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Vieira is not as dumb as Owen


There have been rumours that Harry Redknapp is after our former captain Patrick Vieira. Now I do not know about you but I would be livid if Vieira were to ever join Spurs! After all Patrick did for us (and I love him to bits) seeing him in a Spurs shirt would literally make me puke! I have a couple of friends who are Liverpool supporters and they feel the same way after Michael Owen signed for Manchester United.

Now I am saying that Vieira was more of an idol at Arsenal than Owen was at Liverpool. Vieira was our captain fantastic whereas Owen just stood in the box for Liverpool and poached a bagful of goals for them and they thought they had a hero. Vieira is one hundred times better the man than Owen so you can imagine how pissed off I would be with Vieira joining Spurs.

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To add to this story, the press started to make a mountain out of this story and have pulled Thierry Henry into the equation saying that Henry has advised Vieira to join Spurs! Now how the hell would Henry say such a thing?? If Vieira was Mr. Arsenal then Henry is the Godfather of Arsenal!

I seriously doubt Vieira would be stupid enough to join Spurs, he is not only a better footballer than Owen but I am sure he is also smarter than the scouser!

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  • Owen is an idiot and Pool fans will jeer him when United meet the Reds. Not only is he self-centred and spineless, but also greedy for money!

  • mian says:

    well i wont mind seeing veira in spurs!!!!!and we shoud stop comparing ourselves to spurs caz they are no way near us now and they are no match for us!!

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