Date: 12th August 2011 at 2:45pm
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Fabregas and Nasri will not be in the Arsenal team that takes on Newcastle in the first game of the season tomorrow (Saturday), but this is not because they are leaving the club this summer but because they are not fit enough to play.

In his press conference today (Friday), Arsene Wenger said that he did not expect any more players to leave the club this summer. This was a bold statement that shocked many people as we have all thought that Fabregas will be off to Barcelona soon and Nasri will be headed to Manchester City.

“I expect nobody to leave the club,” were Wenger’s words.


0 responses to “[Video] Wenger: No one is leaving Arsenal”

  1. john says:

    who does wenger think he is ? he sits there at interviews with a big smile while he ruins arsenal football club.i hate the man.he just lies to us all the time…..wenger out

  2. Ricchy says:

    I dont even understand wenger any more

  3. He should make up his mind on time wheather is selling or not.

  4. roger says:

    His gone mad, yet dosnt even relaise it. I think hisprobably suffering from dimentia or alzhemiers, I bet he goes home att night and beats his wife, then forgets about it in the morning.

  5. woodyd says:

    He’s either the town fool or too proud to publicly admit failure. I give up.

  6. davepain says:

    u people dont get it. arsene never comments on transfer speculation until the deal is done. he probably knows exactly what will happen but unlike other managers he keeps his deals private. as they should be.

  7. phil says:

    I think they call it stonewalling the press. Le Boss is just keeping his cards close.. He knows what he’s doing FFS!! lets give him the benefit of the doubt for now.. we can bitch and moan when the transfer window shut..

  8. cupsui says:

    you people are ridiculous. He couldn’t be doing a better job dealing with the same questions day in day out. He never said cesc is definitely not leaving he said not before the weekend, which means he doesn’t expect him to leave today. Wenger’s interviews are brilliant because he playes the media, they are a bunch of deadshits and he makes them look like that and yet he knows they will take every word he makes out of context…which they have done again.

  9. Biggy says:

    If he is in business with other people any he is keeping his cards close to his chest while stonewalling, the fact that his partners in this business are singing like a bird will kind of leaves him previous with ery little credibility if it turns out that they ar right. I hope that they stay and sign long contracts. But the facts on the ground and common sense does not support this. The situation around Nas was of the Club’s own making, by leting him run down his contract. But I cant see wha they could have done to forstall the Cesc situation.

    The best thing now would be to conclude both sagas and boldly go into the market for the players we need. This would restore some faith with the fans.

  10. woodyd says:

    @ davepain. Saying “nobody will leave the club” is commenting on transfer speculation especially when asked about departures. I like Wenger as a manager but not crazy about how he handles the press.

  11. BatonRougeGooner says:

    I like the drame wenger though everyone in the world that follows Arsenal knows the Arsenal is selling Nasri and Fabregas so they wont leave on a free next summer

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