Date: 5th July 2011 at 4:41pm
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With Clichy having joined Manchester City, there is a lot of discussion as to what are Arsenal going to do with the left-back position. I know a lot of people believe that we do not need to buy anyone as we should use Gibbs to fill in that position. Which for me would not be a bad thing if we are unable to bring in another experienced defender.

Wenger stated this summer that we suffered last season as we did not have big enough defenders and that this summer he would be looking at adding some big players to the squad. Now Gibbs is not the biggest of players out there but I have faith in him.

The Mirror is however reporting that Arsenal could now be after Lyon left-back Aly Cissokho to come in and replace Clichy. I am a big fan of Cissokho and believe that he would be a great replacement for Clichy. However, the £11million price tag on him may just put Wenger off.


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  1. Arsenal could not breath well in the present of Arsene Wenger unless the board suck him

  2. ollie says:

    i reckon botelho will come in…..

  3. Olaniyan says:

    Hello all arsenal fans i belive dat if wenger want see trophy at emirate stadion he need 2 buy big player intime not 2 use mouth in alldinary transfer wit out money in arsenal,and again need 2 buy player b4 selling dat is problem arsenal wenger have ontill 3 going b4 he will player dat is robish.

  4. Femi says:

    Pls am tired of arsenal rumours.i dnt want 2 hear anytin abt it again.

  5. im sick of all this bollox, rumours and crap. Roll in the actual new players and roll in the new season. this is just shite talk

  6. lethimgo says:

    wenger is rubbish

  7. Clemzy says:

    I am sick n tired of dat so called coach arsene wenger,dat guy needs 2 b relived of his job,he is just an opportunist,

  8. jrgoonar says:

    I have been as cynical as everyone but I dont know why, Im starting to get faith back in le boss!! He hasnt done anything to make me but I’ve just suddenly been thinking, he is Arsene Wenger and aside from all the stuborness and bravado theres one thing he does do very well and that is to love Arsenal football club. I think we need to get behind him one last time, fair enough if he fails this time then he can only be blamed because he has been told countless times and failed at simple things like signings, and if this time he fails then I’m pretty sure he will be replaced and I think he knows that this time aswell. So come on, let’s just scrape the barrel and get one last bit of faith and stop giving all these other supporters such easy targets to take the p*ss out of. manure are laughing at the team and the fans. Wenger does in the end know what he’s doing. and this Cahill thing isn’t as simple as everyone thinks. Other clubs (Cu*tski) are just waiting patiently for wenger to make his bid so they have a stsrting point to swoop in from. and wenger knows this so chances are he knows he wont get him so instead he is using the cahill interest to make blackburn lower the samba bid to tempt us and wenger will get the player he wanted all along. Just my opinion, at the least its a theory to think about and pass the time instead of getting ourselves angry.

  9. Foots says:

    Not being funny. But some of you need to concentrate on your English and spelling rather than the transfer news. Just wait until we see someone holding up our shirt or it’s on the officual website. You’re all just winding yourself up.

  10. RealityBytes says:

    Wenger can easily afford Cissi. Shucks he got $ 7m for Clichy so in reality Cissi will cost a net $ 4m.

    If the man is that good, doesnt have the issues that made Clichy expendable then acquiring him is worth the incremental investment dont you think?

  11. haha says:

    this wont happen cause he is worth to much, arsenal fans on here complaning dont know shit about anything, aly is acutally good ffs, strong, quick, over rated mabye but he is good ffs it would be good if he comes but we wont

  12. sam says:

    the buy buy brigade are moaning again!
    arsenal have 3 young left back( botelho,gibbs and traore) and if they are not ready vermalaen can play in the position.
    and i am backing one of the 3 to step up and shine.

  13. abeli says:

    wnger z a dictator

  14. Usman says:

    The best way 4 arsenal to move foward is to sack stupid arsen wenger.

  15. Ukoro anthony says:

    Wenger is a stupid man he need to axe frm d club he has know hope in bringing trophy to d club

  16. Dizzy says:

    See,i dnt just understand mr wenger, let hem just go and buy someone dat wil replace clich fast.

  17. Spluurgh says:


    Great insight there. Maybe you should apply for the post?… maybe not.

  18. Spluurgh says:

    In fact, all of you seem to think Wenger is the worst thing since… sliced…shit. Do you really think anyone else would do a better job, with the Arsenal “financial model”. Just accept we’re in a period of transition. Some players will go, some will come in. Some will surprise us and some won’t. Some patience is required. The more dooming that goes on, the worse the atmosphere at the club gets and the worse the team performs. If you make the team and the manager feel shit, they probably will be.

  19. Emmatex says:

    wenger, we need more striker like osaze, and also an experience defender like gibbs.

  20. Alex says:

    Well said Spluurgh. We have built a new stadium and vastly reduced our debts since. We will be buying new players before the new season because of the restrictions being put in place next season. People that call Wenger shit (in their broken English) haven’t got a clue. Arsenal are a huge club, if people like Nasri leave, they will be replaced. Arsenal are traditionally one of the best clubs in the world and always will be.

  21. Foweb says:

    Jrgoonar, spluurgh and alex you’ve said it all. Those are words of a true gooner others are just blabing and saying untrue things. We’ve got to be patient and believe in the team atleast once more.

  22. Buhari says:

    I dont know what is happening with arsene wenger arsene wenger should buy big players and lift trophy

  23. Sunmo says:

    Hi guys, i don’t think any body has been so hurt that me in this Arsenal senario. Arsene Wenger has been a jerk since we moved into the Emirates and when Fabregas, Nasri leaves after Clichy’s departure, Van Persie, Theo Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey, Vermalene, Kocielny etc will follow and you guys know the final move on the Arsenal’s chess board?…Bam…Relegation…Checkmate. That’s Wenger desire.

  24. Wawa Winterbrun III says:

    Wenger should quit NOW. His lack of action is going to cost this club BIG TIME

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