Date: 19th November 2013 at 8:37am
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It seems like Nicklas Bendtner has been the headline maker for Arsenal over the last 48 hours following reports that he hopes to play for Barcelona or Real Madrid when he leaves Arsenal.

This has gotten fans from all across the footballing world having a good laugh; if you failed to make it at Sunderland, what makes you think Barca or Madrid would want you?

The Arsenal striker has however hit back on Twitter by claiming that articles written about him are twisted, lame and misinterpreted:

So maybe this whole Bendtner dream to Barcelona or Real Madrid has been a big mix up and the Danish striker did not say this. It will be interesting to hear his full take on these reports.

I can not see Bendtner being at Arsenal after the January transfer window. Too much has been said about him and it is actually getting quite tiring now. We do not need such publicity at our club and the sooner he goes the better, be it to Barcelona, Real Madrid or Aldershot Town.


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  1. Antique Gunmen says:

    We can’t hold him if the best striker in the world wants to play for Barca or Madrid. LOL.
    He’s not just a low quality striker (at the moment) but he’s having halutination as well. Some soul assylum near London might have the answer for him. Take a rehab Nicky! LOL 100x.

  2. Jakob says:

    He’s actually right this time. He might not be a great footballer, but the level of ridicule from Arsenal fans has gone too far. If you read the entire interview you will hear a humble and different Bendtner, who at the end of the interview ironically answers the questions “where would be the place you would wan’t to play the most” with “I don’t know, Real Madrid or Barcelona”. First of all, who wouldn’t? Second, what the hell is he supposed to answer here? It’s not like he’s is expecting to play there, so wake up gooners and support him until he has left the club (or at least until he actually let’s out bullshit like he used to).

  3. menace says:

    Some newspapers are not fit for toilet paper. Bendtner is more honest with his football than the press is about their parenthood. I support Arsenal players against al the corrupt media.

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