Date: 30th June 2011 at 8:19am
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Good morning Gooners. For those of you who read every day, you will know how frustrated I have been waking up every morning this summer and hearing nothing but negative news about Arsenal in the morning backpages and websites. Today (Thursday) is no different as The Sun is running a story that Fabregas is almost set to sign for Barcelona now after the Spanish club increased their bid to £32million and it will rise to £37million with add-ons.

Cesc Fabregas has also been speaking and was interviewed on Spanish radio last night. He said, “There is nothing to talk about. I’m calm. If something has to happen it will. I am always optimistic.

“If a player is on the market it’s because a club doesn’t want him. I have no problem.”

Now that last statement has got me thinking. Is Fabregas saying that Arsenal do not want him? If that is the case then he is lying! We want him to stay but is he now trying to switch the attention of this so that when he does sign for Barcelona he can say he left Arsenal because the club did not want him?

I say Arsenal should now take the money from Barcelona and go and buy new players whilst there is still time in the transfer window. As much as I would like Fabregas to stay, his commitment to the club is now in doubt and if he stays we are continually going to have this distraction of him joining Barcelona every transfer window.


0 responses to “Fabregas to Barcelona for £32million deal almost complete”

  1. Sede says:

    Goodbye cesc!

  2. oppol says:

    finally we can play 4-4-2 again.

  3. Wonde says:

    Every Year the stingy manager makes us frustrated. AW should leave the club.

  4. Femi says:

    The guy should go for all i care,there are many players out there dat are beta dan him,bt our stupid board n stingy coach won’t spend d money.

  5. odede yakubu says:

    all what i need is arsene must keep nasir or else he must ready to go .

  6. hasan says:

    let him go am fed up with all these saga

  7. cin says:

    No one should think, AW will use that money. He will make good profit in this summer.

  8. Goodbye to Cesc Fabregas.

  9. Dexter says:

    Fabregas is not going anywhere! Stop reading the shit in Sun! How can you call yourself a Gunner!?!?!? You should trust your club!

  10. walter says:

    I can only suggest you to start thinking again. But careful, it might hurt…

    In fact the bottom line is that Cesc is saying that he will only go when Arsenal wants to get rid of him.

    Now that wasn’t too difficult I should think.

  11. 49Unbeaten says:

    It’s a catch 22 situation. We have to sell him because he no longer wants to play for us but as we are now a selling club we cannot afford to purchase another player with Cesc’s ability because out of that money we recieve 30% get’s put into a slush fund for future wages. So just say we get £30 mil’ for Fab4 we’ll only be able to use £20 mil’ for another player. Sad times, gloomy times ahead.

  12. JOE says:


  13. j says:

    cesc aint going nowere
    gooners wake up they do the same every summer shld our players be forced to disturb there holidays with the family by coming out every second to deny paper talk NO NO NO. arsenal are keeping quite bcus they knw it bullshit, how talk sport will be distrought when we keep both cesc and nasri lol

  14. khriezoasou yhome says:

    no tiz s wrong.. We must keep Cesc fabregas. U guys think y barcelona wants him. Cesc the best midfield we can ever get. Dnt let it go

  15. Ralph D says:

    fabregas shld go den use de money nd get gud players but he shd’n alow nasri go

  16. Demz says:

    Bye Cesc> You are a good playmaker. we made you that way. go and take your skills to the bench. your defensive skills aint the best but hey. good bye. we need more players like jenkinson. who are arsenal fans and wanting to play for the team is a dream. simple.. and to all you saying arsene should leave. please find or tell me a better manager who is more then just about football.. who has brought health, conditioning, discipline and helped us to grow and now we have one of the best youth project out there. so find someone else.. More to football then playing football remember that!

  17. ak47 says:

    indeed walter-last time i checked cesc hasnt been put on the transfer list so that would mean the club wants him does it not? yet another gooner getting caught up in tabloid nonsense. ive had a bet wit a manure mate that cesc is stayin this yr so unlless barca come up wit 50mil easiest tenner ive made in a while.

  18. arsenal diehard says:

    no cesc no dream.

  19. true gunners says:

    if we let cesc goes.. .there wil be no second chances to bring him dream for arsenal. So i warn u not to.

  20. tonytmachido says:

    the ealier he goes the beter,and no more hulaabaolloo on him again.

  21. Teejay says:

    Goodbye fabregas, they we welcome you @barca. Legend fabregas we are going to miss your absent @gunners.

  22. Teejay says:

    @last arsenal miss fabregas(barca) but my prayer is that we should not miss nasir too.

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