Date: 5th August 2011 at 12:52pm
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Arsenal have been handed a tricky tie in the Champions League qualifying round as they have to face Italian team Udinese. Thankfully Alexis Sanchez and Gokhan Inler have left the club this summer. Arsenal will also have the added task of being drawn at home for the first leg, meaning they will have to secure qualification away in Italy.

Now there are suggestions that Fabregas may refuse to play in this tie because if he does, it will mean he is cup-tied for the Champions League if he does end up moving to Barcelona. The Spanish side would certainly not be happy if Fabregas is cupped tied and they may then not want to sign Fabregas anymore or ask for a knock down fee for him.

The first leg of the tie against Udinese will be played on August 16 or 17, with the second leg on August 23 or 24. So come August 16, if Fabregas is still an Arsenal player and is fit, it will be interesting to see if Wenger plays him.

In my opinion, if Fabregas is still an Arsenal player by August 16, then he should play against Udinese! What do you think?


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  1. Grant says:

    Fabregas will not be sold!! He is clearly not a priorty for Barca at the moment if he was they would have stumped up the funds at the start of the window. Arsenal are meeting barca today but i guarantee there will be no resolution. They do not have 40 million to spend on a player they do not need. Arsne should play him to teach Barca a lesson.

  2. John says:

    You just pulled “Fabregas might refuse to play” out of your arse there didn’t you.

  3. The Arsenal man says:

    Why not, if he is Arsenal player by then? But i personally think that Fabregas will regret switching to Barca, if he finally does that, because he will play most of his games on the bench, and will mostly come on as a substitute when he plays.

  4. pontus says:

    “Now there are suggestions that Fabregas may refuse to play in this tie”.
    You can’t report your own suggestion as news. Not even in this silly blog.

  5. m says:

    wtf are you writing?
    If he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal, then he can put transfer request on the table. Then sell him for highest bidder aka Man City and resign Nasri.
    If he refuses to play, Arsenal fail to quelify CL sue him for all lost income. He will be broke then and his kids and grandkids

  6. davepain says:


  7. yemmie says:

    Its so obvious you totally made this up. FABREGAS MAY REFUSE TO PLAY!!!! Im sorry, did this come to you in a dream or fabregas sent u a subliminal message. Surely if u av nothing else to blog about u can tell us about teh wonderful coffee and panini you had for breakfast rather than this baseless suggestion.

  8. Lambie says:

    Barca should pay the 40 mil Fab is worth ! its an insult to him and Arsenal that they are trying to get him on the cheap ! 40 mil no less. If Barca dont have the money they dont get the player.

  9. BatonRougeGooner says:

    We need Fab regardless if he leaves on a free next summer…maybe Fab might realise he is actually needed at Arsenal

  10. Okiror says:

    I personally think if given chance, Fab wld chose not to play in this game gven the fact that he is pondering adding his own bloodi 3million uros 2 force his own exit. If by then he is still an arsenal player and fit, he must play to help us qualify coz by then he will still be getting his wkly pay. its clear that barca don’t need him. Even the likes of Xavi, he is just scared of losing his place in the spanish national team to Fab for as long as he stays as an arsenal player in a near future as he will be playing regular futball. So they rather have on the bench at barca and he will be an old story like Reyes.

  11. Wenger should do everythin he can to let cesc ramian at arsenal, we love him.

  12. BatonRougeGooner says:

    I would like to get a Fabregas kit next summer after the transfer period…Please keep him happy because we need him AW

  13. willybilly says:

    Who writes these w*nk articles based on absolutely nothing??

    Why can’t writers actually come up with interesting topics, rather than the same stuff over and over and over.

    Fabregas “MAY” refuse to play, really that is enough for you to go on?? No quotes nothing.

    Why not think outside the box. There is so much one could write on the fab saga, but all you see is fabregas going fabregas staying, fabreagas may play, fabregas aceepts he must play but is dreaming of home. MASS EXODUS and al this shit we are subjected to on a daily basis.

    WTF gooners, wheree the hel are all the good blogs at?? someone please help

  14. jeremy says:

    alarmist and pathetic. you air out your fears and publish them as the truth.. God save us from morons like this one…

  15. mystic says:

    There is no basis for Fabregas to refuse to play, even Guardiola has made clear his expectations that a player adheres to his managers wishes. It is extremely unlikely that Uefa would accept a player going on strike and refusing to participate in one of their tournaments. In fairness to the author it is a suggestion I have seen elsewhere, so I guess he has simply replicated those silly comments. Does this site no good to air codswallop.

  16. Abubakar Abdullahi yarradau says:

    Yes fabrgs if transfer to barcelona is comp so they can refuse to play champian leagua in arsenal,becouse you can play at barcelona.

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