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Arsenal 3 – 0 Aston Villa : Player ratings


Firstly, many of us after the Hull city match said that we can play and cope without Fabregas. But it took Fabregas 28 minutes to prove to us that we are all wrong including me.
The bottom line of the match: “Without any doubt anymore, Fabregas is Irreplaceable”.

Football - Arsenal v Middlesbrough Barclays Premier League

Player ratings:

Almunia:7 (I think he did well with crosses and set pieces against a team that most of their goals come from crosses and set pieces, good to see him performing well.)

Sagna: 6.5 (When it comes to defence, he is the best RB but still needs to work a lot on going forward.)

Traore: 7 (Cameback from injury and had a great game, produced a great pass to Walcott that did lead to the second goal.)

Vermaelen: 8 (Solid, Strong as always didn’t let anything pass him.)

Gallas: 7.5 (Made Agbonlahor and Heskey quiet, good game from him and made a great tackle against Agbonlahor in the last few minutes of the game.)

Denilson: 6.5 (Brilliant first half, had a back problem in the second half which lead to replace him.)

Song: 7.5 (The beast of the midfield, I will miss this guy, see you soon.)

Diaby: 8 (Brilliant match since he came back from injury and he has been playing very well, great game Abou.)

Eduardo: 6 (Worked hard especially in the few times that he had in the second half but he still needs a lot of time, really made me mad when he missed that chance.)

Arshavin: 6.5 (Struggled to make an impact at the beginning but when Fabregas entered he came back to life.)

Nasri: 6.5 (Busy on the Wings, good game from the Frenchman.)


Fabregas: 10 (Came, Unleashed hell and left. Performance similar to Steve Austin in WWE. Made a great impact, scored two great goals then left as if to prove that he is irreplaceable.)

Walcott: 7 (He is coming back, not yet his best but good game from Walcott.)

Ramsey : N/A (Not enough time)

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  • mian says:

    i think almunia did play well as compared to his previous performances!!!
    he did play very well…one save tht pops out in my mind from last night’s match is when agbonlahor forced was one on one with gallas and some how he manged to lift the ball above almunia…but he did manage to clear it…it was great save…it could have changed the course of match…

  • Ron says:

    All hail King Cesc!!

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