Date: 6th July 2011 at 11:56am
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Yet again, another morning where I wake up and all I come across is depressing new from Arsenal. The Sun is running an exclusive where they say that Nasri is on the brink of joining Manchester City for £20million and offer him a staggering £150,000-a-week which is way more than we were willing to offer him.

Nasri had said it is not about the money but rather he wants to be winning titles. I am not sure if joining Manchester City is the right move for Nasri if he wants to win the Premier League. City are trying to do a Chelsea and buy the title by spending obscene amounts of money on players. The reason Chelsea were able to pull it off is because there was no other team at that time who could compete financially against them thus they bought every player they could.

Now with Manchester City, they are trying to do the same but Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool also have deep pockets now and are able to also buy top class players. It pains me that I have left my beloved Arsenal off that list of teams with cash to burn!

For me it is simple, if Nasri wants to leave then let us sell him and get the £20million from Manchester City. Who we can go out and buy with that cash, I have no idea but it is better having cash in the bank than a player who does not want to play for the team.


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  1. wengernumb says:

    glad its city rather than utd……at least if they win the prem its some club other than chelsea and utd…..the whole episode has shown how inferior we are as a club whereby 2 of our rivals can just muscle in and take one of our best players. Arsenal isnt a top4 club anymore we are 5th in the pecking order and may soon be 6th if the spuds can muster a challenge. Bleak outlook

  2. TrueWisdom says:

    If Nasri goes I would be happy its to Man Shitty. Wenger should hurry up and sign players because we have good players leaving, and weaklings replacing them.

  3. cin says:

    nobody think AW will sign a replacement for anyone.

    Better to pray for players to stay.

    This fucker AW will not do anything.

  4. James says:

    How did The Sun find this out? Was it through phone hacking??

  5. Bigsix says:

    I am sure most Gooners were AW one day, they would have spend money to anyone they can think of. One thing is, each of us has his own opinion in who we think might fit into our Gunners BUT so unfortunately, it is the coach’s decision to bring on who he thinks can be a good addition. Having said that, I understand of the players who were bought but were not as good as we thought they are, i.e Squllacci, etc. If we can be patient and see what comes out of AW mind with regard to buying. Right now we read so many stories and believe in so much crap. In ARSENE WE TRUST. Arsenal make stars and don’t buy them.

  6. Dems says:

    if we sell Nasri we have to buy Sneijder, Ribery or Gourcuff !!!

  7. samuel says:

    This is simple. Nasri is not winning trophies and not getting the money he wants, so we have almost nothing to loose if he goes to another club to get one of the two things he wants. Money at man city or trophies and maybe money also at man utd. what is going on at arsenal is simply an unfarmiliar business strategy and situation. ‘more money, no trophies, vision 2050 manager, HOPING FANS’. With this, if we manage to win a trophy this season, i will count it only as a miracle coz its not meant to be. This is not what you do when you want to win.

  8. Dolapo Ojekoya says:

    if nasri want to leave, let him go if fabrigas don’t want to play for arsenal again sell him, no player is bigger than a club. Arsenal won the EPL @ the same time finished that season unbeating without nasri in the team even fabrigas play less then, so player go player come this is a new set of players that will soon gel together, in asene wenger i trust, lets keep the faith, gunners for life.

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