Date: 29th June 2011 at 5:46pm
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A lot has been said about the future of our captain Cesc Fabregas. Every day there is a new story about him joining Barcelona. I know a lot of fans want all this speculation to end, he should either go to Barcelona or stay at Arsenal.

Fabregas has not come out and said what he wants to do with his future but we just assume that he wants to return to his boyhood club Barcelona. What I want to say today is, “Please stay at Arsenal Cesc!”

For the sake of Fabregas, why would he want to go to Barcelona and sit on the bench when he can remain at Arsenal and be our captain and lead us into a brighter future. We had Ian Wright, then Bergkamp then Henry and now Cesc. Cesc still has a lot to do at Arsenal and he can go down as an Arsenal legend if he remains at the club that has made him the player he is today.

For those fans who want Cesc to stay, please list your reason below why you want him to stay. If you had one minute to speak to Fabregas and get him to stay, what would you say to him?

To end it off, I found a video with my favourite Fabregas moment at Arsenal: remember our 3-0 win over Aston Villa in 2009 where Fabregas came off the bench in the second half, scored two goals and then got substituted off!


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  1. Mario gooner says:

    Cesc is my idol my cesc moment was his 1st game agnst manscum he was jus 16 and he and viera ripped manscum apart as young as he words to cesc is u will never be loved at Barcelona like we as gooners love u we thnk the world of u and stiLl do so its totally up2 u what u gna do.

  2. Rajab mwenda says:

    Cesc you should stay as commenteter say.

  3. sanza says:

    He has to stay because he is a great player and have prospet of being a legend at arsenal than at barcelona where is going to be an ordinary player

  4. Harsh says:

    Has to stay u are the captain, with an amazing club, brilliant future you may not get at the bench at barca, barca also said you are useless – basically if barca wanted you they would pay how much arsenal stay – see how stingy barca are being – so no point of going there

  5. Nosa says:

    My cesc, the king of london, the great passer, please we all Arsenal fans love you to stay an become our legend.You are the heart of Arsenal fc the captain of Arsenal not only Arsenal also epl captain which i rate you to be. Please we love you to stay with Arsene wenger,the tactikcian that make the world to no a man called fab.Even if he is letting you joining the catalian is not from his heart.Gunners 4 life

  6. Teslim Olajide says:

    We can still keep him if wenger wish to keep him and he must keep Nasri to than to sell him

  7. teejay says:

    mr gas the fabulous i will love to see u @ th club we need u more dan any thing pls do stay fans love to see u around

  8. Tosin says:

    If you play ur pattern (passing football) in Barcelona it can never be appreciated as playing it in England with Arsenal, because Barcelona fan are already used to Ur master Xavi….so wots new…..

  9. tusoul says:

    Fabregas should stay if of our selfish coach agrees to add experience players to the team.

  10. tusoul says:

    The one that pains me most is this man we call coach will never spend on quality players.

  11. jackin says:

    Cesc,d prime reason i want u to stay is i want to c u hold d barclays premier league trophy..u deserve it..v deserve it..

  12. munguryek ken says:

    Am tired and exhausted of fabregas rumors let him go how many good players
    have we ever lost and who is he not to be lost,Henry who was the king of arsenal also went.if he doesn’t go,he will lose interest from most fans next season,we have Ramsey he is just like a new signing for arsenal coz of his long tyme injury,those who wish to stay should and those who don’t should just quit. you cant force a donkey to drink water.

  13. munguryek ken says:

    what makes me hate wenger during the transfer season is, he keeps on mooing but when he is not bring the targeted players he always mows like man u have made number of new signings but arsenal only one who is not even a major signing, he should better watch out otherwise things may turn red on him very soon.

  14. Fabregas 4 life says:

    Where will start from Fabregas we really..:)…. Need u to stay bcos i feel barcaflop will not appreciate u More than the Arsenal Faithful.You really have a special place in my HEART and i just hope you are reading this.Peace

  15. TrueWisdom says:

    Fabregas is disloyal

  16. Zac says:

    The guy is my idol. Never want him to leave. Plus I hate barcelona. Wudnt want my fav player going there. He just inspires me a lot

  17. arsenal4eva says:

    He shud stay..he’s d heart of arsenal…i c dat most of our goals created/ initiated by him…jus can’t imagine arsenal without Fab4.

  18. Jim says:

    No trophies. No big name signing. Why should he stay? He has done his best to carry the team. No more should be asked from him, except for a reasonable fee. 35M is an insult. But the board will sell anyway.

  19. mich says:

    well,his heart belongs to barca y keep him against his wishes let the lad go and warm the nou camp bench………

  20. sintayehu assefa says:

    I have comment on fabri, fabrgas is a wender ful player in arsenal squad.but he want to go other club if if possible please leave him for last

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