Date: 30th June 2011 at 10:03am
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How I wish more players could be coming out and saying this! I hope that this just goes to show the likes of Fabregas and Nasri who want to leave Arsenal that no one will ever be bigger than the club. Whilst they are busy wanting to leave, there are players out there who want to play for Arsenal and those are the players I would rather have then whiners who want more money or want to play for their boyhood club.

Argentine attacking midfielder Ricky Alvarez who has been strongly linked with a move to Arsenal has revealed on Twitter that signing for Arsenal would be a dream for him.

“I would love to play for Arsenal, it would be a dream for me! I pray to God that this becomes true”

Now there are some suggestions that this came from a fake Twitter account. But for now we have to remain positive and hope that it came from a real account and that he actually does want to play for Arsenal.


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  1. Xball says:

    I actually wanted to join Arsenal.
    Maybe this was all a dream.
    maybe they did not know that I once hoped to go to Arsenal.
    Arsenal is my childhood favorite team and I hope I can realize my dream to join the team of my childhood.

  2. Yusuf mohammed says:

    Mu yan arsenal sai ahankali.

  3. Ogechukwu says:

    Since the inception of arsenal team,many players have come & gone.Arsenal fc is bigger than any individual or player.

  4. aji cole says:

    fab should leave.but nasri to manchesters?

  5. macky says:

    let any one who wishes to leave go….non of them should be blamed for their deperting it is our management errors. they never signed a big name for six years now how do you expect to persuade a player to stay while the club is not ambitious?

  6. Stevenson Osas says:

    any player that is not willing to stay should please go in peace,and leave the team alone instead of causing problem in the dress room.

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