Cardiff victory, Arsenal midfielders, Rivals and Alan Shearer

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So, another lovely weekend for the Arsenalian world.

Things were really looking positive as Livapoo, Man Yoo and the Spuds all dropped points. It did, of course, seem like a dead-cert that Man City would whallop Swansea at home, and Chelsea beating Southampton at their huge humungous gigantic modern stadium seemed as bleeding obvious as Monday coming after Sunday.

So we turned up in the land of Cardiff, and dropped Flamini and both his sleeves from the team.
One wonders what the hell Wenger is supposed to do nowadays, with 45,000 Central Midfielders to choose from and only one striker. I think, in the bosses eyes, Ramsey, Wilshere and Ozil are all undroppables. They seem to be starting most, if not all matches behind Giroud, which can only be a good thing. Then there’s the defensive mid positions, with one of either Flamini & Arteta there, if not both.

I won’t dwell on the match too much, seeing as others have done so fittingly, but the football we are playing now is beautiful. Not good for the heart, mind you, but beautiful. A word also for some of our players. A lot of people are, befittingly praising Ramsey and Wilshere nowadays for their superb form. But Giroud, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs and Sagna have all, in my opinion, been absolutely untouchable.

Especially after watching Sagna against Marsielle, where he set up Wilshere for his first and put Walcott one-on-one. All from the right-back position. Arteta and Flamini are protecting the defence superbly, and of course, Özil.

Its amazing to see Arsenal do exactly what Arsenal have not been able to do for the past ten years, sitting and letting the other team have all the chances, simply cos we know that the other team aren’t going to score into a SCZCZSNSNEY with that cracking defence in front of him.
Life is good as an Arsenal fan.

Another thing, for those of us in the U/K.

I really hope Alan Shearer and all the other MOTD pundits are reading this right now. With one third of the seasons having passed, they are still not taking Arsenals title challenge seriously. Apparently we’ve not played the big teams, Man City and Chelsea. We have of course, taken the Spuds apart and slaughtered Livapoo, but clearly for them, facing a team who are ruthless at home but toothless away and another who are 4 points behind us is deemed to be proof that we are not title challengers.

If I’m not wrong, Man City lost to us in the season they won the league. Man U lost to Spuds last season, but they won the league. I could go on and on, but it just proves that some people have skulls so thick that if Arsenal were nine points clear going into April they still wouldn’t take us seriously.

Have a nice day Gunners.

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