Date: 3rd July 2011 at 2:39pm
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The future of Nasri is still not clear. Many people seem to think that the French midfielder will be leaving Arsenal this summer and the reasons being sited for his move are:
1) He wants a contract with more money.
2) He wants Arsenal to buy better players.

Now Nasri has spoken out and said that it is not about the money but he does want to see new players at Arsenal so he can be part of a team that challenges for trophies.

“Money has never been my motivation,” Nasri said in the News of the World. “I have always taken decisions from a football point of view.

“I don’t want to sign for a club where I wouldn’t be playing the football that I like, where I wouldn’t feel happy, just for the sake of money.

“We already earn huge wages. The priority is to make a big career and to win titles. This is more important than everything else. I know the value and the meaning of money.

“You have to be able to evolve with a new way of living, keeping respect to my values. Family, friends, a good agent, it all helps you not to get carried away.

“With no titles under your belt, you can’t be in the list for the Ballon D’Or. I came to England to get trophies because I haven’t won anything in my career, apart from an Under-17 European Championship in 2004.

“We all need to get out of our comfort zone, to grow up and test ourselves. Even without winning trophies, I think I have grown up. I am hungry for titles. I play football because I love this sport and want to feel the emotion of winning. Lifting a trophy all together, this is the beauty and sense of team sports.”

You can see where Nasri is coming from but I had a laugh about the part of the Ballon D’Or. Does he think he can be a Ballon D’Or winner one day? Come to think of it now, if Arsenal had won all four trophies last season, would Nasri not have been our candidate for the Ballon D’Or or would it have been Wilshere?

We all know that players want to win trophies but at times they have to be patient. If Nasri leaves this summer in search of trophies and goes to Manchester United or City, I would love it if we then go on to win a trophy this season and his new club wins nothing!


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  1. damned says:

    bubye Nasri….

    I just hope Arsenal can get great deal from your transfer.

    and I hope your name still “shinning” in the next 2 years..

  2. just-sholay says:

    Nasri just said what he wanted.Kudos to him.Let Prof Wenger sign good and experience players and ARSENAL will once again be force to recon with.GUNNERS FOR LIFE.

  3. Ahmed Samuel says:

    my advance our boss wenger 2 please make posible way 2 retain nasiri 2 arsenal, bcos he good quality player infact what he say is a truth fact, money is nothing 2 win a trophy is pround 2 a good player, please wenger buy quality player we fans face challenges with other sporters every season we started fine but atlast we end up shy. Prepared well thanx.

  4. Kim Freddies says:

    Nasri dont leave gunners we need u en ur the one to bring trophies to emirates we are all looking at u.if u leave our ope will fade for the gunners.

  5. Docbrody says:

    I don’t begrudge Nasri his desire to win one bit. What bothers me is that he seems to have resigned himself to the belief that Arsenal will never win. If our players have that kind of defrauded attitude (which is so French by the way), then we never will win. Then they will find a way tie a game when they are up 4-0, or fumble the ball in front of goa and loose the carling cup to a far inferior team.

    Great players make their whole team better. It’s not just about their skill on the field, it’s also the intangibles of body language, communication, the example they set through their enthusiasm. Just one example: look at what Maradona did for Naples.

    Nasri seems to want to ride the coat tails of a great team to success, rather than help make his team great on it’s own.

  6. Docbrody says:

    That’s weird… My iPad seems to have changed the word *defeatist* into “defrauded” in my previous post. I really wish there was a way to turn off autocorrection.

  7. Richard Enaohwo(08035315081).lagos Nigeria says:

    Its a shame dat Arsene credibility is under scrutiny with majority of the big players beginning to ponder for silverware.cesc guna,clichy to city and nasri is like a time bomb waiting to explode.Arsene must have tete a tete with the new zinedine zidane now

  8. mick says:

    I get sick and tired of hearing this nonsense from some of our players complaining they want to be part of a team who wins trophies. The fact is they COULD and SHOULD have had trophies last season. If Nasri and others had performed to their ability at the Carling final and the last few league games we would have been celebrating but they didn’t, they let us and themselves down and we finished empty handed. I suspect Nasri is privately thinking it wasn’t him to blame it was the others. Well sorry, not good enough, you were ALL part of the problem and this buck passing has to stop. If you had any balls you would stay and try extra hard next season, not jump ship. We are probably better off without him if this is his attitude.

  9. Nasri is right he deserves a trophy every year and good salary weekly other wise he can get all these in other clubs like man u city chelsea good lucky samir arsenal 4 ever

  10. Collins says:

    I now understand!! Nasri is good for him to tell his mand!! We want a new good player’s.

  11. Collins says:

    I now understand!! Nasri is good for him to tell his mand!! We want a new good player’s.what about Fabrigass?

  12. Darule says:

    IT’S TIME FOR THE FANS TO STAND UP!!! Obviously the players have lost faith with the club and have lost faith with AW. Really its time Arsenal found a new manager, as a fan I can’t see AW bringing about massive changes either than selling players when they peek. No established payers wants to come to Arsenal because its a club that develops young talents, once AW goes so will the philosophy which got us the drought for 6 years. Arsenal is no small club we should be at the top its the drought that effected this club and its ambitions, the only person who has to take the blame is AW, its time he moved on!!!! Just like no players is bigger than the club no manager is bigger than the club!!!!!!!

  13. Richard Enaohwo(08035315081).lagos Nigeria says:

    its high time we get rid of this so call french rabels.Arsene cannot continue like this because he put himself in a tight conner so he must pay the price.bye cesc! gooner clichy! Adieu nasri.Almunia,squillaci,denilson,bedner and rosicky must follow.we need stekeleburg,cahill,samba,baines,parker,hazard,benzema and gervinco.Arsenal will definely win trophies

  14. bc says:

    I think Arsenal should buy better players too, but you wont see me running off to support Man City even if they bought the best 25 players in the world. I would love it if we bought some better players, better than Nasri would be a good place to start, then he can go back to the bench where he belongs. Lets be totally honest an in-form Arshavin would keep Nasri out of the team everyday. He would not get past a midfield trio of Wilshire Song and Cesc. He would not replace Walcott or RVP either.

  15. Gunzblazin says:

    The truth is as much as i like wenger, i hate wenger also because of his inability to fix our team problems, and the guy is a total scrooge, he knows our defence is weak, he knows our keepers are jokers and he knows that we lack a clinical striker to partner van persie, everybody in the club are to blame for no success, if the manager spent some dough then we would be in a much stronger position to win silverware, if the players stopped pussy footing around and worked hard then wouldnt be a laughing stock now, wnegers knows where our weakneses are but will he fix them ???, the answer is NO, bcause wenger either buys 12yr old kids or goes and buys pensioners like gallas and silvestre. im sorry guys but its the truth. GO GUNNERS

  16. Paulosis says:

    Nasri, is just desperate to win silver wares..but what has been his contributions towards that. He only had half a good season since joining in 2008. Am just tired of this french boys.. I will be very happy if he leaves. So that we can restructure the mid.field around Wilshere. Get good defenders and struggle to win trophies.

  17. TrueWisdom says:

    Sell him to Man City.. For 30 million

  18. zulu gooner says:

    if nasri goes there are more like him out there, lets not get over anxious all you gooners.

  19. Jazbo says:

    Who are you people???, you lot cannot be Arsenal fans or supporters, Nasri claims he wants to win things, where was he for the last two seasons, that’s right he was doing jack s..t, the guy has a a decent half season for the firts time since we bought the guy from France and all of a sudden, it’s blah, blah, I want to play for a club that wins things!!..WAKE UP YOU DUMB JERK, THATS WHAT YOU WERE BOUGHT FOR!!! to help the club win silverware, and look at the crap being written by our own so called supporters… Nasir is GOD, Nasri, Nasri, Nasir, get real people, young Jack W played a bigger part in our sean than the big mouth bowy from France.
    The future is Jack, Arron and Frimpong along with Kyle Bartley and Lansbury. for real….

  20. Hecky says:

    ONLY RUMOURS….. all journalist are gone crazyy…. it’s not 1 aprill….

  21. david raphael says:


  22. Isaac John says:

    don’t mind him, what would have happen if he perform all season, with have of a season he felt special. Let Nasri go and not held us ransom.

  23. nelly says:

    i think nasry is right its sad to see fabregas that loves barca but getting more money than him . For me he was and is our best player. And wenger must be inteligent we know that we cant buy stars but good players with quality like Geovani dos Sandos, Huntelar,Defoe player that are goods but not used as derserved in their clubs and try to get the finisher Falcao from FCPorto and Bruno alves from Zenit.

  24. nelly says:

    and sell Fabregas, Van Persie, Rosicly, eboue, Bentner> these players fgor me are goods but i dont see a reason why are they in the Arsenal… they are alway injured and the small boys nasry, walcot and wilkshere that are bad paid they did their best for the club

  25. nelly says:

    we need urgently
    1-one goalkeeper, i suggest Given from Man city
    2-one center back , Bruno Alves or Upson or Cahil
    3- one finisher , Falcao or Huntelaer or Lisandro Lopes
    others podsitions i think we are well served…. PLEASE WENGER SPEND MONEY… and I dont understand why by gervinho or Valbuena if the problem of our team in who keep save the back/goal and who score the goal… we play like and more agressive then barca but the problem is the efficience we dont score GOAL…

  26. nelly says:


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