Date: 28th December 2009 at 12:24pm
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Eduardo: Every body is talking about what is he lacking? Confidence or skill or is it the fear of injury that is making him look like a rookie finisher? Do you think he still needs time to come back to his best form and class?

Well i think he has to prove something because Wenger will not be reluctant to spend money in January.

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Is Eduardo lacking in confidence or fear of injury?

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0 responses to “Eduardo : Lack of confidence or fear of injury?”

  1. Ron says:

    I think that the problem with Eduardo is that he has not fully recovered from his injury. He will always have that incident at the back of his mind.

    He is a world class player but it would be difficult for anyone, even Messi to be their normal self after such an injury.

    But hopefully with more games under his belt, Eduardo can become the star striker that we need.

  2. mian says:

    i think he has recovered physically but not mentally!!!!he has to go be mentally tough 2 to be the world class!!!

  3. MNB says:

    The Problem is that Eduardo can’t play as a lone striker even before his leg got broken he used to play as Second striker behind Adebayor or RvP or even when he was back in Fa cup last year he did play behind Carlos Vela that what it comes to our old formation 4-4-2
    but in 4-3-3 we use two wingers and one lone striker most of the games he did play he didn’t play as a lone striker he did play as a winger while RvP or Bendtner was the lone striker,his bad form did start to appear after RvP and Bendtner injury when we decide it to play him as a lone striker.
    his ability is to finish the ball in one touch (golden touch) is what he have been missing this days but even if he gain back his golden touch it is not enough to play as a lone striker in “EPL” maybe in others league yes but not in EPL because to play as a lone striker in Epl you need to be fast,strong and aggressive ex:Rooney,RvP,Bendtner,Torres,Drogba,Bent,Cole,Crouch…(just name me one player who play as a lone striker who is not fast,strong and aggressive in EPL) some of the players that I named are not fast as walcott or strong as Drogba but they definetly stronger and faster and more aggressive than Eduardo and that is why Arshavin was doing much better job than Eduardo in Lone striker role despite he is shorter but he is stronger,faster and more aggressive.Rooney doesn’t have even the half skills of Eduardo but he can play much better as a lone striker because of the 3 principales rules of being a lone striker in EPL (Fast,Strong and Aggressive)
    the only position that Eduardo can play in our new formation “4-3-3” is winger.
    and that is why believe it or not,I know it is hard to say but I am with the idea of selling him because when it comes to the Winger position we have plenty of them who are faster and younger than Eduardo ex:Arshavin,Nasri,Walcott,Vela even many more on the roads are coming like Wilshere,Merida and Watt…
    so for the best of the team and for the best of him he should leave,Sorry!

  4. Gooner says:

    You raise some very good points MNB and i agree with you that as a lone striker Eduardo can not do the job but selling him would not be a good idea as RvP is going to be fit again and then maybe a RvP and Eduardo partnership could work.

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