Date: 3rd July 2011 at 2:15pm
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The transfer merry go round is at full swing again today. Sunday is always a day where you come across some of the weirdest transfer stories that you would never imagine. But the one today that seems to be making the rounds and it featured in The Mirror is the move linked Aston Villa winger Stewart Downing with a move to Arsenal.

The reason I have picked up on this story today is because this is not the first time this summer we have been linked with Downing. When this story first surfaced a couple of days, many of us wondered why do we need to sign an out and out winger like Downing when we should rather be looking at midfielders capable of replacing Fabregas and Nasri.

Downing is a very good player but he is not a priority need at Arsenal right and to go out and break the bank and in spending £20million on him does not make sense.

The Mirror says that Wenger wants to sign Downing in order to get in an experienced Premier League player who can come straight into the starting line-up rather than getting in a young foreigner who could take time to adjust.

Do you think signing Downing would be a good move for Arsenal?


0 responses to “Arsenal to bid £20million for winger”

  1. hedgewire says:

    no thanks

  2. damned says:


    I guest Arsenal “Player Sale” this summer, and fill with the oldcrack or another kids again…

  3. shephman says:

    This transfer can never be reality because of that useless wenger

  4. Samuel ubeke says:

    Must wenger bid for 10 defenders before signing one?

  5. chinedu says:

    i think is not good singing for arsenal. Why can’t him go for charly Adam. Or nani

  6. Riff says:

    we have Wilshire and Ramsey, give them a chance to proove themselves. They both have the ability to play well in the positions left by “Home sick boy” and the “Greedy little git.”

  7. Karema says:

    This is not agood signing yet,Why dont he go on signing Garvinho?

  8. pissofffan says:

    Well Done, another flop. 20 million on Downing what a joke, cant even afford 17million on a proven consistent performance defender Cahill.

  9. Kenneth says:

    That is the poorest news i have heard all summer. It is very clear that he is not needed except of course more players will be leaving.

  10. Obi Wan Kenobi says:

    From the previous comments I see most of you people don’t know stewart downing. Downing plays a bit like Mata. It won’t be bad

  11. Gavin says:

    If we were spending £20m why would Wenger not go for Mata. Were not Liverpool who spend stupid money just because the player in english.

  12. echo says:

    i know winger he can never spend such a huge money on a player

  13. Sir kendo says:

    we don’t need that kind of player for now, we need deffenders

  14. What? I think wenge have joking maby
    why chahil gervenho motta alveraz samba hazard & bence? Lol

  15. Mosimabale ajeh says:

    Let him come we need him, but that money is too much.

  16. Oluseun says:

    Let him cme, think bout it get rid of fabregas let nasri play centre attacking mid you would put downing in the left wing.

  17. baya10 says:

    nasri worth 18 million and we bid 20 million for downing? i dont understand how arsene values players…

  18. Arsenal1 says:


  19. Clintm15 says:

    Those of you who believe that there is any truth to this story need your head examining.

    Arsenal will NOT buy Downing. He doesn’t fit their quota for attack minded players.

  20. george says:

    downing….no …bellamy for half the price …yes please

  21. anon1 says:


    What a joke and for 20 million

    It would be better if wenger just didn’t buy anyone if downing is the type of player he is after!

  22. Leon says:

    Why would you bid £20 million for Downing when you can bid for Eden Hazard? He is much better, and has greater potential, ability and talent for the years to come.

  23. James says:

    I would do it just to pip Liverpool at the post.

  24. p vaiphei khaute says:

    yez..downing iz a talented player n is far more good thang winger walcoot or arshvin

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