column in The Sun, Wright raised some very valid points about the current state of affairs at Arsenal.

Essien is a very good player and has had bad luck with injuries at Chelsea. A move to a new club may just be what he needs to re-ignite his career. Wright also goes on to say that a move for Essien would also be a good ‘kick up Chelsea’s back side’ as we would be getting one of their best players from them. It is time we become ruthless in the transfer market.

In essence what Wright is saying, and I agree with him, is that Arsenal need to go out and make some big signings. Players such as Nasri and Fabregas are leaving Arsenal because we are not going out and buying more quality players to compliment them.

What I found to be funny whilst reading Wright’s column is how our former striker suggested that maybe giving Wenger a whole bunch of cash may not be such a good idea as he would not know how to spend it.
Wright said, “But I have my suspicions that he would still dither about, take too long to make up his mind and then plump for someone in France or Spain hardly any of us have ever heard of.”

That is typical Wenger. He would do exactly that. Look at us now; whilst the likes of Manchester United and Liverpool are already splashing the cash on new signings to improve their squads, we have not signed anyone meaningful yet.

Come on Wenger, go out there and do something. Go to Chelsea and offer them £20million for Essien and hear what they say. Go to Liverpool and bid £20million for Reina. Just do something even if it is just showing a determination to get the best players in the game today. I can bet you that just showing ambition to sign top players will get the likes of Nasri to say, “Wait a minute, Arsenal is trying to be a better team by signing top players. Maybe I should stick around.”


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  1. uncle 'B' says:

    i agree with wright,Wenger should go to and ask for the availability of David Silva and Joe Hart,ask of Henandes in man.u,Mikel Obi in chelsea to make a very big statement.

  2. sam says:

    its about time all these so called arsenal legends step into management and find out what is it like to coach a football team.
    and leave journalism to journalists.
    come on wrighty! time to walk the walk

  3. sam says:

    winterburn, dickson,merson,parlour, wright…. they are giving nothing back to football, only shooting their mouth off against arsenal.

  4. Ephraim says:

    I don’t want to belief that Mr. Wenger is not intrested in his players career. He should forget about his stakes at arsenal and make the players have a wonderfull season. Sign big names and recruit another invincibles and let those who know they can’t fit in fight gallantly for their spot. This is the arsenal spirit and prove your critics wrong once again.

  5. Docbrody says:

    Rubbish. A club should only make serious offers. A 20 million bid for Eissen would be a huge waste of everyone’s time and it wouldn’t fool anyone. It would be unprofessional.

  6. Denis Lowum says:

    Wenger please buy players and let those who want to go leave!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. milinho says:

    whats next? lets put together a 10mil bid for rooney? that el show those pesky trophy winners!ian wright- great player, awful analyst. yes, i know, lets go and bid for every good player we can find and then tell everyone about it so when its rejected theyll know we tried! making info public, not the arsenal way. football manager approach to transfers? besides the fact that chelsea would never sell essien to us, despite the fact that 20 million wouldnt buy his damaged knee. things arent great at the mo, and the manager is greatly to blame but wow this article shows how dissilusioned some fans.

  8. Samuel says:

    I cant blame any player dat wants to leave in any way coz the fans, the players, and Wenger dont have the same aim and goals for the club. A body with different goals. Ask Wenger his goal

  9. xx says:


  10. Antony josephat says:

    What about samwel eto’o. He would be the jake 4 our arsenal future but Wenger should not let Nasr go

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